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  1. Oh where, oh where has my DK gone? Oh where, oh where can he be???


  3. Yeah Metallica I've listen to since middle school! Many things in my life have changed, but I will defend my boys in black. You seem to have the same affinity for them as me Crim. I am positive you are going to enjoy the album, particularly if you maintain a positive attitude towards it. To me they are making a bold statement with this album, they know what brought them here, and they can still produce excellent sonic mayhem!
  4. I have been listening to it all day. Letting soak in all day, on the these sweet Skull Candy Metallica headphones, that came with a download of the album. I highly recommend picking them up. I must say I like Death Magnetic. Welcome back to Kirk Hammett's soaring solos and (thank god) a tight snare drum. It is an interesting mix of James Hetfield current bluesy singing and some much missing moments of true thrash mixed in with hard rock. True, it is not Ride or Master, but then again they are not that band anymore. You cannot expect a band to reproduce their hit albums again. I th
  5. Happy anniversary! Crimson Fire!

  6. I knew thunder was a joke, LOL I was actually thinking about what that album would be called. There are elements of St. Anger that are really strong, "Invisible Kid" is a good song. I kind of see St. Anger as a catharsis to work out the demons, this really makes sense if you see "Some Kind of Monster" excellent film about the inner struggles within the band. Its like a jamming therapy session. As far as great lyrics, yeah they are not "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)". Those days sadly are gone In the nineties songs like "Hero of the Day" and "Mama Said" had excellent lyrics. James is not
  7. I will check those out, I was referring to FM radio stations in the States, and yes it does tower all of the music played on FM radio stations in the States. This is the first song from Metallica that combines the introspective songs of the 90's, with the bone crunching of 80's Metallica. You must admit this one song is better that ALL of St. Anger.
  8. YES! 'TALLICA IS BACK! I like how the intensity builds as the song continues. Then it gets faster and faster! Yes, crunching guitars! fat fast riffs! banging drums! It sounds awesome! It's a very sad statement on the state of hard rock that Metallica return after a long hiatus and rules rock radio! It towers over every other current rock song. Step off the throne you rock n roll posers, THE KINGS ARE BACK! I CANNOT WAIT TO BUY THIS ALBUM!
  9. Awhhh thank you so much!!! Congratulations on the new addition, also :D

  10. Happy Anniversary! (I am sorry it is so late). I have my hands full with ze bebe! I really appreciate that you take the time to always write personal messages. So again Happy Anniversary!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    Happy Anniversary!



  12. Happy birthday! People that have their birthday on July 25th rule!

  13. Thank you so much MetalHeart! You are the best!

  14. Thanks for the info Doj, I started to get very excited about this album!
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