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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


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Just rented this one offa Gamefly, and its already getting high makrs already. After a bit of whiskey, i gave it a go last night, and its certaily the answer to the demands for more hardcore gaming on the Wii - no idea how the achievements or friend vouchers work yet, but instead of feeling tacked-on, the controls are pretty solid here, which is what many were hoping for, as the Wii has a great setup for first person shooters, when done right.


I only played through the first level, fought the first boss and made my escape, but its a lot of fun and looks well-done thus far - im having to shelf it for the moment to finish up other recent purchases, but im determined to jack gunsmithx's copy whenever he's done later on, so more impressions to come.


Anyone else given it a go yet? Thoughts?

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Looks like its good i put this game off so long.




So, its Prime 1 & 2 (gamecube) bundled with Corruption. having tried 1 again a while back, i can see where bishop bitches about elements of its control, let's see how it fares with the wii's setup - Prime 3 took a bit've getting used to for me, but most reviewers seemed to love it.

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