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Let's jack info from wiki, where i first learned of this blessing:


Diary of the Dead (also known as George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead) is an independent horror film to be released in 2007. It will be the fifth film in director George A. Romero's Dead series. However, in "an attempt to re-establish a lucrative franchise," the film will, technically and philosophically, be a reboot, "a rejigging of the myth [sic]" says Romero. Even though the fourth film was studio-produced through Universal Studios, Diary of the Dead will be produced by Romero's and his producer friend Peter Grunwald's Romero-Grunwald Productions with Artfire Films. The film began its four-week shoot in Toronto on October 19, 2006.


Romero announced the film in August 2006 after signing a deal to write and direct it. The plot involves a group of film school students who are filming a horror movie in the wilderness, and are attacked by zombies. It will take place during the same night as Night of the Living Dead.


Plot details so far:


A group of film students are making an independent mummy horror film when they become trapped in a world being consumed by real living corpses. They then turn their attention toward making the film into a documentary on their real life horror experience.


A logical direction, id guess - Panch was talking to me about how after something as big as Land of the Dead, it kinda makes sense to do a smaller-scale zombie flick in a different direction, you know? I cant wait; i think it just went through Toronto Film Fest or something, so hopefully not too much longer before we get a street date.

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So is this part of the Of the Dead quadriliogy?

I'd be a Quintilogy now.


Evidently, since the prefixes are supposed to be Greek, not Latin, so Tetralogy and Pentalogy are the correct terms, and the term Quadrilogy was coined by 20th Century Fox when they released their Alien movie box set.

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damn, its out already? impressions soon as you got em, man. youre still our go-to guy for horror.


No problem, I'm writing a review for the school paper (partially because they pay for my movie ticket if I do :muggin:) So I'll take notes and post one up soon. I'm going to see it in about 2 hours.


If you want showtimes in the US then check their myspace page www.myspace.com/diaryofthedead though there's probably 50 nationwide

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Just got back. Okay the first thing you need to do is lower your standards and say to yourself "This is not meant to be taken seriously" If you honestly think that George A. Romero intended a dynamite throwing Amish man to be serious and a preacher uttering the words "GET ON YOUR FUCKING KNEES AND REPENT!" to be serious then I want you to do this, take a hammer look directly at the tip of it and swing it as hard as you can toward yourself.


During the first 15 minutes you see that we have all the archetypes of a typical horror movie and go "Oh great, it's a paint by numbers horror film" to be honest I nearly walked out of the theaters in disgust but I'd driven 40 minutes and I sat through The Mexican so I persevered.


I soon realized that these characters are like this for a reason, they're caricatures. I forgot whom I was dealing with. Though this doesn't solve all of the problems, there are some areas early one where the dialogue is so incredibly over the top and I can't think of any real reason for our hero to have the camera on. However, unlike Cloverfield, they give a reason for this shit. The hero is batshit insane, or at least gets this way, he has an obsession with documenting everything and at one point even stands alone in a hospital filled with zombies while his friends go find the rest of the group because he's waiting for his camera to charge.


The important thing you need to remember, is this is a low budget independent horror film, George A. Romero's gone the Robert Rodriguez route and done a cheapo zombie movie with HD cameras and it works for what it is, a tongue-in-cheek horror film with social commentary out the ass.

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