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Braveheart vs. Gladiator


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Can you guess where Nick's vote is going?


Note:  This is not a fight between the Braveheart's band of warriors against the Roman Legions.  This is a one-on-one, mano-a-mano fight to the finish in American Airlines Arena for this one-time-only pay-per-view event, hosted by Corona & Don K- just kidding.


Howabout we pick a location that's fair to both parties, neither Rome nor Ireland, say on the grounds of Stonehenge or something dramatic like that.  What you think?

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I think....I think i voted predictably. :D

Was gonna say a colliseum but that's too close to home for Maximus there...

I guess if youre goin for drama, might as well go alla way and pick Megiddo, the lil corner in the east (i suck with geography) where revelations says the apocalyptic battle's supposed to be fought.

That, or another Rumble in the Jungle, just nowhere either man can use the terrain too much to his advantage.  


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Listen here, legoman, Braveheart'd fuckin kill him dead.  Crowe would be goin on bout how he misses his wife an feelin bad for rippin offa Spartacus so much, then BAM! Off with his head.  Dont forget, Wallace wasnt just a badass with blades, he was fuckin huge, the man killed in hand to hand.  Also was decent with axes/maces, but excellent with bow & arrows - some people theorize he mighta been Robin Hood.  Cmon, Maximas aint got a prayer.

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I give it to Maximus.


Nick: like Wallace ain't gonna be goin all sad about Murron and losin his Dad to the anglish.


Maximus is a man well versed in personal combat. so's wallace but he's more of a guerilla fighter type. in this kinda man to man thing he's gonna be at a disadvantage.


And since Maximus is fictional we're gonna have him fight the fictional Mel Gibson character. What the real Wallace's dimensions are wont affect that fight

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Yeah, I'd have to go with Maximus too, regardless of which movie was better, Maximus would just whup him.  Aussie vs. Aussie as far as the actors go, so it's a pretty good match, but Maximus would chop Wallace in half in a one on one fight.  If it was like, a pep talk contest, then sure, Wallace would win.... but it ain't.

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These were mostly historical characters (ill look into it, but i believe there was originally some existing idea for Maximus besides just rippin off Spartacus. If not, another fine reason why Braveheart is far better). Ill be goddamned if their dimensions dont matter. What the hell are you askin then, whod win in a historical match? Wallace. Actors? Crowe's tough, but Mel.  The movie characters? Did you people not watch both....argh fuck it i know how Artistic feels, or even Satcha with Elvis.  5 votes for whiny "i cant go on without my woman" maximus, nothin for m'boy.  Good, let im stay an underdog, but at least ive officially realized this board has lost its goddamn mind.

Movie wise? You saw Maximus lead into one battle, and briefly.  Most of his stuff was in colloseums against animals and such.  Wallace led armies into battle, and fought in them as well, and rather well at that.  Maximus couldnt even pick up that Claymore Gibson's Wallace used (which was smaller than his real one, which clocked in within the vicinity of 30 lbs!).

"Chop in half"...yeah thats great.  Expertise in riding & virtually all medieval weapons means shit, nevermind will power to bring down the "anglish", lets give it to the movie that got your attention span most recently.

PS Yes Jumbie he was sad, before movin on & bonin the royal frenchy, albiet completely made up for the movie.

PPS Im not bitter. No sir. Youre just all clearly retarded.

:D *secretly :D*

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Hey, ass viking the defective texas instument: Ill speak as i please, thanks.

Youre actually more wrong than usual. Wallace was a brillian fuckin tactician who's guerilla as well as overt tactics against calvary were mimicked for years after his death.  Way to learn history.

Wallace killed his first Brit soldier around 14 or so.  He was appointed Gaurdian of Scotland by my age, while you were still graspin binary code.  His leadership qualities, size and feats of strength in battle moved ragtag peasents as well as feuding clans to unite under him, while his use of extremely limited supplies & terrain caused massive victories against the world's most dominating force of his day, the English.  Do you really think the battle of Stirling Bridge happend as it did in the movie, without a fuckin bridge at all? No.  He flanked & trapped their calvary on it, then brought it down with most of them on it.  The man was indeed savage, but smarter than the flick gave him credit for.

Greater battle skill my ass.  Defend the movies like these folks all ya want, but please dont waste your time on the history aspect without, ya know, actually readin a book or two.


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I just think you guys are acting as if Maximus had never killed anyone until that first battle at the beginning of the movie.  I mean, he was General of the Roman Legions!  You don't get there without seeing alot of battle & outlasting everyone else that was there before you.  Plus, you're probably a hell of alot smarter than everyone around you.

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No, youre right, he was general of the Roman Legions, and that's a position you only get after pleasing many, many men.  But as per request by Jumbie, we wont shatter his sad, sad arguement with history.  Ill stick to the movies.

Maximus - Fought lions, tigers & bears (oh my!), and a few fellow slaves.

Wallace - decimated an English brigade by himself after his woman got bumped off.  Had the balls to enter enemy terriroty by his damn self, went after traitorous clansmen alone.


Maximus - We saw him lead into one battle early on. As i recall, he sat there in a fur coat.

Wallace - Horribly outnumbered, he led armies into battle, and left victoriously, of course except for Falkirk.  He fought not only alongside his men, but rushed in the front lines, cleaving englishman after englishman (do recall these were some of the most well-traied & well-armed men on the face of the eart at the time).


Its good to see so many voting, however illogically, but be serious people, Maximus doesnt have a prayer.  If were arguin characters only, go back and actually watch these films, it oughta be clear as day. :D

PS many, many men.

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I figure we're not comparing actors, or real life counterparts, just the guys in the movies.  And for the record, I thought Braveheart was a MUCH better movie than gladiator, I just thought Gladiator was really cool action movie, but Braveheart was a classic.  Thought Braveheart deserved it's ocsars... gladiator didnt.  But just based on the way each guy fought, I'd give it to Maximus, who is a rip-off of sparticus, sure, but I still think could take out Wallace one on one.  There's not much that you can base it on, both movies show that both guys are badasses, it just seems that Max could do better in a one on one fight.  And did we ever decide where they were fighting?

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