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Uncharted: Drake's Fortune


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First off, much thanks to Los for lending/pushing this one.


This was hands-down the best thing ive yet played on my PS3, and most other places. The Indiana Jones-everyman hero is awesome, and one of the may well-voiced and well written (dialouge-wise) characters. Its a great mix of platforming (with crazy jumps, but a system way better than say Tomb Raider) and duck-and-cover 3rd person shooting action, in the vein of Gears of War, but neither goes on for too long as to feel stale, in my experience. What's more, the puzzles, though tricky, were never made in such an illogical fashion that had me cursing while looking at Gamefaqs, which is something of a feat these days, since my patience for such things has only lessened over the years of gaming.


Its hard not to notice that the game's about the most beautiful one on the market right now (console-wise) and minor tearing aside, maintains its quality even when the locale drastically changes as it goes. The plot & characters are very pulp: there's treasure, pirates, backstabbery and the whole lot, but it really comes off as fun and homage rather than cliche, which is great because the fun of the game itself would've likely compelled me to complete it alone, if the story didnt do so as well.


Speaking of the game's length, on other sites, ive seen it linked to Heavenly Sword , a solid game ranked on for its short length & replay, something I dont feel is fair. The game's around 10 hours, but certainly more if you explore, and the "rewards" - likely an early implementation of sony's Home "trophy" system, to borrow from MS' achievements, natch - really add to the game's overall reaplayability; its one thing that Naughty Dog packed the disc with sketches, behind the scenes art and everything else, but when you're not hunting for hidden treasure in obscure places (lookin at sen here), you're trying to get the reward for 100 headshots, sneaking up on enemies, or something similar.


I enjoyed damn near everything about this game, honestly - it even has a great twist by the end where it sorta merges into another genre im quite fond of, and manages to do even that well. The entire thing reeks of a game that the developers really took time to polish, and hte overall experience was about the finest the PS3 has, if not one of the best games of 2007. For those recently acquiring a playstation 3, or those holding out for Metal Gear, FF etc, pick this one up - im looking to do so just to support quality.


Oh, and i know the demo game many a different feel to the title; Sen & I both sorta took it for another shooter, but i assure you, it just picked one of the action-heavy parts of a given level, there's a lot more fun to be had.


Hondonian_Seal_of_Approval.jpg Overall review: Buy it, PS3 Game of the Year 2007

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man, i pushed this and No More Heroes to the background while trying to finish Persona 3 and working on Braid, but im so tempted to give it a trophy-run. id been looking for an excuse to play this one again.


ps Mal, seeing as how this one wanted a fresh start for said trophies, you worried MGS4 will pull the same stunt? is that how all of them that've been retroactively placed in have worked so far? i see they want to get around cheating with gamesaves but id hoped not all games'd do it this way.

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aaargh so pissed at this one. Which is a shame 'cause i adore this game.


beat it on hard, and i only had like 4 or 5 trophies left to get on Crushing, which lives up to its name - level 4's pirates whooped my ass for the greater part of last night.

but what sucks is, i thought trophies worked a bit like achievements, right? so id started another game on easy and gone right to a level to open one up, and when i got the in-game medal & trophy, saved & quit out to find out the trophy was gone.

i loaded an earlier file from before this action just to be careful. i got 1 that i needed "brutal attacker" or whatever on the 1st level in the boat, but after struggling my way back to the castle (5th stage) i was awarded 2 medals and no trophies, even for one id never gotten before. on the medals list, its there without a trophy icon next to it, and there's another i havent gotten yet with no darkened trophy icon, either. I think im screwed and i still dont get why, but i dont think ill be starting all the fuck over again to resolve this...i get that its tricky to retroactively place things in, but this system is shitty. I just got robbed my first platinum trophy for my efforts. :)


if and when they put them in Metal Gear, i hope its smoother. dammit.

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I can get by without superior hardware. SHit by that logic we should all just have PCs. Fanboy fervor really seems pointless in this console race because Yahtzee said it best that they each serve a separate audience. So alla youse faulting the 360 are really just saying how much you hate me :2T:

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