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I figure this'll help not only newbies out of the loop but anyone not in on it can learn too, which is cool.

  • Strongbad - actually Homestar Runner, but its all about strongbad's emails. More info (greatest hits) might be dug up on the thread about it here.
  • Maddox's Best Page in the Universe - This is up there with RealUltimatePower.net as one of the givens, i guess - threads here and here.
  • Yacht Rock - this one's lesser known but absolutely brilliant. The history behind the smoother side of early 80's music - McDonald, Loggins, Steely Dan, even fucking Buffet. Thread here.
  • Jay Pinkerton - Cracked writer and possibly the best rants ive ever seen online. So much love for this guy. Thread.

More to come. Also, we could do a webcomis thread for PA, VG Cats, Qwarts, etc (some'd argue CAD). Anything else so prolific it needs to be viewed by all, feel free.


MH is going to YTMND bomb us.

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