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Yummyful celebrities, anyone?

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:D to Aaron Carter for breaking through to the mainstream Top 40 stations with a song that doesn't just belong to the preteens...I heartily enjoyed his fun, innocent, and ORIGINAL brand of hip-pop before, but this is the first sign he's growing up (So fast! ) and breaking from big bro Nick.  :D  The new song is a bit New Kidsish, but hey, don't know 'bout anyone else, but they were my personal heartthrobs when I was five!  Gee, the days of Kindergarten, when I'd stand at the bus stop in the morning and wish upon greatest wish my Joey'd come by in a tour bus and kiss me :D... ah, the innocence of childhood!  Well, I guess we all :darwin:, don't we?  ;)
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A crush on the new kids in kindergarden...in k-4 i was still pretty adamant on my "icky girls" stance i believe.  Ne'ermind i was in 5th grade when new kids got big, now i feel a bit old.... :plain:

Aaron Carter, is he that lil blonde guy on the posters at Toys R Us? And how's he my brother?

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It seems to me that good old Nick likes a nice rack and long Hair....btw nick your not Aaron's Big bro, Nick Carter from the Backstreet hoes is...You know blondie....




1.) Vin Diesel!!!

2.) Keanu Reeves

3.) Ryan Phillipy

5.) Brad Pitt

6.) Matt LeBlanc

:D  :D  :D  :D  :D

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Hey not necessarily sluts ya know...I like your pick of Cameron Diaz, tho.  I got one better 'n her tho...

good old Nick likes a nice rack and long Hair


Yeah, thats pretty much it.  Im secretly a bigger fan of eyes, then boobies.




:D :D :kitty: :D


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:blush:  :blush:  :blush:  :blush:  one more for the road  :blush:


Yes Mulan had her hair short a couple of time in her life.  But not a big fan of it.  I hate having hair in my face.  That's why whenever you see me my hair is always tied back.  Mabye I should go and do what my best friend did and cut it really really short.  Low maintance.  Plus :D thinks I shed too much.  He'll just find shorter hairs then.  But then again I don't want a boy haircut either. :D

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When did things become "yummyful"?


Oh, God, I can't stand words like that, at least use a real word, like "groovy" or something, something that has been used BEFORE?


As for my pick for "awesome" "hot-bodied" "bootylicious" celebrities, my list is a co-ed one (yes, I appreciate the beauty in both sides):


1. Hugh Jackman

2. Guy Ritchie (hey, he reminds me a little of my boyfriend, ok!!)

3. Madonna

4. Angelina Jolie

5. Joey Lauren Adams (think 'Chasing Amy'-she's soooo cute)

6. Mel Gibson (can't get over my 'Lethal Weapon' crush)

7. Marisa Tomei

8. Robbie Williams

9. Owen Wilson (a-ha! an American)

10.Reese Witherspoon


Now that's a list.

Oh, and as far as Mariah Carey..............well, she knows that since she's washed up that her body is the only other thing that will keep her famous................


N'SYNC STINKS!! with their manufactured pop, they'll be gone soon, just like New Kids and all the others like them.

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Actually Queen of the Night NYSNC has been around for a while already. They've been around since 1994. They were mostly famous in europe though. And another thing I noticed that you don't like the word yummyful because it's unrealistic, and I also noticed you say the word bootylicious... that's not a word that's been used before. Only as part of a song, and they made up that word too...

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