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  1. I'll probably pick one up. PC gaming being on PC is my biggest hindrance to getting to my steam back log. Working at my desk 8+ hours a day, plus podcasting etc I find myself not wanting to sit BACK down at a desk when I get home.
  2. Powerhouse Animation: "fuck simon belmont".
  3. Casting has all been really fantastic so far. Too bad people on twitter are like. *harble garble but death can't be BLAAAAAAAAACKKKK garble*
  4. I've just embraced the whole, not guessing what they are doing with everything and am just enjoying the ride.
  5. Boo. It was such a good show. Worth a watch.
  6. So uh. Anyone finish this? I mean it was really good and then the ending got...weird? I didn't expect them to stick the landing but still.
  7. I guess I'm the asshole for saying that I really liked tlou2, that i feel like it was a complete story and while there were points where it dragged i saw where the vision for it was going and I think they did a good job with what they were given.
  8. A friend of mine said that its taken from the creators actual podcast interviews. So that checks out.
  9. way to sell me a console, Sony
  10. Most of that conf was a joke. Made up of trailers from games that have been coming to steam for a while. All that trailer showed me is that ill be able to play bloodlines 2 on my PC with a controller.
  11. Thats the quality content we need right now
  12. Most writers: I don't know how to justify the fact that Lovecraft was a racist. Peele: Hold my beer.
  13. Gunship. Gunship. Gunship.
  14. Watched the trailer. It looks fucking weird.
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