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  1. The second and third episodes were really good. I'm into the show now.
  2. I watched the first episode and it didn't really hook me yet. I'm going to watch a couple more episodes and see if I start to like it. I haven't read the comics.
  3. That looks amazing. I'm going to have to buy this guy for Nicholas and then borrow his Switch.
  4. I liked all three movies a lot. Now that I am an adult though, I feel uncomfortable with the gratuitous use of the N-word in Pulp Fiction. It is completely unnecessary to the story. I voted for Gump, but Shawshank is just as good. They both have a timeless quality to them.
  5. I have been listening to Wayne Payne for the past two days. I don't usually like country, but this guy is awesome. I found him on the 50 Best Albums of 2020 on NPR.
  6. I read Superman Red Son this weekend after buying a copy at the comic shop (I looked for Kabuki too, but I didn't see it there). I loved it. I haven't really been reading too many comics for a while now. I mostly read novels, a lot of non-fiction, and occult books. I would like to hear what your guys top ten comics of all time would be. Personally, I really enjoyed Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I didn't like Watchmen or the first Preacher (please don't throw eggs at me!) anthology. It's perfectly okay if you put those two in your lists, as they are your lists.
  7. I took my son to a new comic book store yesterday and I picked up Red Son for myself along with most of the books that Nicholas wanted. I really like this story so far.
  8. I am on episode 8 of the last season and I hate it so far. I think it is one the worst seasons of the show.
  9. It might be worth it for a couple of months.
  10. The Manson Family story is so strange, especially if you start to dig into it. There were just so many other cults that might have been involved. There is Manson's involvement in the Church of Scientology while he was in prison (he claims that he was audited to the point of becoming a Clear). There is the fact that Manson lived down the street at one point from the Process Church of the Final Judgement (members of which visited him in jail after the murders). The Process Church was also started by renegade Scientologists. Plus the fact that there are allegations that the Process Church was in
  11. This show was so important to me as a kid. There were really no rules as to what I could watch in my house since I had my own TV in the basement. I saw the pilot when it originally aired and I was hooked. I think I watched almost every episode when it originally aired. When I was an English teacher at Miami Coral Park, I would teach vocabulary through sketch comedy. I used to show skits from In Living Color to my class to teach them about creating sketches and basic ideas from comedy. I would place the students in groups and we would create sketches around a vocabulary word that th
  12. This looks really cool. I'm going to have to check this out.
  13. So now it's down to $30. I'm tempted to bite. Is it worth it for $30?
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