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I had a number of Sega Master System games so #$%@ing hard, i was certain no ending had been programmed. Everyone says shit was harder in the day, for me that was 'cause not many games i played had passwords or battery backup, so when i spent my entire day to get to the last boss in Fantasy Zone, with 2 men left, and no idea how to not die when he floods the screen, the effort was shot. these experiences prolly aged me.


It took me years to come back & finish Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Of this list of gaming feats, ive honestly only managed 1 in the day, and its the easiest of the lot, i think. many on that list got beaten with friends or game genies. I did finish Ninja Gaiden 2 with a friend in the day, though.


sadly, there's not many trophies/achievements for these. so, old school & new - what's the hardest shit you've played, and how far you'd get?

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ghost n' goblins and top gun are the ones I remember doing, might have done a couple of others but who knows. as for hard... anything on the nes! for RPG's, the 7th saga still ranks as hard as balls for me. I alos remember metal warrios as really hard on the Snes.

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