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hey, not sure who follows any of this stuff...i initially was quite resistant, largely due to UFC's rise in the dwindling of boxing/WBA, but that has a lot more to do with the league itself, as well as a lack of name-worthy heavyweights in recent years. That said, i dont do pay-per-view but ive seen some of the action on other forums, thought id see who was into this stuff here.




by all accounts im reading, the recent title bout between Shogun and Machida was an outright robbery; even fans of the champ said the decision (unanimously in his favor, despite way fewer hits/performance) was bull. ive read the claims that you've got to "wreck the champ" etc but others are say the revolving door of UFC champion has been won by a lot less on decisions. Again, ive only seen clips/highlights but liveblogging during the fight made it sound like it was in the bag...quite an upset.


anyone catch it? thoughts?







Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

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hey, not sure who follows any of this stuff...i initially was quite resistant, largely due to UFC's rise in the dwindling of boxing/WBA, but that has a lot more to do with the league itself, as well as a lack of name-worthy heavyweights in recent years. That said, i dont do pay-per-view but ive seen some of the action on other forums, thought id see who was into this stuff here.


I use to watch UFC during the mid 90's when my Sifus were training me to compete in pankration tournaments (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pancration#Modern_pankration).


I never competed since I broke my arm during one of the training sessions and I lost interest in the sport after that. I kind of agree with the whole Gracie stance on the sport.

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It's one of those things that seems like it would be really fun to do, but isn't terribly fun to watch. What it sounds like is Street Fighter, what it looks like is two dudes repeatedly kneeing each other in the groin until one of them decides he's had enough testicular trauma for one evening. I know I'm generalizing and I probably haven't seen enough matches to actually form an opinion of the sport at large, but it being real just kind of removes all the theatricality and watching two people fight for real isn't nearly as exciting to watch as it is to be a part of.

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MMA Fighter Joao Carvalho Dies 48 Hours After Fight




The doctors checked him between each round and each time he gave a full response to them. He responded to each question. He was asked where he was, what round he was going in to and what day of the week it was, and all of his answers were perfect.


“When the referee stopped the fight in the third round, our team of doctors and medics looked after him as he was bleeding quite heavily from his nose. He was asked if he felt any pain or was suffering with any headaches directly after the fight, and he said he had no pain or headaches, but he did feel quite tired.

At that point the doctors recommended he go to the hospital for a CT scan, but while the ambulance was being prepared, things took a turn for the worse:


“Ten minutes later he started complaining that he was suffering from headaches. He felt a lot of nausea and he began to vomit. Five minutes later he was significantly worse so we got him into the ambulance and rang the hospital to let them know he was coming.


combat sports inherently bring risks, but i imagine more regulation is coming at some point - which isn't a bad thing, it helped out boxing. one huge difference between the sports is allowing fighters to beat on one another while they're down, with a ref expected to call when it's too much.

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It's really taking off especially in the wake of McGregors success. I don't watch it religiously but if it happens to be on TV I'll watch it. That said, I will stay up till stupid o'clock to watch the McGregor fights.


It's an entertaining sport and despite the danger involved I do get a neanderthal thrill from the "no holds barred" nature of it compared to boxing or martial arts.

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Report: UFC owners in advanced talks to sell the business


The owners of the UFC are in advanced talks to sell the business, sources told ESPN.com.


At least four bidders are believed to have submitted bids for the organization, including WME/IMG, China Media Capital, The Blackstone Group and Dalian Wanda Group. The winning bid, should things proceed, is expected to be for a valuation between $3.5 billion and $4 billion, multiple sources with knowledge of the negotiations told ESPN.com.




Investment bank Goldman Sachs has been representing Zuffa LLC, which bought the UFC in 2001 for only $2 million. Sources with knowledge of the numbers presented to potential investors said that Goldman Sachs had represented UFC's last full year earnings in the $200 million to $250 million range, before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. A new television rights deal, which would begin in 2019, could add an additional $250 million in annual revenue to the bottom line, investors were advised.


Lorenzo Fertitta, who with his brother Frank owned more than 80 percent of the business at last public acknowledgment, told CNN in December that the private company grossed about $600 million in revenue last year. Besides the Fertittas, who are each worth about $1.6 billion, according to Forbes, the company has two other minority investors: UFC president Dana White and the Abu Dhabi government, which, under its Flash Entertainment arm, bought a 10 percent stake in the business for an undisclosed sum in 2010.


The leader in the bid to buy the biggest mixed martial arts business in the world is said to be Chinese-based conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group, sources said. Its chairman, Wang Jianlin, is the richest man in China, worth nearly $35 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.


The company has slowly been getting into sports. Last year, Wanda bought a 20 percent stake in soccer superpower Atletico Madrid for a reported $48 million. In March, amid the FIFA scandal, the company agreed to sign on as a FIFA partner, the highest level of sponsorship, through 2030.


Other bidders said to be in the mix are WME/IMG, which owns media properties and represents athletes, including Rousey, the former UFC bantamweight champion. Blackstone Group is also believed to be a bidder. A senior executive at the private equity firm, David Blitzer, owns a minority stake in the New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia 76ers and British soccer team Crystal Palace.


Another bidder is state-backed investment firm China Media Capital, which in October beat out Dalian Wanda and national broadcaster CCTV to win the broadcast rights for the Chinese Super League, the highest level of soccer in the country. In December, CMC, with another Chinese investment group, Citic Capital, bought a 13 percent stake of British soccer team Manchester City for a reported $400 million. UFC executive vice president Garry Cook was CEO of Manchester City from 2008 to 2011.




I don't particularly follow MMA much, but...they've gotta do better than dana, yeah?

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with athletes earning real money, and continuing on for a century of athletic history? heaven forbid


there's corruption all over, but MMA could do a lot worse than that legacy...like staying in the lane it's in

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On the heels of Ariel Helwani claiming that the sale of the UFC was “progressing” on Tuesday, his MMA Fighting colleague Dave Meltzer has reported that “the bidding period (for the UFC) is expected to end on or around June 16 … in the $4 billion price range for 100 percent ownership.”


Meltzer — citing a source involved in the bidding — first brought these figures to light in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription only) from May 30, aligning with Darren Rovell’s original report from several weeks prior. ESPN's sports business expert said the UFC was “in advanced talks to sell the business” on May 11, but had his findings swiftly rejected by UFC President Dana White.


“The UFC is not for sale,” White told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “The ESPN story is overblown. Darren Rovell is not a fan of facts.”


White is one of the four owners of Zuffa LCC, the UFC’s parent entity, holding a 9% stake. Station Casino executives Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta own 81% of the company, with Abu Dhabi-based Flash Entertainment laying claim to the remaining 10%.


If the sale is for all 100%, it’s unclear if White would remain with the company. It’s hard to imagine the longtime UFC figurehead walking away from a brand he built from the ground up, and any buyer would likely want to keep him on for promotional purposes. With that said, the outspoken president has eluded to cutting ties in the event of a transfer of power.


“The day we decide to sell, I probably don’t want to do this anymore,” White told NBC Sports’ Dan Patrick. “Me and Fertitta brothers have been together a long time … we’d probably all be looking to get out.”


The Wanda Group, backed by Wang Jianlin — China’s wealthiest man, worth almost $35 billion, according to Forbes — is the frontrunner, according to Rovell. The conglomerate has ramped up its business in the sports world over the past year, becoming a major sponsorship partner for both FIFA and FIBA and purchasing a 20% stake in La Liga powerhouse Atletico Madrid.




literally had no idea shane mcmahon was looking to buy it years ago, but went with the XFL instead....haha, damn

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not watching 12 minutes of that, but as a boxing fan: nahhh


look at purses, pedigree, fighter quality etc - there's still leagues of difference


UFC no doubt picked up a lotta more casual boxing/fighting fans during eras of less big heavyweight bouts, and its clearly gained more popularity/respect since the early aughts (which is cool), but i'd argue bob arnum alone did more to hinder boxing in the mainstream than any competing combat sport


apologies if this thing was on about something else & i'm talkin out my ass here

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Ok, so I stopped this video when Cowherd compared MacGregor to Ali. Nope.


I agree that this fight was epic. And making the argument that it was the best fight in 20/30 years is fine, but was it the fight that killed boxing? Boxing killed boxing. Not MMA. And, no, not this fight. Cowherd is a blowhard. I never liked him or his opinions. When he left ESPN I gained a little respect, but this is classic him: saying the over-the-top thing to get people fired up. No.


I HIGHLY respect The Young Turks, but they need to stick to political and social issues. Stay outta sports.

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So did anyone here watch 217 on the weekend?  Crazy-stacked card and some fantastic fights.  Very strike-heavy as well which always makes for a more broadly entertaining experience.  I haven't watched the prelims yet though. 


I'll talk results under spoiler tags for anyone still planning to check it out as I know when I don't PPV it can take a few tense,  social media averse days to get to it. 


Some well deserved wins and one serious upset.  

Namajunas was such a good sport post fight I'm glad she won.  No-one seems to hang onto the ladies straw weight belt for long in my limited experience. 

Dillashaw Garbrandt went as I expected, some outstanding striking on display there. 

This was my first GSP fight and I had no idea what to expect. Funny thing,  my BJJ professor has trained with Bisping and cornered for him before so I haven't brought up the results in training,  but that rnc finish made my balls tingle a little it was so damned cool. 


I hoped for more from Wonderboy Masvidal,  but they both showed heart and you can't fault that. 


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Bit late to this but a late reply is better than none I guess.


GSP showed he still has the stuff after 4 years off and going up a weight. I've a lot of respect for that guy. He's now sidelined indefinitely due to injury which is a pity because it would have been cool to see his second coming.


MMA is pretty devoid of superstars right now with McGregor sleeping on his pile of money and Jon Jones fucking up again.


Looking forward to Miocic Vs Ngannou. The way he slept Overeem with that uppercut was bananas.


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oh any response is better than me yukking it up in my own ill-informed echo chamber.  If you do nothing else with your hondos time,  please do check in here occasionally to make sure I haven't started a podcast with a paper mache doll's head that looks suspiciously like Joe Rogan. [i/]


I honestly figured GSP just had the one fight in him anyway.  I mean he vacated the title four years ago and came back over weight just to prove a point,  so if we don't see him again for a year and it's a catchweight with say,  McGregor or Woodley I won't be mad. 


In terms of superstars, mighty mouse is great value at flyweight but he has noone to fight. Stipe Ngannou is going to be nuts.  One of the first fights I saw was Stipe taking the heavyweight title from Verdum with a knockout,  while running backward from him. 


Did you watch 219? I'm keen to see Holm fed to the woodchipper that is Cris Cyborg,  and have already had it spoiled that Khabib(KHALABIB!) rattled the baby shit out of Barboza.  

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219 was alright. Not the most exciting card. Khabib is a machine alright. Not the most powerful striker but he got right in Barboza's face the whole fight and didn't let him use his kicks.


Khabib v Ferguson is the logical next step while McGregor does his millionaire playboy act for a few more months. I don't think Ferguson will present a problem for either Khabib or Conor. Although I could be biased in favour of my fellow Irishman. Getting kind of fed up with his shenanigans though. As Ferguson said, "defend or vacate, motherfucker".


Holm gave a good account of herself but Joe Rogan said it best at time, she was just outsized and outmuscled by the bigger woman.


Man, Mighty Mouse has to be one of the all time greats. The flyweight division is kinda weak so he has yet to be properly tested though. Dillashaw wants to go down and try his luck against him. That could be interesting.



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Dillashaw and Johnson at Catchweight would be the move because I'm no nutritionist(I just know where the tasty burgers at) but I don't know that TJ could drop 10 pounds and still be as effective as he'd need to be against Mighty Mouse.


You're right in that Connor should absolutely shit or get off the pot. He's been given way too much leeway because he generates a tonne of revenue and of course let's not forget what a boner septics have for the Irish. I say give him 3 months(or a month+training camp) to figure out his next move and act accordingly. 


It's not like if he vacates he won't go straight to the top of the queue for whatever belt he desires anyway.

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