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I was thinking about how far we've come since the 90's in comics, when costume changes were big events - even when they fizzled (Jim Lee's X-men uniforms were short-lived, as i recall). I'm one of the few here who can admit to enjoying early Spawn, and even when Todd got writers like Moore and Gaiman on board for an arc or so, the "big" chance to an open-mask of shoelaces through the face and uh, adding chains? was some kinda big deal, at least according to Wizard. anyway.


so this thread's about aesthetics. what're youre favorite costumes in comics? what would you like to see come back? Me, ive often bitched about how anti-stealthy the banana suit is for :excellent: , much less why he'd need a mask. he's had dozens and ive liked very few, but the Byrne era orange-and-borwn bothers me the least.




prolly cause it reminds me of the Sam Keith stuff, too.


hands-down, i cant think of better costumes than Spider-Man. his original is still one of comics' finest, and his alternates - 2099, black/symbiote one, etc are more hits than misses. I even dug the Scarlet Spider one, but was quite fond of the revision they did once Reilly was the main guy:




not everyone was keen on it (or the entire event, of course). that said, i thought the House of M one was a nice kinda compromise.




just awesome design, he was rocking the V-crotch thing before Bucky-cap.


Batman's another classic. I personally didnt like the default black one after the Keaton movies nearly as much as the original gray-on-black, and the one i saw more often growing up:




(there's better shots, i know) - but yeah, specifically, that sharp look Neal Adams had. I used to argue with Jumbie that Joe Kelly's look had the horns too tall for my liking, heh.


also, i liked the Rayner revisions, but when they went back to the classic, iconic GL costume, i was happy with that as well.




i should prolly post some Ed Mcguinness supes but that's plenty for now. oh, and be sure to post your least favorite too!


i wonder if we'll make it to page 2 before seeing a silver iron man

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Scarlet Spider-Man :???: I'll take web-pits over that shit any day. Rayner's mask also looked fucking retarded.


Also, I'll take Superman Blue over Supermullet:



Or Tim Burton's Nicholas SuperCage:



Also, the brown and orange Wolverine costume was really no better than the blue and yellow for tactics since about the only place Wolverine could blend in is in a sunset. If you want good camouflage then his current X-Force black and grey uniform would be the appropriate one.



I would also like to say that every member of the JSA has a shitty fucking costume and needs to be redesigned. I don't care how "traditional" it is, they look like fucking morons. Jay Garrick wears a red sweater, blue tights, and a WW1 helmet that looks more and more like a habcap with each passing issue. Alan Scott wears a red shirt, green pants, and a purple cape. Hourman wears a black unitard with sleeves and a hooded yellow cape/matching yellow tights combo with red boots. They don't look like superheroes, they look like homeless people in domino masks. Except for Mister Terrific, he just looks like a fucking idiot.



Now I've come her to champion the original Batsuit, purple gloves and all. This was the edgy dark Batman that was deemed too scary for children, this was the one who let criminals die and didn't keep an underage boy in a cave. You'll take notice that the horns actually look like ears and the cape actually looks like wings, not to mention the angles just make it look cool as fuck. It's got everything that's great about the black and gray but better.



Then of course my favorite Hulk has always been Joe Fixit:



The Age of Apocalypse Sunfire was absolutely badass, especially compared to the original 616 Sunfire



The best thing about Nextwave was Ellis' revamp of z-lister Machine Man, he also managed to make his weird eye globes look cool by changing the rest of his costume in its entirety.



For the first time I love the design of Thor. Now he looks like a viking and not like a bodybuilder with a stupid hat and a cape!



And this one's a character preference as well, but Jack Knight as Starman is easily one of my favorite superheroes and I've always loved his design. It's just superheroey enough without going overboard, and doesn't look stupid like Guy Gardner's old leather jacket over tights look.



Speaking of Guy Gardner, thank Christ they lost the bowl cut.

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honestly i stopped reading x-men somewhere in the late 90's. I have yet to find a series that can hold my interest long term.


Anyways, best costumes (i mean my favorites) in my reading,




i'm posting this link because it's awesome, and i have a hard time staying on topic.




perfect. minus the freaky fangs.





okay okay, besides the overlarge boobage and those ridiculous goggles i love this costume because of those darn boots. I hate the over large over heeled boots the majority of super villian and super hero ladies are put in. Have you ever tried running in 7 inch heels? it ain't sexy. It sure as hell doesn't make any sense to run around in 7 inch heels along rooftops when you can find something way more comfortable.


Which brings me to Captain America, who has various changes in his costume, but the red white and blue always stay. His costumes are simple, (i'm not thinking of any special ops captain just his basic overall style) and always eye catching.





It's a toss up for Wolvie, i love the brown and tan and the grey and black.

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baytor - /disagree, sir! ok, tactically its only slightly better but aesthetically its superior. orange & tan alla way...though i too like the x-force suit that's finally taking one of Alex Ross' better suits and making it work. really, black leather or just civies work for me most times, but if he's gotta be in a costume, yeah, it oughta be dark. that infra-vision shit he has there at least explains the mask.


Dr - yeah, looking past your bat-vamps, im with you on Cap, classic getup. the Ultimate revamp really isnt bad either, though.

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I liked most of the Spidey costumes (except the Iron Man's bitch one). I'm with Dr. Chikns on Wolverine's costume, though I do prefer the brown costume out of those two. Black fits Batman more. I feel the only reason he was in different colors is because back in the day only bad guys were known for wearing black.

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