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There alot of reality shows that I hate, but there are a few I'm hooked on. I have to admit I'm a huge big brother fan (in my defence to those over seas- the show is played differently in the us from what I've heard).


Which ones do you love? Hate?

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I wouldn't with all the chefs fuckin up in the kitchen. The customers have no one to yell at but you. But then again, they have to know that whatever they order probably wont meet their standards, and have to wait a ridiculously amount of time for it. They would probably be more understanding.

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Omg this kid on 16 and pregnant just said, and I quote, you can't really prevent pregnancy. WTF is wrong with these kids?!?



I wonder if that was the same episode that had the kid took her baby to the pediatrician and while the doctor was explaining something to her, she was paying more attention to whoever was texting her...I wanted to bash her head in.


Anyone watch Jersey Shore?

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They put the contestants in solitary confinement and make them do mentally and physically challenging things until the break. The first person to quit each round gets kicked off the game. Oh and their food and sleep is rationed and sometimes they don't get a bed or they get something gross to eat. And no one knows if anyone quits or not, so you have no way of knowing if you're the first to quit or if you are suffering needlessly bc someone else has quit until you quit. They can only talk to the computer, which can be nice or mean.

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amynicole, i seen that. the problem with that show is it would come on really late at night on some weird channel fox2 or something like that on direct tv. no one knows about it. i was curious to see who won and more challenges. they would make them eat hot food, sleep on beds that were made of hard pillars, sleep deprivation, word memory etc. was pretty neat to see people crack.


Aartemys, i watched the first season of Jersey Shore recently. (cause they are coming to Miami! and all the hype from ratings)... I feel really bad for snooky. she's my favorite character. i wonder if the show is scripted...... just too much going on that looks like on purpose. like jwow's boyfriend sending in a "spy" and the stalking jewish girl. funny nonetheless


Everyone should watch the contender season 1. it's a boxing reality show that i thought was pretty cool.


i watched the simple life season 1 because it was funny to see those 2 suffer. but again, looks staged.


i saw another one where they put geeks and pretty girls together and that was pretty neat. forgot the name, but it was very funny.

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well nza, i don't think that incident was staged... that guy is loosing his teaching job and i don't think anyone will hire him. so he's done. won't say jersey shore is good, but it's interesting to keep up with what's out there.


yes beauty and the geek was hiliarious. i thought it was great. loved the conflict between the guy in the glasses (super nerd) and the neurosurgeon type guy. funny to see them piss each other off. and it's weird it seems like the nerds were more of the ones you were laughing at rather than the girls. i wonder what that says about me. oh well. it's good stuff, especially season 1. if there was a 2, i might have seen it but it wasn't as good.


btw amynicole, after saying that you are gonna get more attention here. watch out! lol

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