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Mighty Muggs!


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Panch FTW! Great thread and post! Those fan Muggs were awesome--Spawn, Dark Claw, Old Man Logan,etc. And I agree w/ Logan on the hand sculpt for the Iron Man being three shades of awesome.


I got a little crazy w/ the Mighty Muggs when they first came out. I returned a lot, but I've still got these spread throughout my house:








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Well, when they first came out you'd pay anywhere from $8-$10 depending on which major retailer you were at (Wal-Mart, Target, Toys-R-Us). However, the older ones went on sale a few months back for as low as $4-$5 (some Star Wars & Indy MMs).


I just can't see paying $12 now for something I'd likely pay half as much for in a few months.

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