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Hobby & Toy Forum Re-Name Thread


Toy Forum names.  

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So who's with me on changing the name of this forum? We're a clever bunch. We can come up with something better than Sweet Fancy Moses whatever. We'll discuss for a while and make a poll and pick a winner. Simple.


(I'm bout to do this in other forums...)


Here's some:


Toy Box

Toy Chest (with Barbie boob banner)

Twisted Toyfare Theater

Toys, Toys, Toys!


Yeah, some of those are lame, but whatever... y'all suggest...

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I say someone turns those pics of Benny's into banners and we vote. Especially the first one.


As for actual names:





Toying With Your Emotions


Toy Stories

Yes, I still Shop In The Toy Aisle

Men of Action(Figures)

Kung-Fu Grips But Not Fighting

Your Sad Little Collection Pales In comparison To Alex's Mighty Statue Room of Geek

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Another one for your poll, Chris.


Hondo's (Adult) Toy Story?


Maybe we can just make this thread the poll thread? Chris, post the choices you deem worthy and I'll make this this the poll. Nick will be grateful, I'm sure (although, this forum does need more threads...).

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