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PS3 cracked


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from GAF:


This USB stick is confirmed to boot the PS3 into some sort of service/debug mode, and while the package comes with a backup manager, the important thing is that the USB jigkick allows for unsigned code to be launched by retail PS3s.


This means that CFW for PS3 is now a possibility. People can write apps and boot them from this USB stick. Imagine a CFW where all region coding is disabled, one can use their PS3 as a PS2HDloader (if they have a BC unit), play your library of PSP games via PS3 and XBMC on PS3 is possible. It will also be possible to launch linux via this USBstick, and probably even launch old installations on post OtherOS killing firmware.


Ripping games to HDD is actually the least interesting thing about this.


custom firmware, i can't wait! incoming firmware patch, no doubt, but this was only a matter of time. shit, just being able to play PSP titles sounds awesome. also, last month or so, a workaround to allow PS2 games to be USB loaded onto a (compatible) PS3 was found, still looking into that cause it sounds awesome too - for those wondering the advantages: significantly less load times, less wear & tear on the system, etc.



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it's a fair question, but unlike last gen, both old & new designs would have to be on the same firmware version. i guess we'll know more in the coming months...prior to this, all there'd been (from what i saw of the scene) was ripping of blu-rays and ways to get them on a menu, but not boot.

360 on the other hand has this interesting CFW (custom firmware) scene if you somehow still have the older OS with the blades, found out those're worth a few hundred bucks now.

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Hopefully it'll work with the slim, but there are clearly some differences.


Maybe with some cool apps and the PSP library was opened up I'd actually play more games on it. Don't get me wrong, My PS3 gets a lot of use, but I've played games on it for like 20 hours tops. Not that they aren't good, It's just a really badass wireless media hub,

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PSGroove - opensource jailbreak! pretty sure Los has already seen this, but it looks like waiting on the courts to allow a $100+ mod might not be necessary at this point.


i gotta say, the most exciting thing about PS3 homebrew for me is the possibility of unlocking the ability to play PSP games on the PS3.

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