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Phantasy Star Online 2.0


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Phantasy Star Online 2

Release: 2011

Known system: PC



oh my crap


please please be on pc/PSN im not paying for live no mores oh god this is the one MMO that almost fucked up my college career

if this is legit your admin is going away for a whle




<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyEnJCgTZds?fs=1&hl=en_US"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyEnJCgTZds?fs=1&hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyEnJCgTZds?fs=1&hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

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O.k, first off.




I've followed PSO from Dreamcast, to Gamecube, to Xbox and PC. I've hit over level 100 multiple times and I even played PSO3 the card game.


I don't know what to say, I just don't have the words. As long as it's not Phantasy Star Universe I will be there day 1.

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new info!

Sega Planning a Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta Test

Tuesday October 26, 2010 11:08


Sega is planning a Phantasy Star Online 2 Beta test in the future. This beta test was announced in relation to Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Japanese server shutdown.


Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst will shut down at 12/27/10 at 16:00



* 11/29/2010

o Hunter’s License 30 Day and Automatic Billing Cycles End

o ハンターズライセンス(30日権)販売終了, ハンターズライセンス(自動継続権)販売終了

o Registration Code, and Episode 4 Registration Codes are no longer available.

o 利用コード登録終了, エピソード4登録コード登録終了

* 11/30/10/ ~ 12/27/10

o Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst is Free

* 12/27/10

o Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Shuts Down

To thank everyone who loved Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst, they plan to give out a special beta test invitation for Phantasy Star Online 2. The details about such test will be revealed in the future.


[via psobbjp]


Original source: PSO Blue Burst JP site

Translation: Phantasy Star Fan Blog


Quote: Sega Breaks Silence About Phantasy Star Online 2


Joel Taveras | Oct 25, 2010


Sega Phantasy Star Online 2


During a recent New York City Sega media showcase we had the chance to check out a slew of upcoming titles from the house that Sonic built. Out of all the games that were on hand, we we’re mostly interested in one particular title that had just been announced during this years Tokyo Game Show. It’s the next game in a series you may have heard of, it’s called Phantasy Star Online 2 and we had Sega community manager tell us everything he possible could about the highly anticipated title. If you’re like us and have been clamoring for every bit and morsel of information for PS0 2 make sure to give this video a look!

Source: Dualshockers.com


yeah, so no beta for us, but apparently Phantasy Star Zero was closest in nature to old-school PSO, so this is indeed good news.

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New Phantasy Star Online 2 screens! Now with 100% more cuteness. How can you resist the cuteness of the Rappies? You can’t! These screens also look better than the last batch of PSO2 screens that were released. Continue on to see more screens.



This is our first glimpse of the male force in PSO2. Looking good as he did in Phantasy Star Online!



This is the female force, which we have seen before in other screens.



@ E3, i recall hearing it would go into beta later this year, guess we'll wait for details from TGS.

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All the Phantasy Star Online 2 information from the conference

Posted on July 26, 2011 by George in SEGA News



We have showed you the trailer that SEGA showed off. That trailer has all the new features shown, so once you read about the features here, head over and re-watch it.


  • You can have a team of 12, though you will be split into 4 smaller teams to keep the feel of PSO.
  • The PSO2 alpha testing kicks off in Japan in August.
  • PSO2 now allows you to jump and jump attack (already known).
  • PSO2 allows a TPS like system for Rangers. Lets say, you can aim at an enemies head for extra damage.
  • Levels (still random generated) will have parts that people can get on higher ground for more damage. Especially for Rangers.
  • You don't level up like before. Instead you level up your class and have new abilities unlocked.
  • PC game will support both controllers and keyboard/mouse.

The game is planned for PC later this year in Japan. SEGA says more information will come in the Tokyo Game Show. Check out the official website for the game here.


[source: AndriaSang]



:ohface: we need to get 12 people together, Hondo's. we managed 4 for diablo 2 for a few months, this might be pushing it though.

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info dump!




On the official Facebook page, Bonkohara announced the dates of the PSO2 Alpha Test.

Alpha Test Start Dates

August 18th, 16:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 1]

August 19th, 18:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 1]

August 23rd, 16:00 ~ 23:00 [Test 2]

August 26th, 16:00 ~ August 27th 23:00 [Test 3]

Please note the schedule above may change.

The alpha test is separated into 3 phases. In Test 2 and Test 3, more participants will be added towards the alpha test.

On a side note, It's just a bit more to the alpha test. Bonkohara would like to welcome you all, in fact the ______ also opens very soon! (Ya she censored it)

Excerpt from the email:

Relating to the information about the Alpha Test Players Site, and the date you can begin downloading the game, we will contact you soon in another email newsletter and the official site. I ask that you please wait a while.


A link to the english subbed version of the 40 minute media briefing (lots of good info here):





and of course, the source: http://bumped.org/psublog/category/p...star-online-2/



For some bulletpoints on basics from the two videos we've seen, check out this post over at PSO-world: http://www.pso-world.com/forums/show...51&postcount=1


First Test (Inspection Items)

Inspect for bugs that occur in specific situations, with many people logging in, and general gameplay.

Inspect for bugs occurring within the lobby, forest, and the general gameplay system.

※When there's no problems in the first test, switch over to the second test.

※More participants are added.

※Fix bugs that occured in the first test..

Second Test (Inspection Items)

More people are added, (Continue) inspecting the same items from the first test.

Inspect bugs that were corrected.

※When the second test continues to have no problems, switch over to the third test.

※More participants are added.

※Perform an Update inspection.

※Correct bugs that occurred from the second test.

Third Test (Inspection Entries)

Inspect an update with (new) field "Volcano Caverns"

Inspect the logins of even more people.

Inspect for bugs occurring within the lobby, forest, volcano, and the general gameplay system.

Inspect bugs that were fixed, and inspect the continuous operation of the server.


Title screen & login music! oh man, so getting PSO 1 vibes here.


Lets see from the PSO World Thread stuff I like!


1) The PP system from PSP2 returns, in which the PP bar is tied to your character rather than the weapons. It also seems like your max PP may rise after each time you level up


Good cause I hated PP in regular PSU, but PP in PSP2 is more akin to TP almost when tied to your character.


2)There is an EXP bar under the HP and PP bars.


During mission events, a counter appears on the right hand side of the screen under the minimap. This counter will display various information, such as how far from the objective you are, how many monsters you have to kill, or the health of objectives you must protect;


Good more info displayed on the screen without having to go into the menu the better!


3) Rolling returns, and no longer costs PP


Thank goodness it doesn't require PP!


4) Dashing makes an appearance in the game, which can be used to help create/lengthen melee combos


Sounds legit to me to maybe carry combos from one enemy to another!


5) Normal shots no longer cost PP (Ranged Weps!)

FUCK YES! This along with PP tied to your character fixes my hella big PP gripe from PSU!


6) You may now guard with Melee Weapons


Real defense = pimp as fuck combat! Guarding + Rolling = awesome sauce!


7) You may now use Rods to perform Melee attacks like what was possible in PSO


FOs can rejoice as you can do something other than magic!


8) Disks are used to learn photon arts and techniques


Disks have certain learning requirements, such as Stat requirements


Unlike PSU, there will not be a limit on the number of PAs or techs you can learn


You will be able to return a learned Photon Art/Technique back into disk form


Low-level disks can be bought at shops


High-level disks can be obtained as enemy drop


Okay FTW on all of that shit!!!!!!!!!


9) Dynamic weather change system


I LOVE dynamic weather in games!


10)Consumable items return


Meseta returns


Telepipes return from PSO


Drop items are decided on a character-by-character basis.


Each character can get different drops.


Fucking PSO LIVES SON!!!!!

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