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here was a picture of cole


I may kick myself when I'm sober, but yeah...I can't think of an X-Mutant that just uses straight up electricity. How can that even be? They're scraping the bottom of the barrel and coming up with powers like having worms for a stomach and they don't even have an electric dude? Who am I forgetting?



I also appreciate your Lebowskism.

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logan you sonofabitch
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Nope, Jubilee's firework things were basically plasma wrapped in a magnetic field.


So, this game came out today and I go to check out reviews. Complete information blackout. Absolutely no prerellease review copies were distributed. That's never a good sign. Ever.


When a dev is confident about their game, they want the hype. Not allowing reviewers to give opinions before some impulse launch purchases is what Tyler Perry does. Not. A good. Sign.


Watch, tomorrow this thing is gonna be blasted.

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For a company that makes like 3 games a decade, they have no business making something this awful. They've been incredibly lucky too, with opportunities some companies would kill for. I found this on their wiki (so it must be true):


In February 2008, Silicon Knights was granted $1 million by the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) through its Video Game Prototype Initiative.


In April 2010, it was announced that the company would receive nearly $4 million through the Canadian government's Community Adjustment Fund. The purpose of the grant was to allow the hiring of 65 new staff members, who would be working on a new game targeting multiple platforms.


In July 2011, Silicon Knights received nearly 3 million in provincial funding to improve its technology, create new products and become a self-publishing company. Denis Dyack, president of Silicon Knights, said the investment will allow the company to improve it's technology, hire 80 new people while keeping 97 current jobs and allow the company to become "self sustaining." In September of 2011, after completing the X-Men : Destiny game, Silicon Knights laid off 15 employees, and has not yet come through on their commitment to hire new staff as was ear-marked to be done with the free taxpayers dollars they have received


The government has paid them around 8 MILLION bucks over the last few years just to be awesome, and they drop this shit on us.

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