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Nintendo Wii U aka the WU


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I'm underwhelmed by that WiiU(lol). Frankly the thing looks uncomfertble and people are saying those are nubs not sticks. Also fuck nintendo for these other reasons


No Upscale for wii games(no really wtf)


Has to be in same room as console(there goes taking a dump with it or in bed)


No multitouch... sigh... need to see more things but so far meh, really meh.

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I'm underwhelmed by that WiiU(lol). Frankly the thing looks uncomfertble and people are saying those are nubs not sticks. Also fuck nintendo for these other reasons




Originally Posted by IGN: In short, Nintendo's gamble works. The controller is the best of both worlds, mixing traditional button inputs with the advantage of having an interface unlike anything we've seen from a home console.


One of the more interesting alterations to conventional design is the system features two analog sliders at the top of the controller rather than traditional sticks. Don't make the mistake of thinking these sliders are like the 3DS "circle pad." The texture and top shape of the sliders are much more akin to Wii's nunchuk, meaning the grip and precision of movement are much better.


The tablet itself appears large, but is actually quite comfortable to grip. The two sliders both being located at the top of the tablet make holding it considerably easier. A staggered configuration would only have worked with a much smaller design. Nintendo was also smart in making the new controller extremely light for its size, resulting in something that might look strange but is not as burdensome as it would seem.


Nintendo played an interactive cinematic that put all my fears to rest. The difference in quality between that sequence and this was light years apart, making me wonder why I watched the hawk video in the first place.


The second major tech demonstration featured live footage of Japan, with a camera moving down a crowded street, hovering above vehicles. Like the hawk demo, the tablet was also featuring the footage shown on the television. But as I moved the new controller, I was able to see more of the city around me, without altering what was being shown on the larger screen. I could move the tablet upward to see the sky, or downward to see the street moving under me. Even more impressive, I could start to rotate the controller or "aim" it behind me to see where I had been. Pressing a button would also flip the portable display behind me, allowing me to see backwards similar to a rearview mirror. The potential for racing games with this sort of technology is truly impressive.


I played two Mii mini-games on the new console. In a word, they are both fantastic. In concept, execution, scope and entertainment, they are leaps and bounds beyond what you experienced on Wii.


I wasn't able to control Link, but the battle between him and Gohma that I saw was breathtaking nonetheless. Between changing the lighting, camera controls and even the tablet's display, this (Zelda) demo above all the others proved how Nintendo franchises might benefit from increased power. This was gorgeous stuff.


No Upscale for wii games(no really wtf)


best i can find, there has been zero talk about this, confirming or denying. zero.

*Edit shit did reggie say no to this? ah, fuck if true. i possibly stand corrected here.


Has to be in same room as console(there goes taking a dump with it or in bed)


its not a handheld, i play on the big screen so i'm cool - we also dont know the range on it. also? eww.


No multitouch... sigh... need to see more things but so far meh, really meh.


conflicting reports on this, people on the showroom floor demoing it say it does. again, iphone touch gaming fucking sucked so this means nothing to me.

*edit 2 god bless GAF for asking reggie questions - no to multitouch, not a single fuck was given (by NZA), etc

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there's not reason not to have multitouch these days, also really sucks about no upscaling for wii games.


My problem is I guess I don't see a huge reason for day 1 unless there's a new Zelda or Mario but those teams are already working on wii and 3ds games so they proabbly won't have anything for launch.

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no need for multitouch either.

pinch to zoom, etc. likely a traditional resistive touch screen, and not a crappy capacitive touch screen. also, none of this matters BECAUSE THE THING HAS FREAKING BUTTONS, THANK GOD.


the no upscaling is indeed a waste. i kinda wanted to go buy mario galaxy 2, sonic colors etc and play them here. might still when cheap.


saying there's no reason for day 1 when we know absolutely nothing about the launch lineup possibly a year from now is also silly. could be new mario, could be smash bros, could be zelda collection for all we know. what matters is the price, and since there's no internal HDD, its obvious they're trying to price this competitively. the closer to $300 they get, the faster i cop one.

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Well it's easy to say no smash, mario or zelda at launch due to the fact that the teams are already working on games for another system atm. Normally the big games are done by the same teams and by the time they start again you'd have less then a year before launch.


The launch line up has me really curious now because I do wonder what it will have. I'm hoping they have learned from the 3DS launch.

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god, i hope so. that was not a good launch (or follow-up, so far).


how do we know those teams are taken right now, though? they've got numerous studios besides just EAD, and if the rumors of dev kits being out there for a while now are true, theyve had time to work on stuff as well.


i wouldnt be surprised by another NSMB2 or something at launch, though im odd enough to be hyped if it was a competent Animal Crossing.





Zelda prototype looks good!

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kotaku's doing some great floor demos of zelda prototype (posted) and mario stuff. also, fun with logos!




i think i'm gonna go with calling it the WU.









goddamn, sharp.




ps engadget says:


Nintendo's new console, the Wii U, was finally unveiled to the world today at E3 2011, and we got a glimpse of its graphical prowess at the company's keynote. Details were scarce about the IBM silicon Nintendo's new HD powerhouse was packing, but we did some digging to get a little more info. IBM tells us that within the Wii U there's a 45nm custom chip with "a lot" of embedded DRAM. It's a silicon on insulator design and packs the same processor technology found in Watson, the supercomputer that bested a couple of meatbags on Jeopardy awhile back.


pps - why not a hot Sonic Generations trailer?

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...that's how you know im fucking tired, i just caught the obvious DS thing going on here. huh. back to sleep soon...


interview/gameplay with skyward sword


ps tech talk on GAF is saying Watson chip makes this a full generational leap, which is awesome news. just hoping its balanced like the gamecube, and not a shitty match like the PS3 (awesome CPU, not so awesome GPU/video card).


all in all...a promising E3, though i really hope to see/hear more soon. its a shame MS didnt show up



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Dunno if this has been mentioned yet but, I like the idea of a HUD being on the control as opposed to onscreen. Otherwise, playing Wii games with that thing's gonna be ackward as shit anyways, and what the hell, there's about 5 games that are worthwhile on it so who cares a lot?


And Angel- If you haven't already devised a system of mirrors and angling your TV slightly to the left, you don't want it bad enough/as bad as the rest of us anyway.

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My first thought was for same console multiplayer shit like, for example, Uno. Stuff that, in the past, you couldn't do same system competitive multiplayer with, because your opponent would be able to see your cards.


There are probably better examples, but you see my point. Each player's need-to-know info could be on their own controller.

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haha, well played axels.


yeah, EA mentioned the obvious use of hiding your plays in madden/etc but when you think about uses for stuff like metal gear, fatal frame and such, there's some really cool applications. i was telling space cowboy, but reassures me here is that this is the better end of a DS vs Wii sitiuation: meaning, with the DS, sure, not every dev knew what to do with that 2nd screen, so many times we just got a map (or in really lazy cases, a logo)....but you werent forced to use it, you could make whatever game you wanted, limited only by the hardware specs, not its design.

the wii had both limitations: porting was going to be difficult/shit, and most times, youd have to spearhead waggle into your design after the fact (unlike move or natal which are at least optional). with what we know of the chip under the hood here, this thing is a beast - again, with the right GPU, a generational leap - and if nintendo's really working with 3rd parties, that means some have cool visions for the controller screen, and others can just ignore it.


for me, its a question of "what will i play past the likely awesome 1st party games on this?". i'm playing more on PC where there's ports for definitive versions, butt his is already going to look better than PS3/360. no trophies/achievements yet, sadly, but a stable online + if a company uses the controller screen well means i might potentially treat this as the lead platform for a while. that said, even if it optimistically makes it out next spring (end of fiscal year, as reggie said) im not sure ill care about Darksiders 2 or Batman 2 at that point, which is a shame cause both could be really cool with this (darksiders using zelda stuff like inventory on the screen, bamtan withriddler challenges and the like on it, etc).

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Some kind of on-screen flash could be the new rumble, say as in LA Noire where you wander a fucking scene for ten minutes waiting for the control to shake, shit like this.


Another application, if the screen's up to it is competitive FPS where each person's POV is on-screen with highlights or points of interest going on on the TV. I really like the idea of being interested in a Nintendo console again, and wanna see where they take this.

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...given that they're 2 different products with 2 different production costs, i'm not sure that's as comparable here as you're implying, but fuck i hope you're right.


ps Pikmin 3 confirmed for the WU at the roundtable! make it a launch game guys, again im not difficult to please here.

from GAF:


Developer Round Table #1 Summary

+ Miyamoto says Retro Studios providing support in designing 3D courses for Mario Kart (Chris Kohler). DKCR assets for the jungle levels?

+ Aonuma says boss sword fights are exciting in Skyward Swords

+ Super Mario 3DS still a working title. Final name will be decided later.

+ Lots of exploration in Skyward Swords. Sword will help you find items.

+ Flying through the air and swordplay are big elements of Skyward Swords

+ Aonuma promises that environments outside of dungeons,. will be just as intersting.

+ Koizumi wanted to create the most "mario" 3d game ever in Super Mario 3DS

+ Koizumi considered tempo and excitement vastly into the teams design of Mario 3D

+ Koizumi and team decided to bring back tanooki suit and traditional flags over stars.

+ Super Mario 3DS levels are shorter.

+ Super Mario 3DS has a zelda style dungeon level in honor of 25th anniversary.

+ Luigi's Mansion 2 very far in development. But Nintendo may opt to release it early 2012

+ Luigi's Mansion 2 being developed by Next Level Games in Canada. The Punch Out team.

+ Miyamoto taking lots of responsibility for Luigis Mansion 2

+ Takashi Tezuka takes stage to explain origins of Tanooki Suit

+ Miyamoto says his team is working very hard on Star Fox 64. People better buy it!

+ Wii Vitality Sensor (Wii Relax?) still being worked on at Nintendo

+ Piikmin WiiU Confirmed

+ Nintendo is working on WiiU games. (We've seen them). But the corporate line is not to announce it officially yet. But Miyamoto wanted to at least announce Pikmin himself.


So all in all...


-Super Mario 3DS is trying to be more like the old games, but in 3d -- it's got flags again (first time in 3d Mario), the Tanuki suit, is set in the more classic style world (not Galaxy, more Mario 64-ish), etc. The game plays great.


-Luigi's Mansion 2 is by Next Level games, with Miyamoto assisting. Miyamoto decided to make it because he wanted to. It's far along, but they're holding it back a bit, so it'll be an early 2012 title.


-Skyward Sword looks and plays great. The overworld is a giant dungeon, and dungeons are basically dungeons within dungeons. You fly around from place to place on giant birds and can land at different points in the overworld, or fly back through the sky to the hub town in the sky. You will revisit dungeons in this one, so it's not just "go through each dungeon once". New map to make that easier considering that you do need to go back to places later. The girl in the art is indeed the spirit of the sword, as we thought.


-Mario Kart definitely 2011, some content by Retro (track designs or graphics or something like that)


-Press is banned from asking questions about Pikmin.


-Wii Vitality Sensor wasn't working in "a wide enough variety of environments" so it's on hold for now. They still want to do something with the idea at some point if/when they can get it working well enough.


-The raccoon suit in Super Mario 3DS can't fly apparently, they think it wouldn't work as well on a small screen? But you could fly with the rabbit ears in Super Mario Land 2... :(


-Miyamoto is sexist and thinks that only boys think about flying, not girls, hence Star Fox, Mario Galaxy, etc. But we knew Miyamoto was sexist a long time ago, so no news there unfortunately. That his sexism affects his games like that is one of the few issues I have with Miyamoto; I really love his games, but that is too bad.


-Miyamoto teased us about Pikmin again and said that they are working on Pikmin 3 for Wii U. It was moved over to Wii U from the Wii, where it had been in development. He wasn't supposed to mention it, apparently, but did anyway. Continuing the three or so year long trend of hinting at Pikmin in an E3 event without any further information until the next E3, huh?

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<object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4lIZE98zVQ?version=3"><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4lIZE98zVQ?version=3"><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4lIZE98zVQ?version=3" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>



I was wondering how Nick hadn't started a thread on this already. I should've known . . . it's all over the E3 2011 thread.

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to be fair: those were the exact same complaints back in '05, and they did alright.


there was some confusion today since iwata/reggie wanted to focus on the controller only. G4 (and some hondonians) were looking at it and saying "how does that tablet thing improve the graphics", heh....that's what they get for being so vague.


tomorrow's 2nd roundtable/press conference, i'm really hoping for more details on the online system they outsourced. we're not getting details like price, specific launch date, etc...at least we got some specs today, but i really wanna know more there too.


ps merged. :transmet:

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I was all team Chris til you Matchbox'd me, you sonovabitch.


NZA- Wii's still a stupid name no matter how common now. That had a chance to clean the board and make a better Proper Noun(especially since Nintendo fanboys are gonna be screaming it for the next 3 years), but they took the stupid name, and added more stupid to it. I like Wu though.


Rhymes with Peee-yew.

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JZA - i recall when it debuted, i think iwata (prez) made a comment that Google sounded fucking well silly when you first heard it too, but they made it everyday language.


so it's kind've a catch-22. fuck knows i wish they'dve stuck with Revolution or Super Duper Nintendo or or i mean hell even Project Cafe doesnt sound so bad now but...if i ran such a company, it'd be really interesting explaining to shareholders why i want to ditch the branding that brought in 80 million+ sales, while competition struggled to sell half that.


i wouldve settled for Super Wii, but like i told bish: honestly, i havent liked a console name since the Genesis. they're all varying levels of not good, with this shooting for a bold new level of such.

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said it for the Genesis, man. *fistbump*


Nintendo's the name that brings the bacon though man. surely people's memories aren't that short these days...


was gonna mention too, i like sony's naming system: not the most inspired, but easy to track the progress of and easily recogniseable

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its easier than the (presumed) xbox system, which uses my greatest enemy, math

some last minute stuff for regular folks who didnt miss sleep to see this shit....tech demo premier (on crappy iphone):



and Geoff Keighley asking Reggie the tough questions! you can kinda see dude squirm, it's funny...glad he did, or we'd still not know a number of the things we do.


Part One


Part Two


Part Three


oh, and unlike that Zelda demo, i wouldn't be surprised to see another New Super Mario Bros game like they showed with (ugh) miis. be an easy mario title for launch, for one.






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