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I started with the website address because if you haven't gone there you should. GOG.com is a website that takes old games and makes them playable on modern computers with no hassle and with all relevant patches already installed for a bargain price.


Still not convinced? Still saying: Bindy, I know everyone else trusts you but your flashy fucking smile won't sell me on this product, I need facts.


Well let me enlighten you:


1.) GOG.com is DRM free.

2.) GOG.com trusts that you will not share your account information, but if you do then fuck it you bought the damn game so it's yours to do what you want with it.

3.) These people are a part of the company that made the fucking Witcher.

4.) They don't track the IP of where you buy/download from. Why is this important you ask? Because The Witcher 2 is a damn near MA-17 game that is HEAVILY censored in areas outside the UK and US. This gives you access to the game in all its gory/sex filled awesomeness no matter where you live.

5.) Baldur's fucking Gate. 'Nuff said.


What does this mean to Hondos?


1.) Game trading

2.) Mutual masturbation

3.) Profit


Right now GOG.com is running a deal on all Interplay games 2.99 for Fallout/Fallout 2? YES. SHOGO? HELL FUCKING YES.


To start i'll give you a list of what games I own, in the event wants to just nab something off my account:


Phantasmagoria: A live action Sierra horror adventure game

Phantasmagoria 2: A puzzle of flesh. (The same but one of the first more adult games. Gore/Bondage, gay love etc).

Master of Orion 1&2: Space war sim 101

Raptor: PC shoot 'um up at its finest.

Vampire the Masquerade Redemption: 3rd person action RPG in the White Wolf universe

Lords of Magic: Good 'old fantasy war sim.

Jaged Alliance: Deadly Games, Beneath a Steel Sky, Tyrian 2000 - I know little of these games but GOG.com gave them to me for free.

Arcanum: The Fallout of the Steampunk world.

Mobile Armor Division SHOGO: FPS/Mech Sim that is a big parody of the ANIME mech genre. From EVA to Macross, nothing is sacred and there's even transformable robots!

Fallout 1 and 2: Overhead RPGs at their finest.

Fallout Tactics: Not sure about it, bought it because it was on sale. I hear it's bad but worth at least trying and figuring out for myself.


...and that's my GOG.com collection! I look forward to hearing from you guys.



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Does this violate our terms of use? We may need to be more sneaky. Hondoshare has me all paranoid now...

Ah, man. I may want to play Arcanum someday. I got the Fallout games in some big Steam bundle a while back.


I've browsed GoG a bunch, almost bought stuff many times, haven't yet though. I love their business model.

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awesome thread, awesome site. their recent acquisition of parts of EA's older catalog was big, too...i think Lucasarts (and some old MS stuff) is like the last holdout.


and we're already trading, sir! i bought Planescape: Torment, newt bought Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 Gunsmith got Dreamfall, i think, still gotta work that out with him. i'm eyeing Fallout 1 & 2, great prices on them. i was waiting to see if bishop picked up Gabriel Knight.


GOG really is awesome, and i hate seeing people (elsewhere) put them in some kind've rivalry with steam, when the 2 services compliment each other so very well. I'm debating buying Witcher 2 directly from them just to show more support, depending on the next sale price i see.


ps getting Beneath a Steel Sky for free is nice as well.

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I just added all the DnD games to my collection in a drunken stupor so I pass the savings on to you!


Since I trust you kids and all that, hit up my usual user name at the g mails dot com and use the entry code of what the sector is for Earth, like sectorxxxx ( x = Earths sector number duh ) and grab what you would like. Enjoy!



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GoG is awesome, been with them for a while now. My only problem with the new Raptor is there aren't any cheat codes for it...


Bin, how do you post your account page on here? Or did you just take a screenshot and link it?


Either way, like Steam, GoG is one of those places I love to support. Just waiting for them to release System Shock 2...hopefully, sometime, maybe?? Or even System Shock 1! That would be the shit! Oh and Freelancer, i'd like to pay for a copy one day...


NWN Diamond, Fallout, Jagged Edge, all those old adventure games you love to hate, Freespace 1 and 2 (which is what originally drew me to GoG).


Of course not many of you know about the depths of cash I've spent on Steam and GoG, but here to hoping GoG is around for a long time to come.

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I'd go with Steam, just because they have a broader user base so they are more likely to be around the longest. Plus Steam has said that if they do ever shut down, they'll patch it so that you can download all your games and basically it'll turn into what GoG does for their games for some unspecified amount of time before they close. But you would have to download it before their servers went or it'd be gone. But that's BIG hypothetical right now. I don't see steam closing even in a major downfall in gaming worldwide.


On the other hand with GoG, you could just d/l the install file, put it on an external or something, and always have a copy wherever you went. Wouldn't have to worry about being online like with Steam as well...


Ah yes Grim Fandango, that's another one I would like to play. Never got to play it when it was out. Hadn't yet learned what a joy adventure games could be...I thought they were all Myst-like in diffculty and ambiance.

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see, about the former bit...i don't know man, i don't buy it. like, we can crack all our steam games to work offline/stay ours but that half-promise to hit a switch, i mean, there's way too many 3rd parties who wouldn't authorize that at all (looking at you, Ubisoft). i'm not nearly one of the guys who treats DD services like rentals, or thinks Valve is going anywhere, but i dont know about the magic switch thing. and yeah, i just meant buying it on GOG to have them get a higher % for the game was all, but in all likelihood, it'll be closer to the $20 i wanna pay by steam's xmas sale, so that'll do it for me.


oh man, Adventure games are one of my favorite genres! SCUMM VM is awesome for most, but you really gotta play some of these man. Grim Fandango is still amongst my top for the genre, and im the first person to say this: if you've any ethical qualms with bootlegging, personally i think it's okay as long as no one's making money off the property for years like this one - god knows ill buy it at a high price when it's released again one day. but yeah, download the ISOs, mount them & play if you're down, morti, it's such a fantastic game.

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I was just thinking about bootlegging it while I was replying to your post lol. I feel if I can't buy it, then there shouldn't be a problem with downloading it.


As for adventure games, I bought one of the old Atlantis games out of a bargin bin some years ago, with no clue what it was about, other than the pictures made it seem like a Myst-type game. Popped it in and spent the day beating it. It wasn't the best, or the prettiest, but for some reason it just started this love of all those old cheesy adenture games. And from there into the more realistic stuff like Syberia, Gemini Rue, Tex Murphy, Broken Sword etc. So I've dabbled quite a bit into the genre now, but any suggetions would be appreiciated, as it is a most under-rated genre imo.

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Last week, during CD Projekt Fall 2011 Conference, we've launched a counter on the main page which indicated the number of unique games downloaded at GOG.com. Today that counter hit 6 million unique game downloads, and to celebrate this fact and to thank all of you at GOG.com, together with Revolution Software, we're lowering the price for first part of the acclaimed Broken Sword series to “free"! In order to receive the free copy of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars free, go to the gamecard and click on “download now”, at which point the game will be added to your game shelf.


The special offer for Broken Sword is valid until October 1, at 7:59 a.m. EDT (11:59 a.m. GMT), so be sure to grab it by then and don’t forget to share the news with all your friends!!!





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Originally Posted by GOG.com:

For each $9.99 D&D game from Hasbro you buy, you get another $9.99 D&D game for free AND get Temple of Elemental Evil free as well!Note: You can only get Temple of Elemental Evil for free if you purchase at least one other D&D game from this sale and if you don't already have ToEE on your account. Unfortunately we cannot offer it as a gift code or give you an alternative free game instead.For example:

If you buy Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 along with Icewind Dale 1 and 2, in one order - that's 4 games in total - you will get two of those games for free. If you don't already have Temple of Elemental Evil on your account, you will get it for free as well.If you buy all the D&D games (minus those you already have) in one order, and end up with an odd number (1, 3, 5, etc.) of $9.99 D&D games in your cart, you will get a 50% discount on one of those games.

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No no, you misunderstood. I said I'm a typhoon. The only one of those I played was Rollercoaster Tycoon, and I did have a lot of fun luring people into my deathtraps.


I can work a controller fine, but I have to take frequent breaks. Mort actually went to the trouble of creating a pretty comprehensive list of Steam games that could be one handed. Lotta shit I hadn't though of.

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