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Ron Hightower

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I'm sure there's a thread out that's similar, but fuck if I can find it.


Post the games you just beat starting from this date. Not last week. Not in sixth grade. Today and beyond. Got it?




Bayonetta on normal. Pretty fuckin' cool.

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Oh it really is worth it. Its the closest thing that's out that gives a "realistic" zombie experience. Logan mentioned that it was alot like Borderlands; that paired with some awesome gameplay vids sealed the deal for me.


I gotta put Mass Effect 2 on my play list here also.

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I just 1000/1000 'nd Saint's Row 3 (times like this I envy Mal. I'm just gonna start saying "PLAT" instead.)


What a crazy fuckin' ride it was. That game is just pure, beautiful insanity. If GTA is The Godfather, then Saint's Row is Kung Fu Hustle.

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There are cheats. but even better, there are upgrades that break the game for you.


There's damage decrease perks you can take for different types of damage (bullets/falling/fire/explosions etc). Once you hit a high level, you can take the last levels of said perks, which decrease the damage by 100%.


By the end of the game, I wasn't even pulling my parachute anymore. Just falling from 3,000 ft into the middle of a fight, then shooting rockets at my feet.


They have the same thing for ammo and reload time. Instant reload = 1 clip with however many bullets you have. Which becomes a moot point, because you can get unlimited ammo for everything.


There's just too many awesome things for one post. Vertical takeoff dual mode rocket bike. Giant veiny purple dildo bat. Summoning a horde of zombies. Calling in Burt Reynolds to roll with you. A button that is essentially dedicated to hitting people in the crotch in several elaborate ways. Burt Reynolds. The entire http://deckers.die mission. Burt Reynolds.


It was fun. Definitely has it's flaws, but I'm not even getting into that mode of internet nerdom right now.

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:wolvy: 's my boy but i didn't love that game like others. it might've been the platforming?

and again, yeah, the parts where it diverged from the awful flick - sentinel factory, etc - i thought were better, boring level design aside. i think i actually liked x2: wolvy's revenge better, gimmicky boss fights/stealth shit and all, just because it had all the costumes like a spidey game and mark hamill's a fun voiceover.

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that was me platforming after gambit. blob fight was okay i guess.


expectations is definitely the key; i was foolishly sold this game as being for wolvy what Ultimate Destruction was for Hulk. or the punisher game likewise - it's not; boring settings, puzzles and forced movie stuff dragged it down. better than a movie-tie in usually goes for sure, but i was expecting to feel like a spidey game with good web physics, maybe next time.

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1400/1400'd L.A. Noire. I guess I can give it back now.


The worst part was collecting all 95 cars. That shit was grueling. Mainly because most cars from the 40's look exactly the fucking same to me. Or, at least, they used to.

Hours of "Okay, I need a car that looks like this one but with a slightly more rounded grill".

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It took me a little bit to warm up to. I think I had the opposite reaction. Initially, it was just frustratingly clunky and tedious, marching over to every piece of trash on the street and holding it up to check for evidence.

By the time I got to the second disc, I had solved my pacing issues and grown patient. I suspect a lot of these complaints come from cases becoming more complex. If you aren't on your game, then yeah, shit's gonna drag.

It's almost like an "easy mode" adventure game. It pretty much pushes you right along, and by and large your decisions are meaningless. You get to cheat and use "intuition" if you're stumped, which either shows you every clue in an area on your map or polls the community for a proper response (which really means, "gives you the correct answer" because you always just go with the highest percentage).

Any kind of cohesive plot or arcing characterization vaguely takes place only in cutscenes until disc 3. The plot consists of individual stories in cases, and a few linked cases, until then. Then, alluvasudden, they decided that you were playing a human being and something needed to happen to him.

Throughout the game you find newspapers that tell a story completely unrelated to you or anything you do until far into the game. It almost feels like they sprinkled them in as an afterthought in order to make the conclusion more cohesive.

The acting is superb. The facial expressions are the best I've ever seen. It's well written. It's mostly a cinematic experience. But I did get satisfaction on the occasions that I'd put the pieces together and figure out a case on my own, before the game shoved it in my face.

Car physics can be dumb, but I started making my partner drive everywhere about 8 hours in.

having Rockstar attached to it only hurt it as well. It should have been marketed and hyped as a linear detective game. Then people wouldn't have expected Grand Theft Buick Roadmaster.

It's a good game. It has too many good things about it to be anything else. It isn't great, and it isn't for everyone.

You, however, might dig it.

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