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Having seen mention of Logans in the Fallout3 thread, and general stumbling with nowhere other than Blargh to put stuff, I figured we could do with a thread about it.


I'm a total newbie to modding outside anything that isn't done by Sports Interactive as I've all but left my PC gaming roots behind, but having seen some stuff, like this



that make GTA look like the game it always should've been, I'm interested in seeing how much other stuff can be done with mods and what not.


Also, this.


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Good call DoJ, much better than bumping threads for games no one plays anymore.


A lot of the games with big modding communities almost always have a Mod Manager program that makes things pretty easy for the n00b (like myself). I've run into a few snags, mostly when trying to deal with the Steam version of Oblivion, but it's nothing a little message board browsing hasn't been able to clear up.


There's a bunch of cool GTA ones, I dumped the GTA: San Andreas HD videos in the GTA IV thread a little bit ago. Pretty snazzy stuff.

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