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So what songs or artists make you want to do battle with your foes, paint that work of art, write that book , start that business, perfect that theorem, fulfill your bucket list etc? You all know where my head is at, so this should come as no surprise:




I LOVE Bluegrass as a genre anyway, but this song has so much fucking heart! You could autotune it and it would still make me want to charge a company barricade. Also, see the film Matewan for the story that goes with this song.


In a similar veinhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgBq_feHYQ4

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I think this song should make anyone want to fucking speed down the highway making whoever is in your goddamn way swerve for dear life because it's your fucking road


this just makes me want to punch someone.... everyone really

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Golden Earring sang the original, but I like this version too. Used to race/pedal to the metal to this song back in High School. Good times. Except when the State Cop clocked me at over 100 and pulled me over. He let me off easy though and tore up the ticket. First ticket ever? Miami. No talking your way out of a ticket down there.

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