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NZA: 2062-9756-7502


TheLogan: 1118-0222-4997


gunsmithx: 4511-0630-7069


Mr. Sexy Hat: 1246-9138-4201


Mortiis: 0731-5393-9648


Lycaon: 4811-7844-3714


Maldron: 2492-5092-7222


JZA 1762 3737 4373


BishopCruz 0001-4619-6720


axel_napalm 1693-5237-6328


as far as online gaming goes, I do Mario Kart 7 (but not well...yet), Swap Note and please believe when Animal Crossing drops this spring, i shall rule Hondonia with an iron fist.


more as Hondonians join, also don't forget the old Wii thread if you want it.

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oh yeah, i jumped all over that one, got the pokedex too and i dont even know why.


i'm watching the freebies (of sorts) on club nintendo as well, they keep switching them out. last week was "NES classic" Xevious 3D, this week it's the first Kirby (GB one) and another Dr Mario. i'ma hold out, i have a suspicion Kid Icarus is in february.

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About a year out and I still like it. The e-shop is coming along.


My problem on a personal level is that I've come to realize I just don't do much handheld gaming. If I'm out waiting on an oil change or a doctor's appointment, I might remember to grab it, but I'd usually prefer to read. And I have a phone. At home I'm really just gonna use it as I'm going to sleep or making poop, and I'd rather read a lot of the time then to. There are times when there's a cool game I'd like to play, but there's usually a cooler game on the console or the PC that I'd rather play. I just don't get a whole hell of a lot of use out of it, but it's more my fault than the 3DS.


I will say the Netflix on the 3DS works more briskly than it does on my phone. The web browser, however, does not.

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yeah, i havent even tried the browser yet.


i'm digging it, and the timing was right because id been wanting to get more into handheld gaming anyway - genres like JRPG, quirky japanese stuff/rhythm games migrated there, and others are looking to do the same. i actually went back & bought most of the visual novel stuff i loved on DS - 999, the phoenix wright series, hotel dusk etc. I realized the DS has an amazing library of stuff which is funny since for once, i thought nintendo's first party offerings didn't really do it for me. I expected IGA-vanias (dawn of sorrow, etc), i didn't expect to fall for new genres, so that was really cool.


logan's right about the eshop, even if i wish they'd stop dragging ass on the virtual console end - there's a few areas of the Gameboy library left to milk, but konami/square/seem too stupid to know how, so i wish they'd move onto GBA soon since there's so much stuff for me to play there. i finally got an ambassador license and i love a lot of these games.


as for modern stuff: i got Mario Land, Mario Kart, Zelda, Star Fox 64, Resident Evil Revelations and Tales of the Abyss so far, with Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Phoenix Wright/Layton on deck, possibly Fire Emblem if it shows here. i'm pleased with the software library for just finishing year 1, but i'm hoping to see more 3rd party commitment by E3 and TGS. this Fatal Frame-ish Spirit Camera one looks alright too.


as for the system itself, 3 qualms for me:

1) fuck, battery life takes a hit on max brightness + 3D. my DS could be in sleep mode for days, not this thing. i don't wanna invest in a big nyko battery thing either till i see how the next revision looks, even if i doubt they'll be able to do much for battery life by then.

2) i love my Zelda edition, but i will trade it in a heartbeat for an XL. i need a bigger screen, especially late night on long shifts...to be honest, most DS games i buy these days i end up emulating on a big monitor just to get around this. this is pretty much my biggest personal barrier to handheld gaming.

3) the ergonomics are good, im mostly good with the slide pad (my thumb gets tired eventually but not sore like hours on the PSP nub would do), but someone with bigger hands like logan its gottta be a bitch sometimes. for example: i'm good playing RE for hours (its fantastic too), but 20-30 minutes of Mario Kart and my right hand cramps from holding down the gas, because of the button placement. likewise the d-pad is a bit lower than where i expect it because of accommodating the slide pad - when the next revision brings a 2nd slide and 2 more shoulder buttons, im gonna be interested to see how it manages this without too much more bulk (since they like keeping it small like this for production costs).

in comparison: the vita looks more ergonomic, though im not sure about the feel of the sticks (for me) over extended play, i haven't really tried it much yet though.

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great N64 ports (ocarina, Starfox), if you're into Mario Kart i think 7 is one of the best. Mario Land and Resident Evil Revelations are both top-tier for me, Tales of the Abyss if you dig JRPG's.

the eshop has some classics (Link's Awakening, Metroid 2 etc) but im waiting on more GBA games. if you buy one original title from there though, make it Pushmo...i swear that's like the new Tetris/Lumines etc. lotta fun, solid physics but challenging as it goes on, plus you can scan QR codes and get levels made by friends, which i think is really cool. they're still making good DS titles as well, so if any of this is expensive right now, you can get stuff like hotel dusk or contra 4 for a song most places.

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adding JZA, and we should make a thread for this new Castlevania, but im not as hyped as you guys.


1) lords of shadow =/= castlevania

2) no loot/stats because konami's such a shit company theses days they left Igarashi in his hole again despite the XBLA/PSN game selling gangbusters goddammit i want another Igavania already

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