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Star Wars: Detours

Mr. Hakujin

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I dug the Robot Chicken parody specials, and I know Detours is done by the same crew. There were some chuckles in that trailer for me, but there were more cringes. I'm really just kinda burned out on the whole SW parody thing. There's a whole generation out there that really only know the original films through parody.



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If I wasn't already done with Star Wars, this trailer surely would have killed it for me. The Family Guy parodies and Robot Chicken parodies were funny for all of 5 minutes. An occassional Star Wars reference? Funny. A whole episode devouted to it? Tired. For some reason, the fact that this is an OFFICIAL parody just makes it worse some how...although I guess you could consider that Lucasfilm started parodying Star Wars back in '99 with Phantom Menace....

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