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Fantasy Basketball?


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This was the wrong place to try to get this going, Ben.


Trying on FB. more people that are more interested in B-Ball there. Also, at Work. Invite all you want too. If we don't have 10 by an hour before draft, I'll just lessen the required teams.

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Oh, for fucksake. He's spinning the basketball on his finger! Just take it!

Hey, that other guy has like 3 more basketballs! REF?!? What the hell is the ref doing? This is HORSESHIT.




Hey, so how exactly does this fantasy sports thing work? Here's how I think it works, tell me where I'm wrong:


You pick players from assorted teams, and the performance of those players in their respective games that week add points or something and then you add up the accomplishments from all your players and get a total.


So do you have have a site that just collates this data for you? Or do you have to watch games? Cuz if it's automatic, I can get on and just pick using my Spider-Sense™ and see what lady luck hands me.

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