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New TV Show Titled KRYPTON In Development; David Goyer Attached



It looks like the immense success of Fox's Gotham may be inspiring DC & WB to give almost anything a go. It is being reported that the studio is developing another show, titled Krypton, which may or may not revolve around life on Krypton prior to the birth of Kal-El. Come check it out!


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By KingPatel - 10/27/2014




After breaking news that WB was developing a Supergirl TV show and that Fox was developing an X-Men TV show, both of which were later confirmed by other sources, Bleeding Cool is now reporting that a show titled Krypton is in active development with David Goyer attached.


Details about the potential show are scarce, but the name implies that the show may be pre-Superman, similiar to how Fox's smash hit Gotham is pre-Batman, and may involve the House of El, possibly Brainiac too. Goyer, as many of you know, is no stranger to Superman's world, having written the screenplay for 2013's Man of Steel, which spent extensive time on Krypton and showed the alien world prior to its destruction.


Although, Krypton would likely be WB's first (or second depending on when Supergirl arrives) Superman tale that would most likely not feature Superman in any capacity, it wouldn't be their first pre-Superman story, already having produced the Emmy-winning Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons and starred Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Erica Durance as Lois Lane.


This would mark Goyer's second DC Comics television adaptation after NBC's Constantine. In addition to his TV commitments, Goyer will also be busy for the next few years with his commitments to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League Parts One & Two.


What do you guys think of the news? Sound off with your thoughts below!


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OH SHIT! That looked amazing. I mean, no idea if it'll be well written (David Goyer, y'all), but the CGI and production in the trailer looked fantastic. Also, this looks like it'll tie-in with the Man of Steel Film, right? That's a young Russel Crow/Jor-El we're seeing, yes? If so, I'm glad to see WB finally adding to DCEU with TV shows.

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He mentions he's Kal's GRANDfather, doesn't he?

Damn! You're right. So that voice over has to take place at basically the end of the series then. Interesting. So what's Superman's grandpa's name then?


Also noticed on the second viewing what I thought was Jor Grandpa-El looking at a round viewscreen looks more like city in a bubble. Shrunken city perhaps? Brainiac?

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