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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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No, but it's fun to talk about sometimes and make connections (or lack thereof).


Sidenote: I wish Termina would be more than an "alternate dimension" and Majora's Mask be a canon entry. I think it had eniugh ideas to merit it's own sequel to update the masks and whatnot, kinda like Link Between Worlds/LTTP.

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No, but it's fun to talk about sometimes and make connections (or lack thereof).


I think so, too. Hyrule Historia pretty much put an end to timeline theories - but if Nintendo keeps mum about the timeline placement of new entries as long as they can - it's still fun to speculate.


Timeline placement could make an entry more exciting for fans. Personally, I'd love a game taking place in the same 'world' as the original NES games. In the end, yeah - it really don't matter - it's all about the game.


A return to Termina would be cool - or a someone from that world crossing over / a cameo would be cool. That Happy Mask Salesman was quite mysterious...

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I'm totally getting Ocarina and NES Link. I'd get Wind Waker - if the BotW perks are worth it.


It'd be so awesome if 8-bit Link unlocks like, Link's classic NES duds. Same w/ Ocarina - maybe Navi will pop up as a bonus n' follow Link around. 'HEY! LISTEN!'


3 new 30th Anniversary Dark Horse books on the way!


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According to sources close to Nintendo - the game is swamped in localization and testing. Has months worth left to go and Nintendo has no plans to just push it out the door. A lot of gaming sites are reporting these claims as accurate as these source(s) seem to be legit...













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