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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


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Ive played roughly 12 hours. 5 hearts. About 5 towers unlocked a dozen or so shrines and just got to zoras domain. Im not gonna stop playing it though cause I desperately want to like it(just saw footage of the surf shield thing and that looks pretty sweet).


And it is definitely souls like. The way you have to read enemies. Time your blocks, and learn enemy numbers in some places. Strategize and whatnot. Challenges are fine, but Im not part of that gaming elite that thinks harder equals fun.

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i mean, you can't just rush in and treat enemies like they're nothing like you can in most zeldas, yeah...but i'm not memorizing their patterns to survive, and i don't feel at all penalized when i die, you know? the most souls-like thing ive seen is people parrying the beams from guardians. i tend to sneak in, maybe pick off groups a bit with the bow where i can, but if its too tough a mob or i don't feel i have the time/equipment, i just go around them.


i don't usually play games on hard either, but part of the cry to change the formula up was to add some challenge, and i think it's cool that i can explore all kinds of places i don't belong yet & get housed for not being prepared, that was very much something the original zelda did & not enough of them since.


you're about the same distance i am currently, have you had the fairy augment your armor much? i did that for the knight stuff they sell in kakariko and i can definitely take a lot more damage than before, it's been helpful. i'm trying to find more stuff to make things easier/enjoyable for you man, i know zora's has some tougher enemies but gunsmith & bishop both say they reached a point somewhere past that where dying became much harder/less frequent, if that's anything

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Yeah I need an armor upgrade for sure. I'm gonna keep trudging, if anything to get more story in cause I am liking that quite a bit. Like Nemo I'm disappointed they didn't go all out on VA, but I can see why. Probably wanted to play it safe on that front.


I'm gonna split from the Zoras and do some side quests and see if that helps break things up enough for me. I ain't giving up!

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nemo - i found a quest where a guy's selling a house for 3k rupees (!) and you need a bunch of wood for it, but apparently there's a weapons rack if you really wanna keep unique ones there.


Yeah - lol - finally paid it off last night - fully upgraded! Rupees are given pretty sparingly in this game - they feel valuable. You have a better chance gettin' sum sellin' stuff than finding them in the wild.


I'm pretty far in the game (I've put in a sad amount of hours...the weekend it came out, alone) - I'll try to stay as spoiler-free here - I put sum pretty rare weapons up, but even then - these 'rare weapons' can actually be repaired - but, they're not my style and I don't wanna be luggin' 'em around...so they're up on my wall.


also started using bishopcruz's amiibos for some help...which turned out really cool, got a classic green hat thing so my guy actually looks like link now.


Hey-hey...uh, which Amiibo? Wh-which Amiibo did that...?


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got epnoa last night from an amiibo! honestly, i don't really use horses, but that's cool. i heard another dude say he got gannon's horse (!) and it's supposed to be tremendous, kills lesser enemies too


the amount of easter egg like shit you can do is incredible here. twitter showed me yesterday that if you somehow toss a rusty sword into an octorok while it's breaking in, it spits back out a new blade. or like, when i'm in the frozen mountains & i only have that one cold resistance armor (which isn't enough), i just equip a nearly broken fire wand and even when it's not in use, its warmth keeps me from losing health. it's pretty crazy when you start trying things out in this game & see what works, and i say that having barely scratched the surface with cooking.

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damn, congrats man! you must be way farther than i am, i just finished my cartography last night & finished the map! and yeah, pretty sure it's random & only zelda related amiibos work. getting back to plot stuff hopefully tonight! zora's domain and finally getting a memory from a picture are high on the list.

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Im liking the game a bit more, I am. I know it isnt a bad game. I still just wish that it wasnt so frustrating sometimes. If anything I am getting alot of enjoyment from exploring and scenic vistas than the combat and action. I dont know that ill be finishing this one though.

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i just finished my cartography last night & finished the map!


Me, too! Just last night. LOL - over a week in, I finally get a good look at the latest Hyrule! Pretty solid - and kinda overwhelming - like...'(siiigh)...okay...that is gonna be alotta rocks to turn over.' LOL - again, I ain't playin' in no rush. I can totally see this being the Nintendo game for the next few months, if you don't just google everything. (btw, I got Epona yesterday - scanning Ocarina Link...everyone else gave me generic bupkis.)


I'm going to say - it's the best Hyrule in the series. It really feels alive, varied and open / expansive...w/ stuff to do!!! Lord knows how many secrets n' lil easter eggs are waiting to be discovered.


If anything I am getting alot of enjoyment from exploring and scenic vistas than the combat and action.


That's where my enjoyment is - that genuine sense of discovery. That urge to explore. They did such a good job with the landscapes. I still haven't mastered combat, either - but I am getting a lot better at it. Combat isn't broken, but it does require solid reflexes if you expect to mow down Moblin camps w/out taking any damage. It feels possible, but - the game is like, a week old...guess I need more time w/ it. I can see this being a game people will still be playing when the 2nd DLC lands this winter.


I dont know that ill be finishing this one though.









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Oy - be sure to scan those LOZ Amiibos everyday - I've gotten sum pretty sick-ass swag these past few days!


No spoilers here - but I highly recommend u do a quick 'scan-session' when u begin a 'game session'. Could b worth the whole minute it takes...or not...it is random - but sooo worth it when u 'yahtzee!'


Also - I literally just finished the game. I don't even wanna know how many hours I put in. Just grateful my OCD no longer has to suffer...LOL - wait...I didn't save 3 times in a row when I last saved. FUCK. Well...(sigh) guess I'll just have to do the whole thing all over again...

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^congrats man!


ive just picked up:



rubber & climbing outfits, finally hit goron city for fire resistant stuff. made a suicide run into hyrule castle for the hylian shield!

ive 11 heart containers & 2 stamina's, im told i need 13 (just like the old game!) for the master sword so i'm working on that tonight before moving onto more of the elemental beasts! the first elephant one was so awesome, looking forward to the others.


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I did Zora's Domain first, too. Did not expect all that epicness! I admit tho, I was stumped for quit a bit inside that bastard - figuring out that...puzzle's logic. "I'm inside a giant, mechanical elephant-puzzle" took my brain a bit to get w/. I couldn't see it! LOL - where's the Big Key?!


That's a lot of Heart Containers that early! I spent a lot of time hunting Shrines n' Korok Seeds - before even daring to approach Hyrule Castle. I maxed out my Stamina first, then worked on Heart Containers. My approach was: I'll take climbing, running n' gliding for longer bursts, reeeally early - I'll just sacrifice having to eat an extra apple or two.


Mipha's Grace is a life-saver. Good luck to anyone who went to any other Divine Beast first.




Duuude, there were moments that felt like I was in an animated movie - straight up. Wind Waker felt like a cartoon, but I felt like I was in a Ghibli production w/ this one. They need to make a movie, already! The game could've been out of this world if the NPCs spoke. Still great, tho. They still should've gone all-out - maybe it was a tech issue. Memory or something.


Don't think this is spoilery - but, I just had to know what the deal is w/ these freakin' Amiibo unlocks. I've been gettin' sum killer swag - and had to know why. It seems Amiibos work the way I had been wishing they did all along! Amazingly, un-freakin-advertised! Maybe sum o' you guys may have already known this - but, for those dat dudn't...


It appears that the Ocarina Link Amiibo - will, in fact, unlock Link's Ocarina of Time outfit!


You can only scan the Amiibo once a day - and you can only unlock one piece of the outfit at a time. Outfits have 3 pieces (hat, tunic, boots) - pieces are totally random (if they appear at all that day), and it's the 'only way' to get these outfits:


Ocarina Link Amiibo - Ocarina of Time outfit

Smash Bros Link Amiibo - Twilight Princess outfit

Wind Waker Amiibo (both, Smash n' 30th Ann.) - Wind Waker outfit

8-Bit Link Amiibo - OG, 80s Link outfit (no matter how hard I punch it, my boner refuses to quit w/ dat one.)


"Be still - Cody!"



(wipes tear) It's all I ever wanted. I was honestly afraid I'd have to wait till freakin' winter for any word on the possibility and end up paying for that DLC to get sum 'recently announced, exclusive-pre-order skin-bonus-thing'. So happy I already had the Amiibo. Piiiiimp!



Zelda and Ganon Amiibo got sum exclusive weapons (Sword and Bow, respectively), every other non-LOZ Amiibo - even Animal Crossing cards, just spit out meat n' crap if you scan 'em.


I only got these LOZ ones -



Workin' 'em everyday till I got the full Ocarina, Twilight n' 80s outfits. I might end up getting Wind Waker now if I see him on the cheap. Maybe. But, yeah - dem fuckers have exclusive skins! Word on the street is that a Skyward Sword Link and Fierce Diety / Majora's Mask Amiibo are on the way, too.




EDIT: Did sum more digging - I should add - Epona actually isn't in the game proper. Only available through the Smash Bros Link Amiibo.

Edited by Little Nemo McFly
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Still running around - peeking my head into every cave and throwing myself into whatever battles w/ monsters I can find. Got a pretty good handle on combat - feel pretty confident when taking on Lynels...which now I charge at!



But - they most definitely - will still utterly own you if you slip.



I really was kinda indifferent about the DLC ('cept that 2nd one...I want more story / whatever pseudo-sequel they got planned) - but now I can't wait for more details on the upcoming stuff.




I unlocked all the outfits my Amiibos could offer - here's an exploit:


If you scan an Amiibo and it doesn't give you a piece of the outfit you need - just reload your save and try again. As long as you don't save - you can reload and re-scan.


Basically, approach your Amiibo one at time - keep scanning one it till it gives you the reward you want for the day - save - then, tackle the next Amiibo. The game reloads pretty damn fast - most time I've spent rescanning an Amiibo is 5 minutes. Switch to 'Off-TV-Play' - put sum Seinfeld on and scan. 3 days max - you'll get an entire outfit.

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oh man, you''re brave - i have some solid equipment & like 16 heart containers & i still don't wanna mess with them, haha. ive 3 of the 4 great fairy locations opened (the last one is mad $$$$) but really should figure out how to get some of this armor past level 2 before trying again!


and you're right @ the amiibos but it's been weeks, so i have most of what i was after, i wanna say. trick is, i wear that stuff whenever but for big fights/dungeons i can't, cause level old school stuff from amiibos apparently takes a ton of star fragments, and ive not sucessfully caught one yet!


3 out of 4 divine beats down. i'm loving this but im gonna hit 100 hours at some point & need to wrap it up for a bit, been playing a bit of Blaster Master Zero in the meantime. my bod is not ready to go from this much zelda to like 100 hours of persona 5 next month either.


how's it going by you axels?

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Yeah - I don't wanna know how many hours I put into this game. LOL - seriously. I'm kinda glad they don't have a hour-counter thing on the save file...


I haven't caught a single star fragment, either. I keep trying - but it's like, whenever I get to where I think it is - it's gone. I freak n' panic trying to get to where it is - but it's always gone by the time I get there! Every star fragment I've gotten has been from a treasure chest - n' I've used them all up already upgrading Amiibo swag. Hungry for more - but feels like you're lucky to see a shooting star, even luckier to get to the impact site before...I guess, Rosalina calls it back?




LOL! Yeah, I had to take a break for a few days - got back on it this morning. It still does it's thing - transports you to Hyrule. Still good. I got 4 Shrines left - I've turned off the map / weather / time thingie on the HUD since I've been 'post-plot' mode - exploring and searching purely on instinct...like a blind man in an orgy. (Too far?) Since I brought down the Shrine count to a single digit - I've turned on the 'Shrine Radar' on the Sheika tablet. Just couldn't find anymore on my own. Some Shrines are straight-up 'hidden' in plain sight. Like, "I've already looked here! I - oh..."


I always save before tackling a Lynel - then charge at it screaming. Those fights are always intense. Gotta focus - it's a reflex game. I done a few w/ no damage...also gotten wiped out w/ just a couple of lucky hits. Guardians, on the other hand, are a joke now. Not because of 'special' weapons or gear - but strategy.


Trying to buy every outfit / all gear - still need alotta dough. Rupees are given pretty sparingly in this game and jump outta your pocket quick! I genuinely want to squeeze every drop outta this Zelda. Again, nooo rush. The flowers smell great.


If future DLC adds new / more classic enemies to the world...ooooh, man.


how's it going by you axels?

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damn, you're killing it with those shrines! that radar is only so helpful for me, haha. i should get back to them soon...


also bishopcruz says you have until 5AM (in-game time) to collect fallen star fragments. only one i saw was atop a distant mountain...at about 4:30 :anger:

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Yeah - I figured the either the time or maybe the sun itself was 'dissolving' the fragment. Thanks for the heads up. They seem to be able to fall at any hour of the night and yeah, sometimes like, far off - on the top of a freakin' mountain!


I always mad-dash at it w/ the mentality that 'the game wouldn't spawn this if I couldn't get to it...MOOOOVE!!!' When I get there, LOL - I'm frantic, like I'm looking for a lost contact. My poor horse...

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I'd see shooting stars before, but never found anything when I got to place they seemed to touch down. While playing last night, I noticed a yellow beacon shooting into the sky. At first, I thought it was one of my Sheikah waypoints, but it turned out to be a star fragment!


I also stumbled on the Lord of the Mountain in that session too. Saved before coming up on it, but all I was able to do was get a pic for the Compendium, all the Blupees and the Lord himself bolted before I could do anything else (couldn't decide whether to toss a bomb in or use bomb arrows with my triple-shot bow). I should preface that I had NO idea what I was looking at beforehand, I just figured it was 'Blupee Prime' or something. I immediately reloaded my save, and was distraught to find the instance was gone! mad.gif

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Same thing happened to me when I stumbled on the Lord of the Mountain - I had no idea what I was looking at.


The whole place just started to glow blue - I managed to get a pic and hit him right in the face w/ an arrow. He didn't die or poop rupees - he just bolted and disappeared. I've since seen the that area glow blue again one night and went back and tried to sneak up and mount or interact w/ it, but he just took off again.


Went back a 3rd time -



super-sneaky, snail's-pace approach...you can mount and ride that thing outta there. I've seen the place glow blue again - but I haven't gone back.





EDIT: (clears throat) Added spoiler...just in case. Whoops.

Edited by Little Nemo McFly
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All shrines completed! Holy freakin' GOD - that's a lot of game. Korok Seeds are gonna hafta wait - gonna space those out over months...I've found hundreds - but apparently, I don't even have a quarter of what's out there. Fuuuunk dat.


Lovin' the 'All Shrines Complete' reward...if you already know what you get, check out the spoiler...












The pics look like shit - LOL - but, it'll look sick live on your tv...you can make the Adventure of Link outfit!!!


The hat is from the 80s Amiibo - the boots are standard Hylian pants (dyed brown).


The reward is an updated / variant version of Link's classic green outfit (hat, tunic, boots). I take it as the Official 'Breath of the Wild' Green Outfit. The tunic (torso piece) looks just like the AoL tunic: the chest-stitching and brown forearm-length sleeves. The hat n' boots - not so much. So - I swapped 'em out w/ the aforementioned pieces...and combined that look w/ that gold shield and the '80s sword' you get from the 80s Amiibo...mind-freakin'-blown.


Now I need Star Fragments like a mo' fo'. It looks soooo gooood in action...but you'll get tore up like wet tissue paper w/out upgrades.



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