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Your Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Films

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I've been rewatching a lot of MCU stuff recently and was curious how everyone here would rank them.


No half-assed top 5's "in no particular order". Rank that shit!


1. Avengers Assemble - Obviously.

2. Guardians of the Galaxy - Obviously... again.

3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The best standalone Marvel so far. (Haku, if you start with that "it's not a standalone, it's a team-up movie" shit I WILL cut you)

4. Iron Man 1 - 2 & 3 were fun at the time but I've found myself disliking them more and more with subequent viewings.

5. The Incredible Hulk - The middle child. Oft forgotten and under appreciated. Oh and Ed Norton > Mark Ruffalo. Deal with it.

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1. Guardians of the Galaxy


2. Avengers


3. Incredible Hulk- I'd say Norton and Ruffalo are on par with each other, but since Norton carried that movie on his own I think he has the slight edge until Ruffalo gets his own Hulk movie if that happens.


4. Iron Man 3- It IS the best Iron Man flick. It does something different and everyone flips shit. It was an important chapter that gave Tony his most growth since Iron Man 1.


5. Controversial pick for Thor 2 also. It was leagues better than the first one and alot of fun.

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4. Iron Man 3- It IS the best Iron Man flick. It does something different and everyone flips shit. It was an important chapter that gave Tony his most growth since Iron Man 1.





  • They had an amazingly sinister and convincing villain played by Ben fucking Kingsley no less. What do they do? Turn him into some ridiculous caricature of what Americans think English people are like. The twist stopped being funny after about 30 seconds when you realise they completely blew their chance at a decent on-screen Mandarin - a character that was going to be hard to depict without being too camp.
  • Tony Stark doesn't wear his suit for most of the movie.... in a movie with Iron Man in the title. I couldn't give a shit about his daddy issues. You had one job, Tony: blow shit up while being sort of a dick to everyone not rebooting Home Alone.
  • He blows up his suits for no real reason. Something which carried no weight given we all knew they would be back for Avengers 2. He could have turned them over to SHIELD, stored them in his basement while continuing his relationship with Pepper, used the tech for humanitarian purposes etc etc.
  • Pepper Potts saves the day. What?
  • Guy Pearce was actually kind of meh. Pains me to say it as I like him as an actor. His character was far too weak in comparison to what Ben Kingsleys Mandarin was for the first half of the film.
  • They raped the Extremis arc. That was my favourite Iron Man story and they reduced it to a mere plot device.
  • Even from a basic filmmaking perspective it was clumsy, poorly paced and it felt like too many people had a say in writing it.

Tune in next week for Iron Man 2 hating.



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1. Guardians of the Galaxy - Self explanatory.


2. The Avengers - Same.


3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier - The first one was good but felt like they were spinning their tires, I was glad to see Cap join the Marvel universe in earnest and it's a good movie besides.


4. Iron Man 3 - Neck and neck with Winter Soldier but just a bit less. It developed Stark as a character, gave him villains that weren't just evil Iron Mans, gave Tony something to do outside of the armor other than smarm, great plot twist and the way the villain was dispatched was a wonderful reversal of convention. My only gripe was it's painfully forced attempt to tie up the trilogy at the end, made no sense.


5. Thor: The Dark World - It brought back all the things I liked about the first one (Jack Kirby-ish Asgard, silly hats, Kat Dennings) into greater prominance, had some really great fight scenes, was a great Science Fantasy film (which you just don't see a lot of). Loses a lot of points for having a weak villain (particularly in contrast to his portrayal in the comics) but a strong movie that I thoroughly enjoyed.




And just for shiggles, here's the rest.


6. Iron Man - Still holds up pretty well even though the villain is particularly weak and Stark spends a very small amount of the runtime in the armor. There are some shades of Robocop in there and Downey still carries the movie like a champ.


7. Thor - It suffers from Origin-story-itis where we have to put up with a boring "character becomes who they'll be" arc but I love how Jack Kirby-ish Asgard is and all the ridiculous hats that everyone wears. I liked Kat Dennings' character as the comedy relief and the action scenes were pretty good, still it was more a proof of concept than an actual movie.


8. Iron Man 2 - I don't get all the hate this movie receives but I will admit it's pretty forgettable. The villain spends a lot of the movie not doing much and we focus on Justin Hammer too much even though he never poses a credible threat. Still it has some of the Robocopish charm (the scene with Hammer's attempts to make his own Iron Man was straight-up stolen from Robocop 2) and the action scenes were good and Downey as Stark has some great moments (the strawberries thing).


9. The Incredible Hulk - Weird tone, bad CG, a plot that falls into the pitfall of "what the fuck do we do with the Hulk?" But it's entertaining enough and did a lot of world-building (wonder if we'll ever see Samuel Sterns or The Abomination again).


10. Captain America: The First Avenger - I realize I'm being too hard on this movie, it really is pretty good but it has the worst case of Originstory-itis I've ever seen. I feel like I'm waiting patiently for all this 1940s nonsense to end so Cap can join the Marvel universe. Its character beats feel hollow, its action scenes are so-so, and it's big climax just feels empty and lame. I feel like we could've just had a ten-minute montage at the beginning of Winter Soldier and I'd have been happier.

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damn, like most lists id put Cap 2, Avengers & Guardians, not sure after that...the Iron Man flicks were good but i the villains were kinda eh for me, and Thor (especially 2) was enjoyable but not super memorable. Can i go with Blade? I'm going with Blade.

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I think if they get turned into TV shows they have a better chance of getting away with more ironically. Shows like Sleepy Hollow and to a more extreme extent, Hannibal, are more graphic than alot of R rated movies. Also Gotham, which has shown a slight improvement recently, is pretty graphic too. Granted Marvel's Disney now, but you never know.

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Darker fare is inevitable, they're just stretching their limits right now. I predict a Marvel Knights line with Ghost Rider, Punisher, Blade, and fuck... Moon Knight maybe(?) at some point. Probably will go the Netflix series route, all of those characters have made regular appearances in the regular family friendly MCU and there's no reason why they couldn't do so in the movieverse as well.

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