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Sudy shows that people stop listening to new music at 33


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If you’re 33 or older, you will never listen to new music again—at least, that’s more or less what a new online study says. The study, which is based mainly on data from U.S. Spotify users, concludes that age 33 is when, on average, people stop discovering new music and begin the official march to the grave.


The study’s author reached this conclusion by slicing up tons of Spotify user data, as well as artist popularity data from another site called The Echo Nest. If you’ve ever wondered “what is the end game of using online databases to catalog my every musical, cinematic, culinary, sports, and pornography preference?”, this dizzying chart offers a small preview:




“Two factors drive this transition away from popular music. First, listeners discover less-familiar music genres that they didn’t hear on FM radio as early teens, from artists with a lower popularity rank. Second, listeners are returning to the music that was popular when they were coming of age — but which has since phased out of popularity.”




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Yeah, I find that now that popular music is moving on from it's awful techno stage (my fetish) and into Mumford and Sons-esque mumblerock (If I hear one more fucking banjo) and country has moved out of mildly tolerable classic rock-esque bullshit into 90s-R&B/Lite-Rap bullshit (I need to hear more banjos) I'm pretty much stuck with cherry-picked songs from bands/artists like Florence and the Machine, Ke$ha (I'm aware it's awful, that's why I like it), . I will say that if Bruno Mars just keeps deftly ripping off 70s music, I'll probably continue listening to it no matter how fucking whiny or stupid the lyrics are.

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Man I haven't listened to the radio in like forever, I'm too cool for that shit man.


I have generally just ignored popular music, and I just go on suggestions from people who's opinions I trust or the similar artists sections on Wikipedia. It's served me fine so far though, these are just a few of the new musicians/bands I've found in the last year.




That one is kind of cheating because it's my friends band.





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Action Bronson's 'Mr. Wonderful' is a good album. I want a vocal free version of that album.


i love instrumentals, but he rides those beats, so...ehh


personally i'm listening to some radio but tons more music than i did years ago, largely because between spofity, YT, friend recommendations (like e$ said) etc there's tons of avenues, and i've been more inclined in recent years as well.





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I try and keep a fairly open mind about new music. I don't actively seek it out as often as I used to, but I try and not judge too harshly when something comes along.



...I will go on record though that Dubstep was the first time I ever had an old man moment. I was like...um, what the dick is this shit?

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