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Limited Back to the Future theatrical re-release, bluray w/ animated series included




Timed for the 30th anniversary of the first film comes word today of a limited theatrical re-release of all three films in the "Back to the Future" trilogy.


In a press release announcing a new Blu-ray release for the trilogy on October 21st, one version of which includes the entire animated series from the 1990s, comes word that all three films will also hit cinemas the same day - until now only the first has ever been re-released on the big screen.

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I already have the BTTF Trilogy on bluray. It's got the BTTF ride on it along with all the queue videos you can watch while in line. I thought it was the ultimate BTTF set! Now another set is coming out with the entire BTTF cartoon series?! That's an awesome set, if the ride is on there also.


Bill and Ted's Excellent Collection on DVD only came with the first episode of the cartoon series. Ace Ventura and Beetlejuice on both their DVD and bluray releases only came with a couple of select episodes from their respective cartoon series.


Great incentive for someone to pick up this up if they haven't already.


I've been having the complete BTTF cartoon series. :) I might pick this up if the quality is vastly superior.

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It wasn't great, but it wasn't offensive to the franchise either. The movies were done, but if you wanted more BTTF - catching the cartoon series on tv was cool.


Best part of the series were the live-action intro and end caps with Christopher Lloyd in full Doc Brown gear in skits that tied-in with that cartoon episode. The actor who played Biff also voiced all his relatives throughout time! Pretty cool to a 10 year-old BTTF fan. It was 1991. The BTTF ride came out the same year.


If you're a nostalgia slut, it's fun. For the BTTF fan who wants more adventures, there really only is the cartoon show, the BTTF ride and that BTTF episodic game that came out a few years ago.


Y'know - I love stuff like the Super Mario Bros Super Show 'cuz I remember running home to see it. I have fond memories when I watch it today and I appreciate it for what it was. If you didn't love it then, good chance you won't fall in love with the lame plots, dated jokes and craptastic animation.


I totally watch this stuff through rose-tinted glasses, 'cuz I was there. Takes me back.

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USA Today put out a special edition today. I was wondering why it said...Thursday. Forgot that the paper wasn't of the day they arrived - Doc had gone further into the future and saw the ramifications of Marty Jr.'s involvement w/ Griff.


Went to Publix, Walgreens, Kroger and CVS at 8am - all sold out. Of course, they're all over Ebay.




"A flying Delorean?! I haven't seen one of those in...30 years..."



UPDATE: There's another version coming out t'morrow - the paper covering 'today's' events. Today's edition had Marty Jr. being arrested, t'morrow is going to show the altered future w/ Griff and his gang arrested in his place. Sweeeeeet...


Also, you can just order directly from USAToday.com at regular price. Woo-Hoo!!!

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IDW put out a 4-issue miniseries on October 21, 2015 called Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines!




Click the link to see all the insaaane cover variants! Freakin' nuts!





EDIT / UPDATE: BTTF is now an ongoing series over at IDW!




IDW have announced that their Back to The Future comic book series, rather than a mini-series concluding with issue 5 will now be an ongoing series, wit issue 6 out in March. They also have the back cover of the upcoming issue of Previews as well.


They explain.

Actually, we had always planned on doing an ongoing series, with the “Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines” mini-series serving as a fun introduction to IDW BTTF comics, filled with fun vignettes Bob Gale really wanted to share with his many fans that worked best as short stories and one-shots. But as the mini-series progressed, and the popularity (and sales) of the comic increased, we realized that instead of starting over, we would instead turn “Untold Tales…” into our first series arc and continue with new long-play ongoing story arcs starting with issue #6. That way we wouldn’t lose any forward momentum, fans wouldn’t have to wait for another series to hit their store shelves, and we could work from a fantastic through-line series co-writer John Barber had been developing since issue #1 (no spoilers, but it’s definitely there!). In a nutshell, we’ve been ecstatic with the continued success of the comic series combined with the constant enthusiasm from our readers, so we figured why try to “fix” what ain’t broken. Instead, full steam ahead!


The ongoing story arc we kick off in issue #6 will be subtitled “Continuum Conundrum.” One thing worth noting is that the events of #6 and beyond flow directly out of the through-line established in the first five issues, especially #5, which we could technically consider the unofficial beginning of the new ongoing tale we will be presenting.

I’m very happy to say that Bob Gale remains fully on-board as co-plotter and co-writer for the series, continuing to collaborate with John Barber, who will handle the lion’s share of the scripting duties. Our series artist is the fantastic Marcelo Ferreira, who has already done BTTF duty for us in issues #2 and #5, as well as serving as the box artist for the upcoming IDW BTTF board game. Rounding out our team will be colorist extraordinaire, Diego Rodriguez, who’s already worked with Marcelo on the aforementioned issues.




Outside of his screenwriting career, Gale has written Amazing Spider-Man and Daredevil for Marvel Comics.

The Back to the Future comic will unveil “untold tales and alternate timelines,” but the first issue features a story by Gale, with a script by Erik Burnham and art by Dan Schoening that follows Doc Brown’s involvement in the world-changing Manhattan Project. Great Scott! (Sorry, had to say it.)


Comic Book Resources has also posted the very first look at the other story in Back to the Future# 1, the aptly titled “When Marty Met Emmett.” And as you can see in our gallery below, the new story actually begins a few years after Marty left 1885 as Doc Brown tells his wife Clara—and their sons Jules and Verne—how he first encountered Marty McFly in 1982. He also shares a little bit of family history with them, which includes a very suspicious fire in 1962.

“When Marty Met Emmett” has a story by Gale and a script by Gale and John Barber, with art by Brent Schoonover and David Witt.



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Just got back from the Walmarts - they had the BTTF Complete Animated Series, but it was $35 - more expensive than the actual movie trilogy itself on blu (only $30)! I'll wait for a price-drop...I guess it's cuz it has a whole bunch of featurettes n' docs on there.


But there was something at the store that made me do a double-take:




Whaaaat...??? Apparently, a 30th Anniversary Edition of the game came out October 2015. It's got updated visuals and Tom Wilson (the actor who played Biff) re-recorded all his character's lines (he wasn't asked to participate in the original). It's out only on XBOX 360, XBONE and PS4.


I already got the original for the Wii - but I'll be pickin' up this updated version for the 360. It was $20 - but they were out, only had XBONE copies left.


I got my copy of the future edition of USA TODAY which I'm going to frame this weekend - along w/ a super-cool Spidey poster that Panch hooked me up with (totally frame-worthy) aaand I also got my Pepsi Perfect bottle in the mail little over a month ago.


Came in a sweet box - and the bottle looks...awesome. (Not my pic - a google pic)




Still waiting on some word on a TPB of the new IDW series.

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IDW is doing a comic book adaptation of 2010s 'BTTF: The Game'.




The game was an Episodic 'Point-n-Click' Game - which consisted of 5 Episodes. The adaption is being done as a 5-issue series - the 4th issue just came out this month. Totally pumped - getting the TPB as soon as it's out. I really liked the game.




I ended up grabbing the 30th anniversary version of the game (360) yesterday at Walmart for $16. It blows the Wii-port out of the water - and it comes w/ a cool 'making-of' vid on the disc...but only the XBONE n' PS4 versions got upgraded textures. (shrugs) Guess I'll be getting it a 3rd time whenever I eventually go next-gen.


BTTF: The Animated Series is still freakin' $35 at Best Buy! LOL - almost nabbed it, but $40 is kinda steep. Gonna hafta get that online. I did pick up the TPB of 'Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines'. It's pretty damn cool - not every 'tale' is a winner, but I'm absolutely looking forward to more stories from the BTTF universe. I can really feel the potential of the series - it's a great idea.



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Finally got my hands on this fucker! 'Citizen Brown' / BTTF: The Video Game / the closest thing we'll ever get to an official BTTF 4...in comic book form!





Met the owner of a local comic book shop - he was super cool and special ordered for me.


Also thought I'd post pics of o' my aforementioned BTTF swag - (shrugs) not only 'cuz I currently got 'gigawatt fever' - LOL - I've since gotten the know-how to post pics, so...










EDIT: Added Bob Gale's intro.

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Picked up another IDW BTTF TPB...'Continuum Conundrum'. Another 'BTTF 4'.




As mentioned in the previous post by 'Bob Gale' - it's separate from the 'Video Game' / 'Citizen Brown' timeline.


Not to get too spoilery - in this, it deals w/ Doc building the 'Time Train' we see at the end of BTTF 3 - outfitting it w/ the future tech we see in the film. This is a second volume of the IDW BTTF series - Volume 1 dealt in short stories...this is just one, pretty damn hefty (page-wise), story - that does reference and pull / expand on bits from 'Vol 1: Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines'.


Nothing mind-blowing - it's just a return-romp in BTTF-land...full of gigawatt-talk, deep-cut movie references...and answers to questions you didn't ask. Fun for fans.



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