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Damn! I completely forgot Spawn did hamburger face in film before Deadpool. But I guess Freddy Kruger did it before both of them, so whatever.

Did anyone here actually watch the HBO show? I heard good things about it, but by the time it rolled around to DVD I'd lost interest in the character.

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Animation is very 90s, think X-men and WildCATS 90s cartoons. The plot is very good, adult oriented in it's themes and language (within reason, HBO at the time didn't like to show animated Child Murder); it also has a bit of a Aeon Flux feel to the story's atmosphere, but then again they have the voice actor for Trevor Goodchild voicing the big bad Director Wynn, and thankfully they didn't pussify the character this time either... I'm sorry, not even in Apocalypse Now have I found Martin Sheen even remotely threatening or sinister.

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About freakin' tiiime! I've been waiting forever for an official announcement! I remember a time when we were supposed to be getting a 'Sam and Twitch' spin-off film.


The HBO animated series is what the movie should've been - a hard-R adaption. The biggest flaw the movie had was the mass-market approach...ultimately a McFarlane decision. More ticket sales meant more money - and I guess that was his objective. It was a different time, there weren't 'superheroes' like that - the hard-R stuff...to me...was synonymous w/ that cape. So hyped for the live-action adaption! (sigh) So watered down and tame.


Still, got it on blu - I love early attempts @ superhero film-adaptions...'specially w/ primitive cg...but, damn - that Hell sequence and Malebolgia were just...awful. Even more painful knowing that was ILM and how nice Violator looked during that alley brawl. Now, any comic book can be adapted...and be as hard-R as it wants. Great time to reintroduce Spawn.


I want a legit tone adaption w/ that cape...HBO made it work.

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Hell, John should just come back to play the Clown. He doesn't seem too busy.




So, I remember my brother and I used to stay up late to watch this. In the mornings, we'd run to Ariel's house (or Nick's) and compare notes. Remember, The Nick?

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Todd McFarlane Talks About His ‘SPAWN’ Movie



...this is never happening, is it 

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Literally nothing about this sounds good to me. Then again, has Spawn ever really been good aside from the HBO show? I say this as someone who did read a butt-load of Spawn as a kid. It's a really cool universe that just seems to get bogged down with shitty writing. 


Someone sell me on the Jamie Foxx thing, seriously. 

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