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Most people who watch anime are aware of anime music videos; basically, some people take clips from their favorite anime (sometimes theyll use more than one series) and put it to a particular song; the idea is to have the lyrics match the scene, or at least flow together - when done well, its a thing of beauty. One of our voyeurs here at DD has made a few, pretty decent ones at that. They also use video game CG's, Final Fantasy has a number of them out there.

Ive just decided to start a thread about them - those of you with DSL or a great deal of patience can jump on Kazaa and check em out, ill try to recommend the best.

*Warning! - These are big-time fans creating these things, and they like to use the more memorable scense, naturally, so if you havent seen the particular series used (ill list it with it, of course) and have any interest in doing so, stay far away from these things, cause holy shit do they spoil key moments.

Here goes:


Examples of well done pieces:

-Akira - Offspring (Come out & Play)

-Dragonball Z - Fight Club (Dust Brothers - This is your life) fuck what you think of the series; its a great video, won a lotta awards.

-Final Fantasy IX - U2 (Elevation)

-Macross Plus - Oasis (D'yer wanna be a spaceman)

-Vision of Escaflowne - Genesis (Land of Confusion)

-Ruroni Kenshin/Samurai X OAV - VAST (Touched)

-Trigun - Bon Jovi (Dead or Alive) also try Kid Rock (Cowboy)

and finally for spiffytee:

-Ghost in the Shell, various others: Transformation - nine inch nails (the becoming)

-Too many anime to name/Various - Smashing Pumpkins (With Every light)


Junker might wanna check out Grave of the Fireflies - Sting (Fragile).


Funny ones:

-Ranma - Proclaimers (500 miles)

-Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Excel Saga - Fredi (Mambo)

- Ranma + various anime - Limp Bizkit (Nookie)


Anyway, Kenshin has a few good ones (check out U2 - Bloody Sunday), seriously people no matter what series you like there's prolly a decent one out there, check out Kazaa cause theyre all over the place these days. Ive got 2 and a half gigs worth, so there's plenty of greats i didnt mention either.

Lemme know what you think if anyone manages to download any, and Spiffytee & anyone else who also collects em, post your recommendations here, ill be sure to get em.

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one of the major guys that does this thing is heisen lee, of kursayo productions. or at least that's what it says when you watch the video.... very well done, with the fading and timing.


one more, fushigi yuugi - SES - dreams come true

don't watch this unless you've seen the series, cause there's a major spoiler in it.


the song is a very good one, i suggest SES as a major j-pop group. especially, my favorite song by them, titled 'love.'


ic, if i get some SES images up, they will definately rival utada!

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...we'll see about your SES.

You just dig the SF one cause of Linkin Park...

does "On Your Mark" count? I thought that was just a short one by Mizaki's company, was it made as an anime music video to a pre-existing song?

Spiffy- lemme know bout that Kenshin one i asked about, and download the VAST one to Samurai X - i think it came out really cool but then im a huge fan of the series and the song, so lemme know.

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god bless you, youtube. Bear in mind, these things of course have spoilers if you havent seen/played them.


- here's to hoping it loads.


, as well as my personal favorite, Kenshin - VAST (touched)


- the coolest thing that ever happened to that series.


Akira - The Offspring (come out and play)


Final Fantasy VIII - Stabbing Westward (Television)


Final Fantasy IX - U2 (Elevation)



Ghost in the Shell, Lain, Akira - Transformation (nine inch nails - the becoming)


Various anime - Smashing Pumpkins (with every light)


Ranma - Proclaimers (500 miles)


Cowboy Bebop, Excel Saga, Trigun - Mambo by Fredi - A Newtype classic.


and finally, a classic Miyazaki: On Your Mark (Charge & Aska)

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