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Billie eilish - genius or annoyance?


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It's kind of like post Malone, how they get really popular real fast, sometimes with pop or a little weird like the bad girl song.  But they are both taking home Grammys so they aren't only chart toppers.


I never got post till I saw an interview with him on Jimmy Fallon and that changed my mind. Still don't get the Billie craze (yet I guess)


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2 hours ago, spiffytee said:

Still don't get the Billie craze (yet I guess)

Downloaded a 94kHz / 24bit version of the album with Bad Guy on it so my wife could test out my new headphones, and some songs on there slap. Quite impressed with the hi-res version

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Come into a thread about Billie Eilish and the last post in said thread is about the Alabama Shakes. *breathes in deeply* This is the Hondo's I love!


* I honestly do not get how Eilish became so huge or garnered so much acclaim, but I am glad she did. In a modern world dominated by such mediocrity on the pop charts with such utterly disposable "artists" it's refreshing to see true artists like Malone & Eilish become so huge. It gives me hope for the yewts of Murica--Eilish much more so than Malone.


* Alabama Shakes are great. "Hold On" is an instant classic. Brittany Howard's solo album JAIME is also well worth your time if you're an Alabama Shakes fan.


* Eilish's music is hit or miss with me, but both she and her brother Finneas seem like truly great young adults, ones who have earned their success. I really wish them both long and healthy careers. I'm gonna preach on Howard Stern here again. He did an epic interview with them and their parents. Spoiler: Eilish finds out in the interview she was conceived through IV. No lie. They go deeeep. Also her yearly interview on Vanity Fair is truly wonderful.



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