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Things Ketchup Is Good On


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correction... i like it on spinach, don't blame def for my weird ways...


maybe i should clarify... i don't care much for red meat i.e. steaks, or what not but i do enjoy a burger here and there, but hamburger is the only type of red meat i can really stand. i eat mostly poultry, and fish.

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oh my... im not even gonna venture and ask spongebob what made you even attempt to have cereal with ketchup... but hey different folks, different strokes... i guess :D


i like ketchup on my eggs too... scrambled only... but who doesn't.

im anal retentive when it comes to putting ketchup on my plate though... i don't like it when it touches any other food, and that's why i have to put it in a seperate dish or something cause it annoys the fuck out of me when it touches something else.... same goes for my butter too

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