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Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker


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Reviews (Famitsu, etc - of the import of course) are giving perfect to near perfect scores...found a good review at Penny Arcade, really cool shit, cant wait till it makes it out here (3/24!)...

Dont forget, anyone who's interested: If youre picking this one up, pre-pay it soon at Electronics Boutique for the ultimate freebie: Zelda 64 + Zelda 64 Master Quest (the unreleased expanison, was known as "Ura Zelda" in Japan) - get one of the greatest adventure games of all time, plus its unrleased second quest, for free, how can you beat that? Both are Gamecube versions of course, no real graphic updates from what I've seen but I still need to get my ass on down to EB soon...


Penny Arcade reviews Zelda import

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I played a demo of the game, and I will admit that the graphics are gorgeous. My only doubts were based on the fact that it's a Zelda game. Any other game and I wouldn't have a single problem. I guess I still have fond memories of that near photo-realistic demo of Link that they made back when the Gamecube was first being developed (I think it was still called the Dolphin, back then). Ah well, either way, I've got one pre-ordered at EB. I have faith. They haven't steered us wrong before, in a Zelda title, so I'll give this one a shot. Hell, I figured having Ocarina playable on my Gamecube with an expansion quest was worth the money, alone.

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Haha...glad to see Bob's on board. And yeah, you just cant beat that freebie, i need to get in on that one.

Keep the faith. Miyamoto will not fail you.

PS the dolphin, wow i havnet heard it called that in a while. Miyamoto once commented that the realistic demo might still make somethin someday too.


..crap, there's playable demos out? I need to get my ass down to EB...

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Amen to that..christ i have to find a way to muster up ten bucks for my local Wal-Mart just to get my hands on the great pre-pay freebie... ???

Reviews are nothing but solid, this one and Xenosaga are my most awaited this year by far...

(runners up: Metal Gear Solid: Substance for PS2 and Silent Hill 3, but not nearly as much hype for me).

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I think you'll have trouble finding the pre-order Ocarina Master Quest deal, now. It was a first-come, first-serve kinda thing and last I heard, most of the stores have already sold out all of those pre-paid offers. Admittedly, I am looking forward to this game. This one, MGS2: Substance (like IC) and the Daredevil game that they're developing for the PS2...just...cause it's Daredevil. But Wind Waker is looking damn good.

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That's right! If you're trying to get the second disc deal with Ocarina of Time, then you'd better go TODAY GO RIGHT NOW!!!


I was just lucky! :irish: They said at first I'd have to wait for the next shippment of them, and they didn't know when they'd get them. I spotted an open display of them, but the guy said that they were for the people who had gotten them in advance already. But in the end, his supervisor told him it was his choice wheter or not to give one to me then or to make me wait. I guess I was just in the nic of time... :D

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Well, fortunatly, TD was able to reserve the last copy at a nearby Wal-Mart and thusly i have Zelda 64: The Master Quest. Not a whole lot changed so far, tho some parts have felt more difficult.


Zelda: Wind Waker was released recnetly, and sadly ive been unable to pay the remaning balance on my copy. However, reviews are comin in strong...here's one from Gameforms.com, one of the most legit game sites on the net...


The Welcome Winds of Change

Games | Ed McGlothlin [Managing Editor]


Each time games move forward in technology, many people dream of how much more realistic things will be. Basketball players will sweat, Ferraris will oversteer, and machine guns will kick in true to life form. These are all entertaining, but the true gift of better technology is the ability to take us farther away, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker does that better than virtually any game before it.


The best example of this - and the most talked about change to the series - is the cel-shaded graphics. If Jet Grind Radio and Fear Effect began the trend, then The Wind Waker perfects it, taking the cartoon style of shading to a new level of artistry. The expression of sprites has met the expansive world of polygons, thanks to a detailed lighting engine, flawless character models, and extraordinary animation.


The polish has been applied to every conceivable area. Characters and enemies move with amazing personality, from lumbering Moblins to the nimble and agile Link. The shading is not slapped on everything, but applied deftly where appropriate. Faces are expressive even during battle, with the towering Darknut knights looking offended that someone so small actually hurt them.


This beautiful game also plays beautifully, as Shigeru Miyamoto once again finds creative new items and challenges for the Zelda universe. The traditional weapons and items are joined by the Deku Leaf and creatively redesigned hammer. Link can float across gaps and shoot gusts of wind using the handy leaf, which even deteriorates in real-time as you use magic power.


The biggest changes come to basic combat, which is easily deeper and more entertaining than any previous Zelda. Enemies can lose their weapons during battle, leaving them to attack barehanded or take up the weapon of a dead comrade. Link can also pick up the variety of spears, swords, and sticks used by foes.


Just before an enemy attacks, Link can counter with a roll or flip slash. The cue to do this is a glowing sword or flashing A button, and the tactic is necessary on certain enemies. This serves to break up the boomerang-then-slash pattern, and admirably forces the player to stand in close and engage. While the game itself is scarcely harder than other Zeldas, this variety in tactics keeps the combat fresh and interesting.


Also adding to the combat is the dynamic musical score, which includes flourishes for all kinds of exciting moments in and out of battle. Using items doesn’t produce a mere sound effect, but can change the tempo and melody of the music as well. No other game comes close to this kind of total integration, and the music only adds to the remarkable cartoon feel given by the graphics. The overall score is also impressive, including a number of remixes, series standards, and striking new string pieces.


The Wind Waker is a direct sequel to the seminal Ocarina of Time, and Hyrule has been replaced with a series of islands across a vast ocean. This gives a feeling of exploration that bests even Sega’s Skies of Arcadia, and the feeling of Link pushing on through rough, stormy seas is original and memorable. The day/night cycle and changing weather make for a sailing atmosphere that comes through strongly.


But as any sailor knows, it also means a lot of time spent on the water wishing your boat was twice as fast. The ocean is sprinkled with many obstacles, enemies, and diversions, but the game can bog down in sailing. Finding something new is always exciting, but there is much water between finds, and the warp spell is a bit too limited to solve the problem.


No self-respecting Zelda game would be complete without entertaining minigames, and this is no exception. A version of Battleship, archery, firing a cannon, even connecting a Gameboy Advance for a second player to help with minor tasks; there is always something to do and it’s always diverting. Even the games at sea are fun enough to justify the sailing required to play them. The host of the Battleship and cannon games deserves mention as the perfect example of how the smallest thing in this game can feel inspired and hilarious.


By connecting directly to Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker fleshes out the Zelda universe to an unprecedented degree. The story is packed with welcome exposition and dramatic moments, wit and humor, taking more chances than usual without turning into an RPG. The talkative characters are a small price to pay.


The Wind Waker is also named for a musical item, this time a magical baton used to conduct the wind. Regularly changing the wind’s direction is necessary for sailing and certain puzzles, while other spells include creating cyclones to warp your boat and non-wind tasks such as taking control of certain objects. The baton plays a smaller role than the ocarina did, but it's largely the same thing.


The dungeons are once again consistently well-designed and remarkably smooth in incorporating each new item and weapon. They lack the epic scope of Ocarina of Time’s legendary temples but make up for it with creative challenges and a new theme or two. These challenges highlight the perfect controls, taking the potential frustration out of even the most difficult tasks. Flexible camera control is also a major plus, with the standard chase camera, first-person view, and manual control with the C-stick all easily usable.


Controls, gameplay, graphics, presentation – everything in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker exudes a ridiculous level of refinement, one we’ve come to expect from Zelda but are no less amazed each time it arrives. By using new technology to create a fresh canvas for the classic series, Nintendo and Miyamoto have proven again why we love video games. The Wind Waker is a world begging to be explored, not so unlike ours as to seem strange, but filled with places and experiences too creative and imaginative to be “real.”



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Yeah, 'twas a good game all around, but going back and forth between all those islands was kind of annoying, and the ending was sucky. Plus aal those really annoying treasure hunts... :D I just wish there was more land to walk on, because you do more walking in the dungeons than you do on dry land, plus every time you wanna change direction... Don't worry I'm not gonna spoil anything, but you guys get my point... I mean atleast it's a new story line and all, but I think they could have come up with something a bit better...


(...and yes i did finish it just yesterday.)

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Damn man, that was quick eh?

The reviews so far are nothin shy of spectacular, but i have heard benny's complaints elsewhere: the game's travel mode (via sailing) is supposed to be really well done & cool but becomes monotonous over time, when one spends too much time at it as the game supposedly calls for.

As for the treasure hunting, ive heard that too - is that optional, Benny?

Storywise...you know, Zelda 64 tried some plot elements/backstory and people bitched that its not part of the series so im really not expeting a whole lot plotwise, just a really good looking, fun adventure.

Appreciate the review man...im still really hyped on this one tho, hopefully ill get my hands on it soon.


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Plot was good until the end actually...


Treasure hunting an option? Um... kinda, but there are some things that you absolutely will have to go treasure hunting for...


And like I said the sailing thing was annoying after a while... All around I'd say a good Zelda, but could've been better.

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...dammit! :D :D


Zelda Collector's Edition on the way

» What, no CD-I Zelda games?

News | Wednesday, October 8, 2003 | Casey Raymondson [Managing Editor]


Nintendo has recently released artwork to retailers for a new Zelda compilation on the GameCube. Titled The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition, the disc includes:

The Legend of Zelda

Zelda II - The Adventure of Link

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (demo)

The artwork indicates that the disc will initially be distributed as a pack-in with future GameCube systems. Whether it will also be sold individually or given away in some other promotion has yet to be seen.


So...no Link to the Past...?

And its only pack-in game so far...anger! I hope they change that, im dyin to play Zelda 1 again.... ???

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Chief, your input is valualbe as always. Please, be sure to keep up with those PC game threads...that last one got like 3 hits.

Im with ya on Link to the Past (damn shame, i never get tired of that one!), but no real games...? I dunno, multiplayer wise ive got a bunch of good ones goin between Bomberman, Mario Party IV, Smash Bros, Monkey Balls, etc....

As for single player, eh...Pikmin, Zelda, Metroid, Mario etc are more than enough for me, but again, im a nintendo whore & easily pleased. Man, when this new Mario Kart makes it out, that's gonna be cool.


But at least this disc gets the 8-bit classics, plus the 2 great N64 ones - i was sad that more people didnt play Majora's Mask, it was really good. Still, im sure they had room; idve tossed both the SNES one and that old Gameboy one on, why not?

Im just thinkin: they got a Mega Man collections comin up (all the NES & SNES ones), Sonic Collection is either out or out soon (all the classic Sonics, sans Sega CD one sadly)...there's $ in these things. Super Mario All-Stars sold like hotcakes back on SNES, dammit!

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Hah! I post a thread, mebbe Bob or Sephiroth reads it, i get a chiefy pic of some old guy eating his nose saying "YOURE SO GAY I DO THIS", i reply and look what i get..! Youre as bad as benny & the vomit pics..ok not that bad, tho. I'm just surpised you havent jumped the FF VII movie thing over in "Tokyo Game Show"... :D


Yeah, again i cant see why Link to the Past (whats it, like 20 megs?) was left out...these collection dics always kinda dissapoint me.


-Sega Classics: Great games (Streets of Rage, Virtua Cop, Shinobi, etc), but the sound was ass...why couldnt my dreamcast play 16-bit sound wiht no flaws?


-FF Anthologies - So, the disc is 650+ megs, right? And the roms (2 of em, per disc...either FF V & VI or FF IV & Chrono Trigger), that's what, 50 megs maybe? So...so why do i have loading time?!


-Sonic Collection: Dont get me wrong, im dyin to play it....Sonic 1-3, Sonic & Knuckles, Spinball, etc...but no Sonic CD? That was my favorite one! :D And both the dreamcast ones could prolly fit on a gamecube disc, too..


And dont even start me on that five-volume Namco one...i oughta do a thread on this. It should be easy, right? Konami'd do a Castlevania hits one with 1-3 from NES, IV from SNES ( :D ), Symphony of the Night, Dracula X, maybe the gameboy ones for good measure..done.

My point is: Make 5 "greatest hits" discs and a few people buy em; make one done right - like Super Mario All-Stars back inna day - and everyone's on board.

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