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History of Drunken Deities


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Ok, so by popular demand (not really) I present the board with a quick history on its existence.


Drunken Deities .5 - Also known as Alhana.net, tho the domain was much uglier. Yahven prided himself on his rarely-updated front page, but back then it was more due to server problems. Outside of his sad journal (some Spanish entires too as i recall) there was a links page to free prorgrams, i dont remember much beyond that, except for his even older page of images & links.

The forum, as it were, consisted of me, Yahven, and one other chick who ironically has never come to DD as far as i know.

Again, conversations were short, becasue the board formatted itself every 2 weeks losing everything, despite Yahven's attempts at preservation. Somewhere towards the end of this site, Yahven decided "Drunken Deities" was a far cooler name for the board/site, and was happy to find that no one had bought the domain name.


Drunken Deities 1.0 - Yahven started out with UBB (Ultimate Bulletin Board). You can see a pic of it here. The coding was really hard on Yahven, any tweaking he tried would often crash the whole place, so we lost a bit there.

There was no such thing as avatars, and we only had 6 forums - General, Anime, Movies, Current Events, Philosophy, and "Divine Comedy" which i believe is what Monty Python's is now.

We were all new to the whole thing - i was a bit of a prick (tho not as much as, say, Jax), Yahven censored quite a bit, etc. Much drama but it was fun, until it came time to upgrade anything.

We were small, tho. The original people who posted there are now "Ancient Gods" on the list, and most of them are still around, except for Kee and Oisiichan. There was no way you'd find this site unless you were invited, but it was pretty fun.

I frequented the Preacher's boards, and pointed out to Yahven that they use Ikonboard, he took a look into it and opted for them, leading to...


Drunken Deities 2.0 - Now things started moving.

We had avatars, and a bit more room, which we used. Forums continuted growing as new members joined - friends told friends, and we got bigger. People like artisticcartoon were so active that they'd be given their own corners; KOS & SOF would later argue for their own and earn the title of the board's bartenders, something id wanted since Preacher's got a bar.

The only forum i recall being created that no longer exists was Yahven's private soapbox, which turned into "Outer Heaven" or our frontpage.

But as we grew, so did the drama, and a few people - Satcha, Octopus, Chrpnbrd, Kee, artistic etc took their views/arguments seriously and decided not to return, or infrequently if at all. Members like Devil's Advoc8 and Jack's Meandering Thoughts would later test the patience of many board members.

Somewhere along the line, however - during the peak of Fight Club, when it was myself & artistic & about 50+ trolls, Yahven opted to divide the forums up into 2 catergories, which we didnt believe worked well at all - it seemed like favortism, as they underdog corners got put up top, while the ones Yahven didnt care for were at the bottom. Me, artistic & a few others bitched & moaned until Yahven had enough of losing control of the board, and later that evening, I logged on to find myself an admin, of sorts. Wasnt expecting that but i think it's worked out pretty well.

So, we continued to grow, and becaue we were increasing our new forums, some complained that the page looked too long and messy - new board members had no idea where to go, despite Yahven's forum descriptions. Polls were taken, ideas were thrown around & we divided the board up into 3 catergories...I alter the forum descriptions at times but honeslty haven't moved things much since then, people seem to appreciate their routines of checking out their favorite corners.

For a time, trolls outnumbered actual members, and Yahven implemented the email verification step for registration..that's been fun, too.

Finally, Yahven got his frontpage to the site as his soapbox, and even created a toolbar at the bottom for all the extras he wanted: profiles, picture galleries (rarely updated), a donations tab, etc. At the request of miss Heartlessbitch, yahven even implemented a chatroom, tho no one uses it much. We still have plans of an offical drunken chat for some time in the future.

Oh, we had a Wiccan board spin-off a while back, it was mostly Yahven, Athena, Brigit, Jax (momentarily, he signed up there first as i recall) and the Brave Little Toaster, but it's non-existant now.

It seemed cool, but the site began to lag as we grew & ran out of space on our server.

Thanks to a very sucessful donations period, we were able to jump onto a faster, bigger server and upgrade the board to Invisionboard (a new spin on Ikonboard by its original creator, meant to run far more smoothly).


Drunken Deities 3.0 (final?) -

Which brings us here - faster, more efficent, and more options. More & more people are joining the Senate, and Im still trying to find ways to allow them more customization. Sure, the FAQ needs updating - Stonehenge is no longer the eletist section of "admin approved topics" it was - and its not very pretty but it answers most questions, outside of the FTP anyway.

The front page was intergrated, and Yahven has since tweaked it to featrue some cool extras, like "latest blargh post", a comics section, recommended music, etc. The bottom tabs now include information (the FAQ & some links i submitted that no one sees) and a very inclusive profile list, which i believe seperates us from many, many message boards, as pictures & profiles give faces to the names.

Tho I was very happy to recruit so many from Preacher's - still one of the most creative crowds ive come across - i stopped pimping us out to other sites for new blood for one reason: I like the fact that the degrees of seperation on this board are so small, everyone seems to know somebody here. The # of regular posters fluxes but its a tight group. Our Dork Party pics show it too.

We now have many in the Senate, many moderating, individual member rankings, AIM/ICQ/MSN messaging options, forum skins, and a lot more. Numerous boards with such options charge monthly fees to maintain membership, tho DD thankfully doesnt require any such thing (donations help tho).

I'm not sure what different we'll do in the future - Yahven plans on switching us to even faster servers (!), but forum wise i dont see us greatly expanding any time soon, we seem to have forums for most topics (Yahven, after this semester your "Software Project" gets integrated into "Outer Heaven", right?). Through word of mouth, were still pickin up new people, which again is pretty cool. Hell, Blargh even hit 100 pages recently.


Other highlights include the little-known Drunken RPG, our South Park pictures, Poetry & art donations to Culture, hip-hop freestyles in Fight Club, (*coughMymanifestoCough*), and the fact that weve had posters from here, South America, Europe, Austraila, and many other places.

I'm pretty proud of how far we've come - over 200 members, more than half of which are real, and over 30,000 posts. I would like to see more group things like the RPG, an official chat, etc - we cant quite manage the forum meetup till most of us are in a better way financially but till then we can throw out ideas & all.

Im not sure what our opening dates were, to be honest, but weve been goin for a few years now, its been pretty cool. Here's to the next few.

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Speaking of history...

I'm adding new events to the calendar besides our birthdays, such as important movie release dates, cultural holidays, things only i care about, etc.

Im even designating days to holidays that dont have them, such as steak & blowjob day, for the sake of some of our members. Remember that as one of your admins, my decisions in this sort of thing are infallible, uhm most of the time.

I dont have a "day" for festivus yet but im workin on it...anyway if there's a cultural event or anythin in particular youd like added, put it here or PM me and ill be happy to add it (no bullshit ones like "my wang was itchy today" please).

Im debating religous ones like passover, lent, ramadan, and that indian one of the darkest night. Not sure if i should cause i dont wanna open some pandora's box of "well then you have to include this & this one too" or whatever, so its mostly secular ones so far. Lemme know what you guys think, i wouldnt mind puttin some of those on there.


ps yahven can you figure out when you launched DD so i can add that too?

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PS tho the actual # of posts it takes to get in varies person to person, sir Yahven has finally entered the Senate himself.


Id like to congratulate the wizard of oz - years after creating this place - for finally sayin enough to join his own elite group.

This calls for ...somethin. His member group wont change but i gotta talk to Jont about gettin him a cool custom admin logo like the one Yahven made for me.

Anyway... 3/11/03 - Yahven finally joins The Senate.


ps i guess i gotta do a whole new thread for the board's calendar because its not a hot topic right now.

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August 2003


Junkerseed is told by yahve the whorebag that he must refrain from posting on Drunken Deities, or he wil be banned. JunkerSeed informs the board of the incident in very a very polite and diplomatic manner. He also expresses his discontent with the cumbucket's decision. He brings up the issue that this child should not be in such a position of authority, and should in fact, never be in any position of authority... ever. The board deliberates over the issue, and most are of the opinion that personal matters should not affect the board on such a grand scale. Only time will tell how the domain name owner reacts to the conflict.


This has been a FAIR and BALANCED report on what has happened so far, COMPLETELY free of bias.

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well, yeah, the prototype yahve ran that deleted itself every 2 weeks was postmodern art, philistine not good.

after that, it was golden. you shut your whore mouth logans, you were prolly on usenet back then.


ps oh, maaaan...junker's post is a time capsule right there. if you're ever wondering why we're hondos and i call the shots, its right here pally , that's the start.

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I was on a logged WInMX branching chatroom where we swapped anime/comics/music/weird videos that were kinda hard to find pre youtube.


WinMX was the shiiiiiiiit.


But a least it didn't delete itself every 2 weeks :2T:


Yahve has only posted sporadically since I've been here, and he's always had something pleasant to add, but perusing these old threads (in honor of Bump An Old Thread Day), he comes off like a bit of a nazi back inna day.

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don't get jax started


i almost wish idve recorded some of our old discussions between classes, we'd argue over the most inane shit. "they don't need more than 40 avatars, that's just excessive. we barely have that many members." "...BUT WERE GONNA, they should be there anyway!".


wait, i recall winmx...p2p or was it a client/FTP thing like hotline or whatever that was?

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It was a p2p, pre torrents. Instead of being multiple seeders, you waited in line and then got 100% bandwidth when it was your turn. We had a community, so when any of us wanted something the other had, we got instantly bumped to the front of the line. It worked really, really well.


It was also incredibly illegal and it was shut down like 6 years ago.

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