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well i just got done watching high fidelity on tv, for the umpteenth time, and thought it would be cool to start a thread on random top 5 song lists. in the movie the lists ranged from breakup songs to funeral songs.... basically here, anything is game... so im gonna start this one...


top 5 overplayed songs:

1. she hates me - puddle of mud

2. that slow avril song

3. that ll and jlo song

4. when was the last time- clipse

5. do that dance- baby and pdiddy

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top 5 saddest songs


1. Everybody Hurts - REM

2. Colorblind - Counting Crows

3. Julia - Beatles

4. Black - Pearl Jam

5. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John


not very well thought through, and would leave me wide open for a thrashing by jack black, but thsi is what I've got right now.

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top 5 songs current on nick TM's winamp playlist:


1) Nas - I can

2) 50 Cent featuring Nate Dogg - 21 questions

3) R.Kelly - Ignition (remix)

4) Common & Mary J. Blige - Come to me

5) Bon Jovi - Dead or alive (acoustic version - pretty left field for the mood, granted, but its in my head)


runners up: Chicane - Lost you somewhere, Cold Play - Clocks

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Top 5 Nirvana songs (at the moment).


1. Dumb

2. You know you're right

3. Lithium

4. About a Girl

5. Even in his youth



Top 5 "Pop to Rock" covers.


1. China Drum - Wuthering Heights

2. Reel Big Fish - Take on me

3. Goldfinger - 99 red balloons

4. Limp Bizkit - Faith

5. Less Than Jake - Summer nights

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Top 5 rap albums i know of aka top 5 i played the hell out of (the order's not set in stone)


1) Wu-Tang Clan "Enter the 36 Chambers"

2) A Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Marauders"

3) Notorious BIG "Ready to Die"

4) Nas "Illmatic"

5) god i wanna put Run DMC "Raising Hell" here but its more likely somewhere between NWA's "Straight outta Compton" and Dr Dre's "The Chronic"


runner up: my old casette of LL Cool J's "Walking with a panther"

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Top 5 :D songs


1) Ennio Morricone - "Theme to The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" (The Vandals do a cool cover during the first 20 seconds or so of "I want to be a cowboy")

2) Marty Robbins - "Streets of Laredo"

3) Kid Rock - "Cowboy"

4) Johnny Cash - "Wanted Man" (Thorogood's cover's good too)

5) Jon Bon Jovi - "Dead or Alive" (cheesy but i dont care)

Runners up: Traivs Tritt "The Cowboy Way", Marty Robbins "I'm gonna be a cowboy", Styx "Renegade", Cash or Robbins' cover of "Ghost Riders in the sky"

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Top 5 Punk tunes (that I've been listening to this week)


1. The Dead Kennedys---Viva Las Vegas

2. The Buisness--Drinking and Driving

3. The Clash--Janie Jones

4. Social Distortion--Mommy's Little Monster

5. The Clash--Rudy Can't Fail


and in honor of impending St Paddy's day


Top 5 Pogues songs


1. Fairytale of New York

2. Body of An American

3. Birmingham Six

4. London Girl

5. Boys From County Hell

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Hehe, I like that one JMT.


My top 5 Queen songs:

1. Bohemian Rhapsody (come on its gotta be innit)

2. Flash Gordon (Flash is alive live.....)

3. Another One Bites the Dust

4. Don't stop me now (?)

5. Seven Seas of Rye


Top 5 Slipknot member masks (no seriously, they rock!)

1. Lead singer with dreads

2. Clown

3. Piggy

4. One with the long nose

5. The gimp mask with spikes

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3/7: songs :D 's neighbors wish he'd stop fucking playing:


1) LL Cool J - Love you better (even the instrumental)

2) R. Kelly & Nevea - Laundromat

3) Jay-Z - Excuse me miss

4) Yoko Kanno - Dijurido (cowboy bebop)

5) Miles Davis - Autumn Leaves

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Top 5 Songs I keep playin over-n-over:


1. Fabolous ft. Lil Moe - Can't let you go

2. Joe Buddens - Pump it Up

3. Jay Z - Excuse Me Miss [YES NICK I LIKE IT!]

4. 50 Cent - Nigga ft. Biggie

5. Tyrese - How are you gonna act like that

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Jax, the reason Heroin didn't make it is because they break down into feedback in that song. Lyrically and musically it's fucking fantastic, BUT I get irritated and can't listen anymore when the feedback comes in. Otherwise, I SHOULD have included White Light/White Heat. Can I ammend mine? Because I would put that in place of "I'm waiting for my man"

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Yes, Heroine does break into heavy distortion, btu that's the point. The whole songs is supposed to be a musically representation of the experience of taking heroine, hence the drumming like a heartbeat and the craziness of the distortion. Haven't used heroine myself, so I can't say if it's accurate, but that's the idea.

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Oh I agree completely, and that's why it's musically brilliant. Only problem:Universalizability. I'm NOT ALWAYS in the mood for it. The rest of VU I can listen to all the time. It's ALL good. Heroin takes a certain type of mood.

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