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Gangster films

Pick your favourite outta this bunch. If yours ain't there tough, whatcha gonna do about it fucko?  

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For as far back as I can remember I loved gangster movies....


Quite a line up I hope you'll agree. Probably gonna go for Goodfellas just love it so much. However, who can forget the train station climaxes of Carlito's Way or The Untouchables? Or what about Steve Buscemi's turn as Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs, or Buddy Holly in Pulp Fiction?


Which of these sum up your love for the wiseguy? B)



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Quick note: here's 2 gangster film threads in this forum that im thinkin of mergin with this one if its appropriate...

This one's from the old board, died young and This one on the evolution of film genres, i wish it'd come back...swear to god, i had a gantster flick poll like this up, cant find it..


Anyway, some really good ones up there, hard to argue with em..Im surprised Casino & Bronx Tale arent up here..


Ok, Godfather II, Goodfellas (good quote there), Scarface, Untouchables etc are greats, nice one including the Tarentino ones too. Didnt see Get Carter, not sure which version of Bonnie & Clyde is up there, but...

as ive commented in other places, im a big fan of Carlito's Way. It's a western in the gangster setting. Carlito's character & troubled story couldve been a john ford production or a kurosawa, i just loved it, cant get tired of watching it. Some lines i really took to...

"Never sell out your friends."

*throws shit around apartment* "Whaddya want me to do, ah? This is who I am, better or worse!"

"G'nite, counselor..."

Its all in Pacino's delivery. Some critiqued his latin accent here but I just really took to the tale.

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Hey, MLB, on this board, you never know. I'm sure there's a rabid Stallone fan on here, somewhere, just waiting to pounce.


Yeah Casino and A Bronx Tale are some notable exceptions. I woulda even liked to have seen a couple classic Cagney movies. Hell, even Road to Perdition might've gotten a nod. I tell ya, sometimes ten choices is just not enough.

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I agree I had a hard time cutting some loose. I'm talking about the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde. And yeah, help yourslef with some merging stuff, always nice to get some old perspectives.


I agree totally with you IC on Carlito's Way. Altho I thought De Palma's earlier effort with Scarface was very cool Carlito's Way really shone for me.


I know what needs to happen now. He's gotta go down. Otherwise they'll say "Hey Carlito man, he's flaky". But I don't do that no more. I'm getting out...

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had to choose scarface... after voting i realized there was also goodfellas... feel kinda dumb but am still confident in my vote... i mean how friggen cool is a guy like pacino in that movie... hands down one of the hardest movies around... now you wonder why all these rap fellas trying to act so tough... tony montana... sp?


ps... michelle pfiefer looked like a true crack whore in that movie...

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