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Girl Scout Cookies



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Decided that i wanted to make a poll and use pictures. For some of you how don't know the name but know what they look like here you are... I havent voted yet because I can't decide between Shortbread and Lemon.



Theese were the best quality pictures I could find so dont get mad.

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Too late, the lil wank already does that. But her rant on girly scouts has its points, i think she should put that one in the lyceum, on gender reinforcement & children. Femnazi or not she has some good points there.

Sponge - in the future try to use more (if not all of the blanks) with options like "see below", undecided etc. See thing is both def & bitch want options added but since you devised the poll with the 6 options you did that wrote out the other 4 youdve had, follow? Anyway, people like Jax who get poll happy tend to either fill em up or leave options open for later when people suggest em, just an idea.

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I remember in high school hearing about this group of feminists called the barbie liberation army. They went into toy stores and bought all the talking barbie and the talking gi joes and switched the voice boxes around and return them all, so that when a boy would get a gi joe it would say stuff like "I love strawberry ice cream!" and the barbie that the girls would get would say stuff like "get down, enemy fire!" That's my kind of feminism: Creative with a kinda with a sorta twisted sense of humor. Can't take yourself to seriously.

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