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Many members of this board frequent webcomics: theyre some of the most original things on the net. I loves my video game review sits, for example, but make the comparison here: play someone else's work & review it vs think of soemthing witty/funny that fits in the number of captions/boxes youve allotted yourself, and draw it from scratch.

Some people spend days pullin it off. Characters must be creative yet somehow not fit into the already-established webcomic stereotype. Art must be good, but fitting. Jokes kinda havta fit your audience to an extent, and i imagine mini-series within em cant be easy. Can you keep your fictional characters interesting? Or, if its on you & friends, can you liven up their anecdotes to stay fresh? You see where im goin with this: Yahven & many others have often commented they'd love to do one, but it seems to take a lotta work.

Unfair as it is to say...there's a lot of em, a lot of em out there and some really do just suck. Too much hinging on sex, too many in-jokes. But some really shine...lets show off/ :D out our favorites, i know im not the only guy here who reads em.




Penny Arcade - My personal favorite, as many of you've noticed




Our resident Silent Bob's opus to the world - youre a dick if youre not supportin this guy.




Dork Tower - This one's usually too dorky even for me, but many of the ancient gods are fans of it.




Just picked this one up...seems pretty funny so far tho.




TrueNuff - Penny Arcade introduced me to this one today...it looks promising.



Take a look, you might enjoy em...I know Yahven, Morrigan & former board member Booboo used to be fond of some sex one or another, lets see if any of em find this thread to give it a mention (not fuckin likely)

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Christ..is monty python's really a thread burial ground? Only Tussin, Spongey, Chief etc seem to come by...this thread really deserves more attention. Few more days and into general it goes; i know Yahven has somethin to say here.

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I'm a bit of a late-comer to Drawing the Line but after checking out the archives, character profiles you've sold me on it. Love the pissed-off magic pencil one :approve:


Out of curiosity is it hand drawn and scanned or done with a computer package? What sort of computr packages do you use? Just curious.

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It's hand-drawn and scanned. I'm horrible at drawing things on the computer, so I just sketch 'em, ink 'em, scan 'em and use Photoshop to get the flat colors. Heh, the Photoshop will be pretty obvious when I start using some of those really bad effects that Photoshop gives you.

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Bob - i know its pricey, but Gabe (artist at Penny Arcade) speaks highly of recnet laptop/drawing pads that have really aided his work...beyond the $ part, you ever thought of lookin into one of them? Youd still be drawing but could aid it if/where you needed, might lighten your load.

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Bob - i know its pricey, but Gabe (artist at Penny Arcade) speaks highly of recnet laptop/drawing pads that have really aided his work

Yeah, I've used those at school, but I'm bad with them, too. Dunno, just can't manage good work unless I can exactly what I'm drawing on the surface that I'm drawing it on. If they ever made something where you could draw directly on the screen...maybe.

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Got some bad news MLB. My computer has been making this bad whirring sound recently, which does stop when I thump it (percussion maintenance) but is getting worrying. I suspect it's the fan, and if I leave the computer on too much it starts to crash a lot. In the short term this means I can't leave it on too long, so it won't run the proxy server, so you won't have your broadband in Nottingham. However, I hope to fix it if I work out what's wrong. Any you guys think you know what it could be? If it's the fan can I just buy a new power unit? If I do that, do I have to change anything on the motherboard or do I just plug the new one in? I can swap things in PCI slots fine, but never changed a PSU before.


Whirr whirr *thump thump thump*

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Guest Yahve

The web comics are a great possible addon to th esite, some page that compiles the best of them much like our comic page. If i make it bigger itll never finish loading. Again mad props to our resident comic writer, who's work i DO read, i just cant comment much but....




As far as this forums slowass loading skin, well.... Its ultra fancy using Direct X blur crap bah basically a bug ridden thing of beauty, perfect for Monty Python. I'll keep an eye out for a more appropriate skin but come on, this behemoth is a perfect representation of what the Internet has to offer. Long live the Web cruisaders! me cankts spell to muc h math today grrrrr.


Avalon High and one who's name i can't remember..... CDC ? something about aliens... so well done arggg cant remember name.. fudge..

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