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A thread for you to show off your dvd collection. What're the essentials to own? What's your most embarrassing? Have any rare ones? Know of a good place to find some rare ones? Feel the need to just list every single one of your great dvds just to make everyone else jealous? This is the place to do it. And for the record, I just did a final count, today. My dvd collection is up to 160 theatrical features, 181 actual titles, and a grand total of 239 discs. Assuming I get Chamber of Secrets tomorrow, as planned.

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I have like 200 titles, but 181 of them belong to SiBob...I just randomly 'borrow' whatever I want to see every soso. btw mute, did you include the 3 of yours that I have?



This announcement was brought to you in part by the DVD borrower, and the other part was brought to you by the DVD watcher.



:shoot: BILLS / FICA

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well, come to think of it, i think i should count.... after all, it'll show me how much more dvds i will have to get rid of. for sure, i know i started out with 200+ so, now i'll see the progress. do doubles count?


anyway... as for my most prized dvd? probably akira, but you can probably find it just about anywhere. it's got a nice metal case thingy.

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If you own them as part of your collection. spiffytee is a seller of DVDs. He buys hundreds and sells them. They're not really part of my collection. I have both versions of Dogma until I gave the crappy one disc edition away. I counted both editions until I gave it away. If you buy one as a gift for soemone's birthday or christmas, you don't count that untily ou give it to them. Buying them with the intention of sellign is the same thing.

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Yeah, I have Bedazzled, too. It's amusing enough to watch a few times. The highlight is the bonus uncut adlibbed scene where Toby Huss and Orlando Jones play sportscasters.


And Double Jeopardy was...ok. The first time. It's impossible to watch a second time, though, after you already know how it ends. ...'cept for Ashley Judd's sex scene. Mmmm, Ashley Judd...

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I proudly own over 150 DVD and none of those are in my collection. However, I did like two of the movies from the collection (America's Sweethearts and A Kinigh's Tale). I don't think that a Toad The Wet Sprocket CD is the worst CD that could have been there, but it seems semi-obscure and I have heard anyone talk about Toad The Wet Sprocket in years, so it made me laugh.

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Ive got somewhere beteween 100-125, tops, and thats only cause i had a thing for pickin up those cheap-ass Walmart b westerns for a while...worth watchin once, thats about it.

Outside of those, its all quality over quantity. Half the collection is Kurosawa samurai flicks & Ford/Leone westerns (read: the best of Clint & The Duke), the other...Al Pacino collections, anythin on my top 20 list, a kevin smith section, good comic flick section, some documentaries, etc. Its not like Spiffy's, which makes you do this :D Swear to god, man has a bunch that you watch once, and never again. I know, its all taste & what not, but for me, if i aint gonna re-watch it sometime its not gettin bought.

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Well if size matters I'm pretty fucked...alls I got is...


24 Hour Party People

An Evening with Kevin Smith

Battle Royale: Special Edition

Bottle Rocket

Brass Eye: Series and Special

Bumfights: A Cause for Concern

Chasing Amy: Criterion Edition


Clerks: The Animated Series

The Dentist

Dog Day Afternoon

Dogma: Special Edition

From Dusk Till Dawn: Special Edition



Good Will Hunting

Jackass: the Movie

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jimmy Eat World DVD-EP

Leprachaun in the Hood


Marathon Man

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Raging Bull: Special Edition

Rebel Without a Cause

Reefer Madness

The Rules of Attraction

Rushmore: Criterion Edition



Unbreakable: Special Edition

The Wild Bunch




I guess I had everything I wanted on VHS so my collection is pretty light weight...There's also allota cheese in there (Leprachaun In the Hood, Plan 9, Reefer Madness, The Dentist etc.) but what can I say...I love bad movies...also the Askew stuff makes up alotta my collection...

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