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*spoilers aplenty*


So what did you guys think? I personally thought it was weird but really good. Thought the dog scene was cool but a little too nasty, then again it wasn't a kids movie so I guess it was neat. The whole dad thing ended really stupid. Felt forced a bit. Anyways, if you've seen it, post your thoughts.


I give it:


out of 4 Hulks.

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I thought it was really good. I've never seen anybody have so much fun with the split screen craziness as ang lee, but it kept me awake during the non-smash scenes, and it gives the movie the appearence of a comic book, so i thought that was really cool. Every time he hulked out it was fucking amazing. And when he was plain ole bruce banner, the story was fairly good too. My only complaint is the bad 80's moment that was it's ending (spoiler) I was like, "whoa, he turned into a giant bubble, and now.... he's like this spinning tornado vortex of like, nothingness, and he blew up!.... uh..... ok...." Very cool stuff tho, a much less serious movie than I thought it was gonna be, but lots of fun, I really want to see the hulk smasdhing more shit.

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OK, I saw it at a prescreening on Tues (the 17th), but lost my internet connection before reviewing it. Simply put,


It was good, but I didn't like it.


I just never ended up caring for the characters or relating to them, something that made Spider-Man and both X-Men movies so enjoyable. Hell, I even related to the characters in Daredevil better than I did to the characters in this movie.


That really made the movie dry and dull, and just a chore to watch, dispite having excellent special effect, good action, decent story, decent characters. Everything about this movie was good (except the final fight with David Banner, sorry, that as lame).


I remember enjoying the TV series. Maybe this story just works really bad in a movie time frame, but it just wasn't enjoyable to watch.


That chase scene through the desert was pretty badass though.


As for the split screen craziness that Junker praised, I thought it keep you from getting immersed in the movie. That shit works for commercials, cut scenes in video games, and telephone conversations in sitcoms, but it a movies, particularly and fantasy drama, it keeps the viewer from getting into the movie.

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See, when people say they want a movie adaptation of a comic book to "feel more like the comic", I agree, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm not looking for the technically aspects of the medium to take on a comic book look, I'm taking about the characters, the plot, the drama, the pacing, the setting, the themes, that sort of stuff. The split screen stuff was well done, but ultimately, kept me from allowing myself to get pulled in by the story. It was a major visual distraction. It's like if your watching Braveheart, and ever fifteen minutes, Carrot Top's head bounced across the screen saying "Dial down the middle, use 1-800-CALL-ATT for collect calls." Does that effect the movie? Yes, of course it does! It distracts you while you're trying to get emersed in the story and the characters.

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I guess, but I also said that it was a much less serious movie than I expected it to be. It pretty much mostly boiled down to me waiting to bruce to hulk out, but when he did, it made the movie for me. Overall, spiderman is still my favorite recent comic one because yeah, even tho I thought the Hulk was fun based on it's action alone, emotional connections with the characters still goes a much longer way than flat out action. I'm not sure if I liked X2 more than Hulk tho, I'd have to watch hulk again. As far as the split screen stuff goes, I guess I can see not liking it if you're trying to treat it as a serious drama, but I pretty much let that go and I though it was a fun diversion.

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Guest Yahve

The panels actually helped me to get even more involved in the movie. They felt... comfortable. I was far more impressed by this movie than I expected to be. It's defenitely up there with spiderman.


On another note, p2p users beware. The gov really has too much time on their hands now.

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It really was a big disappointment for me. X2 was incredible, there's no contest there for me. It's true, the action while Bruce was the hulk was great, but the in between time couldn't keep mine attention. Spider-Man is as entertaining, if not more entertaining during the Peter Parker time. The Hulk has everything it needed to be good: great actors, great director, great production, etc, but it lacked the certain magic that makes a movie enjoyable.


And as for the pirate, yeah, I heard about this. He was a moron for letting himself get caught. Anyone who has the computer skills to "defeat security protections embedded in the movie to prevent unauthorized duplication" definitely has the skills to release a movie file on a p2p network and have it be not traced back to him. Assuming this trial and his fining and/or incarceration become high profile, this will just teach pirates to keep their ambiguity more safely.

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I thought the movie was pretty decent, but there was something that always bothered me and I think it could be the cause of Hulk's crazy madness. How tight would those pants be, after he's hulked out? Damn no wonder he's destroying copters, tanks, and partial cities. "HULK SMASH!! WANT NEW PANTS!!! BIG WEDGIE!!! WHERE'S NEW PANTS??!!!

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Many unanswered questions from last Hulk movie. What happen to puny human Banner in rainforest? Is there cure for Hulk? Will General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross leave Hulk alone? Is there future with Betty Ross? Where villains that make comic so great, like Abomination, Wendigo, and Leader? Hulk hate Leader and Leader's big head. What happen to Grey Hulk? And where Hulk's friend Rick Jones? He only one that understand Hulk. Rick? Rick!? Raaaaahhhh! Sometimes Hulk so sad and alone.



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Haven't seen the movie since it first opened, but I remember being really disappointed.


It moved like molasses and had way too much character development. Marvel Films could've dedicated half the character development to Daredevil and HULK still would've had too much.


Everybody mentions Ang Lee's use of split screen, which I thought was some of the dumbest shit ever. Mr. Lee, we're watching a comic book movie. You know this and the audience knows this... there's no need to bludgeon us with it, or "remind" us what we're watching. The character's been a pop culture staple for decades.


HULK's makers just had their aspirations too high, trying to make an art film out of a concept that, underneath a modern re-telling of the Jekyll & Hyde story, is about an atomic-age monster that beats the shit out of other monsters, tanks, helicopters, and anything else in his path.


What should have been one of the greatest action movies was turned into a sub-par, monotonous drama.


There are some characters in Marvel's stable that warrant deep, psychological films (y'know, like Spider-Man), and then there are the characters (like the Hulk) whose movies you go to because you want to turn off your brain and watch the fireworks, car chases, and extended tittie scenes.


Now, this doesn't mean that it can't be intelligently-written-- just look at something like Mark Millar's The Ultimates, which is/was a consistently well-written comic that is the best action movie never made.


As far as that bullshit with Banner's father as the Absorbing Man, don't get me started....

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