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Favorite Futurama Character Poll

Reverend Jax

Who's Your Favorite Futurama Character  

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The first 7 characters o the list were givens. They are the crew and the main characters, each one appearing in practically every episode. I cut out Nibbler, because while he's cute, he is, like Maggie, and speechless character, and hence, not a really character. I then tried to decide on the three funniest recurring non regular characters. I think I chose pretty well.


I voted for Dr. Zoidberg. While Bender is a close second, Zoidberg cracks me up no matter what he says.

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Damn it Jax, way to post a poll that's almost impossible to decide on whom to vote for. It was a tough one but in the end I went for the hard drinking, cigar chomping, robot sexing Bender. Zapp Branagan came in a close second with Fry and Zoidberg drawn for third (but who cares about the runners up?).


Oh yeah...is it okay to have the hots for a cartoon, 'cause Amy is looking fine. :P


Hope this poll fares better than my A-Team attempt earlier that just became a thread for me and I.C. to talk bukkake....

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The images are on sever that won't show the images if it's being displayed within a page that isn't on their server. Beacuse I looked at the images on the website when I found them, they went into my temp memory,a dn when I made them into poll choices, I could see them because they were in my temp memory.


Anyway, I tought about doing a Family Guy poll too, but after doing the family (Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian) who would the remaining four slots go to? Family Guy has way to many great secondary character to choose only four. Imagine deciding between Quagmire, Cleveland, Joe, Tom and Diana, Death, Mayor Adam West, the Pewterschmidts (Lois' parents), Cleveland Jr, Dr Hartman, Loretta, Neil Goldman, and Mr Weed.

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