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Brotherhood of the wolf

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Hmm, coulda sworn I posted about this movie already, but Mike saw it, and said he didn't he a post about it, so here it is.

This is the other cool French movie that came out this year.  It's a martial arts-werewolf-period peice that's insanely stylish, and basically has everything and the kitchen sink thrown into it.  This movie uses every visual trick in the book, and has some of the coolest fight scenes I've seen in a while.  The werewolf is made by Jim henson and has this cool old school kind of computer animation thing going on.  Works pretty well.  Really can't express how utterly cool this movie was.  The audience goes in thinking they're gonna see some snobby, philosophical foreign film, and then they see two hours worth of badass fighting, cool slo motion, visual trickery, etc.  And Mike has seen this one too, so it exists!  I'm not just making shit up citing movies nobody has heard of.  I think it's playing at dolphin 'round these parts.

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Boy, I'll be waitin for you out in the parkin lot. Say hello to my lil friend...




PS I have countlessly apologised for the thin red line as it thouroughly sucked the crap outta my ass. And WWW was not THAT bad, at least it had a few good lines.




::Revs his engine waiting for the irishman::

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Anyone who hasn't seen it should really check it out, it's badass.


Bucket, you'd love it, it's like a French Sleepy Hollow with better action, unfortunately there's no Christina Ricci but Monica Belluci should suffice! I enjoyed this a lot, it's been out for a while over here, went thru indie cinemas but it got a good word of mouth and has been doing very well on rentals.


IC, on the 'who you'd like to go drinking with' thread, one of the french guys I mentioned, Vincent Cassel, is a standout acting wise in this, having fun as a snarling one-armed aristocrat.

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gotta play devil's advocate on this one.


for an action flick, it's way too long (somethin like 3 hours.) It wants to put emphasis on the wolf and the main characters at the same time - it didn't quite work well this time around. Seemed like they didn't get enough characterization. Some of the story was resolved in a strange way....


the only redeming thing about this movie were a few action sequences and camera angles. I honestly found myself hoping it would end, like in 13th warrior.

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Aw... no way. I mean, I'll give you the length, but there was more than enough to keep me entertained. It was so stylish it barely mattered what was happening plot-wise half the time. They went all out with everything that could ever look cool on film and tossed it in. It also wins the award for best dissolve transition in film history when they have the moving shot of the camera going over the girl's boob and dissolveing into a moving shot of a mountain. B)

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Eh..im with Spiffy here.

Style in the fight scenes, but not enough to carry the plot, which did indeed drag at points. I think Spiffy & Kee saw this one expecting more kung-fu type movie and got @ 3 hours of french dialouge...

I enjoyed parts of it, dont get me wrong - the villian was fun until that silly Ivy weapon at the end, and ill admit the cool parts were indeed cool (Indian guy was interestin), but honeslty i stopped this one and had to go back to it later, it kinda lost my interest halfway through - granted i was prolly tired but im guessin Spiffy was in my boat of expectin somethin else.

I'm...ok im not at all crapping on this film, it was fun, see it if you havent, but i woudlnt buy it is what im gettin at.

Except for maybe the tit transition scene.

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