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7 DeGrEeS oF kEviN bAcOn

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alright, everyone plays this game differently, but out here on the west coast this is how you play the 7 degrees of kevin bacon. for the sake of playing it on this forum, we'll have to make some minor adjustments


1.) The first player (which would be me) starts with kevin bacon.  i list 7 people down to get to another actor or actress. that the PREVIOUS player has designated for me. for example, since i am starting i choose to connect Kevin Bacon and Jennifer Lopez.  when i finish connecting them, i will leave another random actor/actress that the next player has to connect Jennifer Lopez to.


2.) you cannot count commericals. NO COMMERCIALS DO NOT COUNT. TV SHOWS GUEST STAR APPERANCES do not count either. for example, you cannot say "oh you know that one time Winnona Rider co-starred on friends with Jennifer Anaston?" NO you cannot do that. you can however, use stars that reguarly co-star together as a connection. Example: Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston co-star on friends, YES You can do that.  you cannot use MARRIAGES either, for example "oh well Jennifer Anaston is married to Brad Pitt" NO NO NO . and you cannot use RELATIVES (i.e. oh alec baldwin and his brother blah blah blah)


okay here it goes, if i left anything out please let me know


1.) Kevin Bacon was in Picture Perfect with Jennifer Aniston

2.)Jennifer Aniston is in Friends with Lisa Kudrow

3.)Lisa Kudrow Is in Analyze This with Billy Crystal

4.)Billy Crystal is in Fathers Day with Robin Williams

5.)Robin Williams was in Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon

6.)Mattt Damon was in Oceans 11 with George Clooney

7.) George Clooney was in Out of  Sight With Jennifer Lopez.


that my friends is how you play the game, so the next person who plays has to connect:


Jennifer Lopez to Catherine Zeta Jones in 7 steps, good luck

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1) Lopez was in The Cell with Vincent D'Onofrio

2) D'Onofrio was in MIB with Tommy Lee Jones

3) Tommy Lee was in Fire Bird (Wings of the Apache) with  

    Nicholas Cage

4) Nicholas Cage was in Con Air with John Cusack

5) John Cusack was in America's Sweethearts AND High

    Fidelity with Zeta Jones


There! five steps. Seven is waaayyy too easy. I say we go for six. And just to show you how easy this game is, I'll redo your Bacon to Lopez trail in 3 moves.


1) Kevin Bacon was in Flatliners with Julia Roberts

2) Roberts was in Ocean's Eleven with George Clooney

3) Clooney was in Out of Sight with Jennifer Lopez

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Yeah, im pretty sure its 6, too - the idea (from what Jumbie sent me back in the day) is that no one is supposed to be more than 6 degrees apart.  Always wondered bout that...i once read a figure in genetics that no human being is more than a 44th cousin of any given other.  Meant to put that as a topic in the Lyceum; cant help but wonder: if that's true, would it change anythin for most people?

Anyway, yeah its 6 as i recall, but to clarify somethin with Mulan, it dont gotta be 6 exactly: if you can do it in less, thats even better.

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jumbie brings up an intresting point, should voice overs count? i think they should simply because a movie is a movie, so if it's animated and a celebrity does a voice over, why not, again the same rules apply as we mentioned earlier about co-stars, if paul macartney does his own voice on ONE episode of the Simpsons, this does not count


i learned the game wheni went to film school at sacramento state for a semester about 3 years ago. it was called the 7 degrees of kevin bacon, i have heard about the 6 degrees of seperation, but that doesn't have as many rules as the 7 degrees of kevin bacon

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Back to a previous one...


Courtesy of Mulan :kitty:


1)Lopez was in "U-Turn" with Billy Bob Thorton.

2)Billy Bob was in "Pushing Tin" with John Cusak.

3)Cusak was in "American Sweethearts" with Zeta-Jones.

bonus points: Also co-starred in "High Fidelity".


Ha...hey Jumbie, do you like apples?

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I guess i want to try connecting an Oldie to a Newbie


Hmmm  how bout John Wayne to Franka Potente


If you don't know who the second person is shame on you...maybe nick should show you some of his movies...hint hint nick should know this.  I hope they connect, I have to admit that she's an obscure actrees foreign nonetheless.  Go forth and try in 6 steps or less. :D

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Guest Yahve

Yes folks, tis a child's game for one as wise as I :p


Franka Potente, ah love that chick from Run lola Run.  I was killing myself trying to find a flick for the german chick when i remembered she was in BLOW with ....


Penelope Cruz, ah what a hottie.  She was portrayed as the perfect girlfriend in the most recent flick I've seen of her, VANILLA SKY.  Where she starred with none other than mr hot shot himself....


Tom Cruise.  In light of the new Queen of the damned flick, Kee gave me a rundown on the history of the Anne Rice vamp world.  one of my favourite flicks (after leaving las vegas) is Interview With a Vampire, where Tom stars with everyones favourite pikey :D ......


Brad Pitt.  I bet you guys think im cold as hell, well i thought so too until i finally say the flick i downloaded off Hotline about a year ago, The Mexican.  He stars with none other than america's sweetheart....


Julia Roberts.  See now I have a chick !!! The world is at my fingertips.  Chicks like to hang around chicks.  Remember that old movie Pret-a-Porter?  (Ready to wear)  It was pretty big in Colombia at the time.  Roberts was seen with....


Lauren Bacall !  The frighteningly strong beauty from the goldenage.  :p  see for yourself....




This was the toughest link... i had to work the ends to the middle, I know shit about John Wayne, other than the vast of what Irish has pimped of him  ;)   The Shootist came to mind, the one where Wayne isn't out on the praire as usual.  lo and behold he starred with lauren.. someone i know!!!


Six degrees of separation.  From an old american icon to a new german actress.  neat eh?

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Holy shit. You were listenin when i was ranting bout "The Shootist"?

Ah, ne'ermind that, ya did it in 7 degrees, and it wasnt an easy one....damn fine job, Yahven. But this means you gotta issue the next challenge, i believe. :D

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1)James Dean's most popular flick (of the 3 or so he did) was "Rebel Without a Cause", opposite Natalie Wood.


2)Natalie Wood plays Debbie Edwards, niece of former confederate soldier Ethan Edwards, played by John Wayne in "The Searchers", one of my 3 favorite Duke flicks.



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James Dean was in "Rebel without a cause" with Dennis Hopper


Hopper was in "Sons of Katie Elder" with John Wayne


damn!!! two degrees. a new record.


No one answered my first challenge on the board so I reissue it:


Catherine Zeta-Jones to Pierce Brosnan


Using a Kevin Smith movie gives U bonus points

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