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Duads - my diet is crappy, and my cardio work (running stairs, swimming, boxing bag etc) causes me to shed weight easily, but i gotta do it for fire training.

I gained like 20 pounds in college, but i needs about 10-15 more to be where id like to be for fire academy...i think my workout's good (bout 3-4 days a week, light cardio in between), and ill post it here if ya like...though ive been outta the gym for like a month due to pulled muscle, but anyway...

...what else can i do to meet my goal? Eat my wheaties, or your whey pancakes? What's good, cheap food i can make meals out of that'd help me get there?

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..any kind in particular? How long did he take to gain it? Was it just fat, or wha? Cmon now...i gots the Vitamin World knockoff Whey tub here, havnet taken it in a wee bit tho. I remember duads mentioning pancakes....anyway, is there an ideal time to take it (ie, before or after workout, meals, etc?)



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A good product to try also is N-Large 2, by Prolab. This is a weight gainer and protein shake in one. I used it for about a month and a half and put on 10 lbs. It's thick as shit, and they give you a ridiculous amount of scoops per serving, but split them up throughout the day and you'll be fine. The disadvantage with this stuff is the insane amount of cholesterol in it, which is why you should probably stop after 1 or 2 buckets.


My other suggestion to put on weight, as I know because I'm a skinny brotha too, is to learn to eat a lot. Being full is mental, so set your plate to what you want to eat and eat that mug. To slow you're metabolism, try and eat only 3 times a day, and make those 3 meals big. If you go with the shakes, take them in between meals. Breakfast is key, and to not gain bad weight make sure your not eating too many complex carbs, especially at night. Try and stay away from fast food.

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BCAA are essential good for muscle too. Some protein powders haves, must don't, but you can get em separately in pills, but it'll be more expensive than just getting the slightly more expensive protein with them. 1-AD is probably way out of your budget, and Mag-10 (the Mark Maguire special!) is super expensive plus effects your mood drastically (got a girlfriends around? You'll probably hit her. Driving your car? You'll probably crash it into the guy who cut you off just to spite him).

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I used it for about a month and a half and put on 10 lbs

..fuckin a! How much is this shit? I gotta get a more regular workout with it too or im gonna go everywhere yellin "beefcaaake" like Cartman. Man, 10 lbs in even 3 months would be cool right now.


So, just meals and no snacks eh? Thats tricky, i snack a lot between meals...dont know if im low blood sugar or what, but it feels like i gotta do that a lot. Breakfast is like a bowl of cereal, then i get to work and get a banana and some donuts if im lucky...i guess i could get up earlier to make pancakes or eggs and shit if it would really affect things.


No fast food lately tho...what are complex carbs again? I swear, i was hittin the gym hard for the last few months, and lifted more & more, but didnt add much weight at all.

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Yeah, light snacking keeps the metabolism up. That's how I'll lost weight.


Also, a popular rule of thumb: To put on muscle mass, consume 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh, a day. You weight 150 lb? Get 150 grams of protein a day.


I don't think your cardio work out will cut down your weight as much if you can stay away from snacking.

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...i guess i could get up earlier to make pancakes or eggs and shit if it would really affect things.

You're eager to make those pancakes eh?


Yeah, keep snacking to a minimum. You may be thinking you're actually helping the cause because you're eating a lot, but your actually speeding up your metabolism. You don't need a "big" breakfast, you usually can do good with just a bowl of good cereal such as Total or Product 19. Eggs are great too, as they contain a lot of protein. The protein pancakes are great too.


As Jax mentioned, you wanna take in a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. This necessarily mean pound the protein shakes, you can probably get enough with one shake a 3 good meals. Foods such as chicken, tuna, meats, eggs, beans, nuts, etc. Steak is good because it contains natural creatine. Don't eat the doughnuts, I know its hard but its high in both carbs and fats.


Also, make sure you work out consistently. 4 days a week should be the minimum. And if you pull a muscle, just don't work out that body part, try to keep going to the gym and focus on other things. There is no scientific evidence to my theory, but a week off from the gym can but you 3 weeks off your routine.

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You're eager to make those pancakes eh? 

Yeah, im a fan of pancakes.


Hey, how much is that stuff you mentioned? I wanna know more about what you did during that month and a half to gain the 10 pounds, that'd really help my fire training.


Here's my current workout schedule...im resuming tomorrow, but like you said, forgoing the stuff that stresses the stretched muscle.


Warm-up - ideally, before every workout, usually every other.

Stairs          10 minutes

(alternate: boxing bag, jump rope, push-ups)  10 minutes


Day 1: Chest & Tricep

Incline weights        x 15 (3 sets)

Decline weights        x 15 (3 sets)

Cables      x 15 (3 sets)

Standing Tricep        x 15 (3 sets)

Dips          x 15 (3 sets)

(alternate: flat bench)    x 15 (3 sets)


Day 2: Back & Bicep

Warm-up: Burnouts (donut's one: lift 30 ten times, then 25 fifteen times, and so on; youre doing like 50-60 by 5 lbs)

1st: Isolation curls

2nd: Hammer curls                      x 15 (3 sets – no break)

Dumbbell row        x 15 (3 sets)

Pull-ups      3 sets

Rowing      x 15 (3 sets)


Day 3: Legs

1st: Free weight squats

2nd: Dead lifts (legs straight)          x 15 (3 sets - no break)

Leg Press      x 15 (3 sets)

Backwards resistance    x 15 (3 sets)

Seated laterals      x 15 (3 sets each)


Day 4: Shoulders & core

1st: Military Press

2nd: Lateral lifts            x 15 (3 sets – no break)

Lateral raises      x 15 (3 sets)

Shrugs          x 15 (3 sets)

Incline abs: 20 curls, 20 to side, 20 curls  3 sets

(alternate: bicycle kick & crunch)              4 sets of 50


So yeah, that was it for the a few months, but like i said, ive been out about 4 weeks, gonna get back in tomorrow & take it easy, i really dont want to make my shit worse. Oh, the "1st & 2nd" ones are supersets, basically. So, what am i neglecting? Since i dropped dead lifts ( :D ), i wish i had somethin better for lower back, but my gym is very limited, its dead weights and a handfull of machines...


Anyway, just lookin for ideas there, as well as more diet ideas, price of suggested shit, etc...i gotta really hit this harder when i get back from San Fran.

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My bad IC, I never responded.


Your routine is a good 4 day routine. My only suggestions would be to incorporate flat bench into your chest and tricep routine, and add lunges to your leg routine. You gotta do flat bench press, it's really a great exercise and your girl will love your titties. Lunges in my opinion is the best leg workout.


Make sure you eat good and plenty, for without that you'll be wasting your time at the gym.


What gym do you go to?

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Lunges...its been a while. That's another one where, like i did with squatting, i really wanna see someone do it & make sure i have the proper form, before fucking something up, like i clearly did with dead lifts.


Oh, i had it modified before i stopped: chest & tricep day, the chest consisted of flat bench, inlcine & decline, with dumb bells, cause i dont have a spotter...that was really helpin, i think. Cables were tricky, just started them.


I'm gonna start back up on monday, i think its time i get back in there, and just work muscles that dont affect the pulled one, ill just be more careful is all.

Oh, my apartment complex (Fontaineblue Milton, by 97th ave & 14th, basically) has one of the better gyms ive seen in an apartment: actual weights, instead of just machines. Its like $13 a month now, but if there was another nearby one for relatively the same price, and one of you guys had a good rotuine, id prolly be down, too.


Also, lookin to pick up that N-Large 2 supplement (protein, right?) soon....how much does it go for, where's a good place to get it? Anythin else to know, besides cholestorol like mad? Cause i really need to put on a good 10-15 pounds this year for training.

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Alright looks like you're all set then. It's great that you have a gym in your complex, now you wont have any excuses to miss the gym. I usually work out either at work (the one good thing about this hell hole) or at FIU. When you are ready grasshopper you can join me 6 days a week. :D


As far as the N-Large goes, you could get it at NutriPro (122nd AVE and 88th ST) or many other nutrition stores not named GNC. I think you could even get it online for cheap, but I've never done that before. Make sure you dont drink the shakes when your eating your meals, do it in between meals. This stuff is thick, and the serving size is rediculous, so you'll probably end up splitting it into 2-3 shakes. And once you gain your 10-15 pounds, switch to regular whey protein.

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Tight! Ill check the vitamin world on 107th by FIU, or online.


Yeah, i hear Assurant has a good gym. How often you go by FIU? Im alumni now, so i dont know if id have to pay to go or what, but if you had a regular thing goin there, id be down to meet up, man.

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Assurant's gym is alright, enough to get me by but nothing special. I'd say I go to FIU gym about 3-4 times a week. With my new school schedule, its looks like its gonna be more like 4-5 times a week (I go to whichever is more convenient). I don't know what the rates are for alumni, but the new gym opens in October and I think it wont be the cheapest but less than your average L.A. Fitness with the same amenities.

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Tight!  Ill check the vitamin world on 107th by FIU, or online.


Yeah, i hear Assurant has a good gym.  How often you go by FIU?  Im alumni now, so i dont know if id have to pay to go or what, but if you had a regular thing goin there, id be down to meet up, man.



yeah i forgot what the fee is for alumni but it wasnt that pretty. ???

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Yeah, got strawberry, against your word....not bad tho. Im mixing it with milk, twice a day, with 2 scoops, in between meals.

Gym's comin around...not as heavy because im mostly doing things supine (on my back) or seated so as to not irritate the pulled muscle. I'm re-doing my workout, possibly tonight, based a bit on things i read in this book...not so much the "30 minute" thing, as his ideas for excercises & stretches and such. Fuck, id love to be fit enough for FDNY.


So im focusing a lot more on this now, steppin up my game....i need to have 10-15 lbs by the year's end, and cardio/strength wise, i need to be where i need to be no later than spring. Ive been working to get other things on my list knocked out so i can focus more on this, and its comin to that time.

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...dont see why not...


Hey, what do ya'll think of multi-vitamins? Are they crap, like some say? I take normal ones of A, C & E, and some side stuff for eyes & such, was thinkin of gettin back into these, as well as fruit/veggie supplements that i took in college.


Oh, here's my revised workout, from that FDNY book:



Bench press







Standing tricep


Kickback w/dumbbell

Tricep curl

Standing tricep press



Dumbbell row


Rear lateral raise

Pull ups



Donut warm-up

Isolation curls

Hammer curls

Reverse curl



Standing press

Military press

Lateral lifts

Seated press w/dumbbells

Core (same day as shoulders)


Reverse leg raise

Side leg raise



Step-ups (w/dumbbells)


Rearward lunge w/dumbbells

Leg Press

Standing calf raise

Backwards resistance

Seated laterals


Cardio (one daily)







So yeah, its a bit, but im goin with a duads-like 6 day a week program, here's to seeing how much i can actually manage to make. I mean, the gym's not far, and breaking it up like this not only means focus, but also shorter workouts, for the most part, so we'll see....any thoughts?

Im told some cereal or fruit about 1/2 hour before, and protein/meal after are ideal.

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Haha...grrls workouts are like "im bored of cardio, strength training looks more fun (and it is), but i dont wanna lose my breasteses..." which is fair, we dont want that neither.

Ill leave duads to that one, i mostly had my ex do rowing, tread, and such.


Well, it must be working, im back at 150 lbs according to the gym's scale, which is cool. Im a wee bit worried that i cant do much cardio right now, and hope this stuff doesnt give me bitch-titties if all i do is some gym & bag work. Anyway, i wanna make 160 by the year's end, so onward i go.

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well, i didn't say i was bored of cardio (seriously i just started last week), but i do know that strength training is an important component of being fit. the whole getting strength thing. always a plus. sometimes i have to open my own jars you know? lol. yeah, call me grrly, it's coo. :D


well good luck with your weight-gaining quest... :D odd saying that...

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