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Wackest song on the radio right now


Which one do you switch past on the 1st note?  

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I am not happy that all the selections are practically hip hop...cmon now, there are wack pop songs out thurrr....like jojo - get out (played all the time), the played out chili peppers on 94 zeta - can't stop, or those cheesy american idol/MTV pop songs they play on Y-100???? we need a real poll !!!!!!! :D

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I have once heard power 96, 99 jamz and 103.5 the beat play that song at the same time.  I think this song grasps the hearts of all the wannabe thugs who dream of one day being locked up, just so they can say they're "real".




ppffffffft! sad part is you are probably right. That's their way of life.

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When i think of the kendall kids, who call it "ghetto" when they get a flat tire, aspiring to go to prison to fit an image...my head hurts.

Its funny tho...what if Acron sang about his collection of postage stamps? Would these thugs to hit up the post offices?

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