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To the tune of Jadakiss (featuring Anthony Hamilton) - Why


Yo...why is the cowboy just as cool as it gets?

why do newbies take the mic, but dont recognize vets?

why do my rhymes cut so hard, like my name's gillette?

and why the funk we aint seen fakename just yet?

Yeah...and why this board gotta keep crashing?

try to rebuild it, but cap'n & these kids keep bashin

Why you votin for yourself when you know that's a lie?

"Why is trolling at an all-time high; how is death even alive?"

Why the ladies finding Jax so fine? Why y'all sleepin on heartless, like she ain't a dime?

Why i gotta bite off 95% of White Line; and why cant i make 95% of tussin & LL mine?

...and why you postin in plato's, if you offened by god?

and if you dont post, then why the @#$% you wanna be a mod?

Why a bar? Cause, dammit, we needed a name

Why pretend we aint changed? cmon ya'll, that's shit's all lame

see, that's the main reason why we pour out a little beer

'cause there's mad threads gone, but my people's still here...


Patos.jpg"and you know why they made a new thread? 'Cause i killed ya'll in the old one, that's why..."

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Why's my job such a piece of shit?

Why's the only way I'll ever drive a Benz is put a lease on it?

Why is everyone and their moms still sleepin on the fish?

Why can't all the dirty south rappers just cease to exist?

Why my words so sharp, my gums bleed when I spit

The lyricist's lounge is meant for real MC's, so please exit...

Why you gotta hope that Duads gets rich? Cause if he dont,

You'll find yourself with nothing but an empty home and a dead bitch...

Why I gotta be so real?

Why do every kid who know my name gotta say that "he's so ill?"

Why haven't we had a minority for a President?

Why am I even considered a minority, and not looked at as American...

Why I gotta go to court in a couple days?

Why's it so bad to burn CD's, when in the 80's we were dubbin tapes,

Why the mind Duado boggle so many fuckin ways?

Why my rhymes hit hard like the poundin of a dozen apes?

It's cause I'm great, that's why...

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(trying to recite my original one by memory)


Why did Spongebob have to be such a prick? Why did Chirpinbird

fuck around, meet TD and cut off his dick? Why does

Oppai love the 'kake so much? Why is it IC roomates

always catch a flash of his nuts? Why is it that my homie

Jumbie turned out likin' the butts and these Columbian

arepas always cost 3 bucks? Say what the fuck?

Why's MetalHeart showin' a tit? Why does Super-E

always talk about cock & clits? Why does eatin' Wendy's

wind up givin' Chiefy the shits and Yahven's choc'late-cheese

winds up givin' Chichan the fits? That shit's from hell.

Why's 2Track always ringin' them bells? Why is it Miss-Sarah's

always got a story to tell? She means well but why she

always tryin'-a find out the beef? Why does Jax get a

stiffy of of hearin' a queef? Why did IC let

HB lock him down like a theif? And old bitches

still askin' people "Where's the beef"? Tell me why...

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why remix...

produced by THE LEAGUE


why roy jones gotta get knocked out?

why does mike tyson have to go to court for a bout?

why does frances wanna stall and make me lose money?

and in the while why the whole world think that's funny?

Why aint I in the king of hondo's?

My votes would be higher than downtown's condos

Why my beats aint all up in the game yet?

I shook Chad Hugo's hand man i thought i'd be set

Why they aint got me spinnin at mansion?

why the politicians tryin to diss out marilyn manson??

Why can't old school music make a come back?

cuz inside out nu music is wikkiti wikkiti wikkiti wak!

Why the bush girls cant party at my club?

Why they can't get naked and play with my stub! :D

Why the irish ninja became a cowboy?

Why cant i think of the next rhyme that rhymes with cowboy?

Why i gotta make Nick's day by postin?

I be in da club wit dranks fo'eva toastin'

Why didnt Bunch of Spicks go platinum?

Cuz we had that WACK busta on da track , da cap'n!!!

Why the nation all divided up cuz of Bush and Kerry?

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, this sh*t is SCARY! :D


CHorus: sang by CApn P (formally of Genuine Soul)

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Why am I the illest female here?

Why I got to be the one to set the standard here?

Why can't you keep up with my rhyme?

Why is it that IC works so hard and gets no love?

Why Chiefy gotta talk smack like he wishes

his dick was the one I would spit about?

Why peoples got to hate, and why do they

always want to eat off my plate?

Why don't the other chicks step up and represent

why do I seem to be the one to hate?

why people always fight can't you see that this place is tight?

Yeah I have been here long but I bet that you can't stand that son.

why are the days to long?

why are the kids in england so much fun?

why is it we have pubs? cause where else would you go to get drunk?

Yeah hondo's is phat but you aint a part of that.

why is Benny so obsessed? can't God help him get that off his chest?

why is it that people are that up tight sit back and just enjoy this flight...

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Ok, this sucks but I thought I'd give it a shot.


Why are we talking shit like every day?

Goin behind each other just to get some play?

This kinda stuff just didn't happen you see

When I was growing up and swingin' from a tree.

This isn't my deal as my friends will tell

I'm softer than a rapper but I'll still throw a spell.

Make you dizzy. And you will ask me why I'm sore.

I figure that I'd try something I haven't before.

Why is this rocker trying to rhyme

But you know that I've been doin this all of the time.

It's just up in disguise as romantic lyric

I'm smoother than silk and I love to hear it

But that's just something I won't admit

Lemme get this train back to the start of it

We wonder and wonder in this cold hard life

Why we have to struggle through all of this strife?

Why we getting caught up just making some paper?

Why we have to hate and make the streets not safer?

Why we get around with not making the grade?

Why we have to worry about getting made?

It's the wrong idea to be stepping on each other.

The one's we used to call our sisters and brothers.


Now let me drop the tone and make this lighter

And talk about the people that make this place brighter.

Like why does Chief's ass always come up in conversation?

And why is Benny talkin about excommunication?

Why is Pancho taking forever with Blood Bath?

Why is JAX always raging on the warpath?

Why are Tulip O, Def, and Sarah so far away?

When we all could be playing Twister, every day.

Lindsay and MLB they pimp out the flicks.

Sup with Who Dey and the basket of stale dicks.

IC's the main hoster who staggers on occassion.

Tussin postin mad cause she's going on vacation.

SuperE and Aoi bring in the sex talkin'.

Duads and Ario with the hard mic rockin'.

There's a lot of other people so forgive me if I missed.

It's about lunchtime so please don't get pissed.

I'll see you all later with my mad flash skills.

Like the Beastie Boys said, it's time to get ill.



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